Day: January 11, 2018

North Wildwood Continues to Have the Lowest Average Property Taxes of Any Shore Community in the State of New Jersey

North Wildwood, NJ – On Wednesday, January 10th, 2018, NJ101.5 released their 2017 average property tax report, which shows North Wildwood having the lowest average property taxes of any shore community in the State of New Jersey for the 4th year in a row from 2014-2017. According to NJ101.5’s interactive map, average/net total property tax for the City of North Wildwood in 2017 was $3790, with a 2.2% average increase from 2016 to 2017.

“This is something City Council and I are very proud of. By continuing to have the lowest average property taxes of any shore community in the State of New Jersey, we create more opportunities for families and additional benefits to our businesses in support of the local economy,” said Mayor Patrick Rosenello. “North Wildwood is a great town to vacation, but also a great town to live in. As a result of fiscal responsibility, along with maintaining the lowest average property taxes of any shore community in the State, we continue to make improvements to: buildings, parks, grounds, our beach and infrastructure,” said Mayor Rosenello.


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North Wildwood Issues Report on Winter Storm Clean Up Efforts

North Wildwood — Following a winter storm that dumped approximately 17 inches of snow on the City on January 3rd & 4th, North Wildwood has released information pertaining to the extensive manpower and equipment required to clear the snow and assist residents with hundreds of calls for service.

“This storm was a uniquely powerful one that impacted coastal areas with high winds, driving snow and very large drifts,” said North Wildwood Mayor Patrick Rosenello.

“I am extremely proud of the hard work and dedication of all of our City employees before, during and after this storm, who went above and beyond the call of duty to help and assist our residents, property owners and visitors.”

With reports of the impending storm, North Wildwood Public Works brined all roads during the day on Wednesday January 3rd. Snow started falling late Wednesday January 3, 2018, and public works started plowing the roads around midnight. Snow continued to fall well into Thursday with cleanup continuing through Sunday January 7th.

Over 804 hours of man-hours went into storm preparation and clean up over the five days. Public works spread over 60 tons of rock salt and calcium chloride along with 825 gallons of brine.  The Police and Fire Departments answered 442 storm related calls including disabled/ stuck vehicles, motor vehicles accidents, electric wires down, and broken pipes due to freezing.    

“Storms like this challenge the City to be prepared and responsive to our residents and property owners and I am very satisfied that we met that challenge with this storm,” concluded Rosenello.


Winter Storm – January 3rd  thru January 7th   2018     

Hours Worked

Public Works – 527.25 hours spent on storm preparation and cleanup  (335.25 hours of overtime)

Buildings & Grounds – 150.5 hours spent on the storm prep and cleanup (96 hours of overtime)

Fire Dept. – Career and Volunteer 69.5 hours of overtime by career for a cost of $1,330.90, volunteers 57 hours for $969

Police – No overtime. All squads worked their scheduled 12 hour shifts.


Equipment Used

JCB Fast-TRAC tractor with Plow, one John Deere Backhoe, one JCB 4CX Backhoe, one JCB 426 Wheel Loader, one Volvo L90 Wheel Loader, one Sterling Hook Lift Truck with Plow, One Dingo Small Tracked Loader, One International 335 Dump Truck with Plow, Two Ford F250 P/U’s with 275 gallon Brine Tanks, Two Ford F350 P/U’s with plows, Six Ford F250 P/U’s with Plows.


Rock Salt and Brine

$2,805        33 tons of Calcium Chloride coated Rock Salt

$2160         27 tons of Standard Rock Salt

$297.50     50 bags of rock salt

$91.80      825 gallons of Calcium Chloride Brine using 2160 pounds of Calcium Chloride coated Rock Salt


Total Cost for Salt & Brine   $5,354.30