Author: Tony Deutsch

The Wildwood Boardwalk Ambassador Gigi was in The Woods today and we had lunch!

Good evening Wildwoodians. After spending a day cleaning up my office papers, desk and working on my special effects videos for Christmas I received a text from Diane, Gigi’s daughter saying they were coming to Gigi’s house in North Wildwood today.

My wife Joanne was in the kitchen making pizzelles and I just finished setting up a CromeCast streaming device and ask her if she wanted to go out for lunch. I said let me text Diane and see what they’re doing and we meet up for a late lunch, snacks, and drinks at Dogtooth in Wildwood.

I sat next to Gigi, gave him a big hug and told him we loved him. He said to me ” how about Cappy passing? we spent a lot of years together up there on the boardwalk, over 20 years. he was a great guy” I said ” I’m sorry Gig, it’s gotta be hard losing your beautiful wife Barb and now Cappy” I hugged him and said “we’re gonna take care of you. I’ll wake you up every day at 3 pm” he started laughing.


I told his daughter Diane that maybe we can have 2 bronze statues of Cappy and Gigi sitting on a bench and people could sit between them and take photos, we all started laughing. Gigi told me he will be up on the boardwalk again this year running the tramcar. If you see him stop and say hello, he loves the people and visitors and you’ll make his day!

By Tony Deutsch

The Oceanview Motel bought by The Singapore Motel who now own the entire block.

The Oceanview Motel once The Admiral East which was the sister property of the Admiral West which is now The Admiral Resort.The Oceanview was sold to the owners of The Singapore Motel at Orchird Road and the beach in Wildwood Crest right next door to the Oceanview which took up 3/4 of the block and now the Singapore owns the entire beach block. 

There has been work going on at the Oceanview since last week and we will keep you posted on any updates. 

Movie lineup for Wildwood Movies on the Beach Announced

“The summer movie series comes to Leaming Ave beach starting July 7th” WILDWOOD, NJ- The long wait for the return of Movies on the Beach is now over, as Boardwalk Entertainment releases the full summer lineup. Starting July 7th until…

What’s it like in Wildwood as Businesses get ready for the 2017 Memorial Day Weekend.

As I go around town working on IT issues at boardwalk stores, motels, marinas and restaurants I see plumbers, electricians, builders, concrete and pool services at almost every one of them.

Everyone is painting, cleaning and packing their shelves with inventory for the 2017 summer season.

This is a great time of the year, when every business opens and the town comes alive from it’s sleepy winter off season. It’s great seeing all the people who own businesses and work on the island coming back year after year!

I’ll be looking for you on the Wildwood boardwalk this summer!

Tony Deutsch

The Holly Beach Fire Co Annual Hoagie Sale April 8th, 2017

The Holly Beach Fire Co Annual Hoagie Sale is April 8th, 2017 at the Holly Beach Fire Co at 103 W Montgomery AveWildwood, NJ from 10am till 1 pm.

Call for pickup or delivery 609-522-0005. I will be there reporting LIVE that day on Facebook.

Please support The Holly Beach Fire Co during thier annual hoagie sale!


Comcast to bring Fiber Optic Ethernet to some motels in The Wildwoods. Find out what motel will have this new service.

After years of both motel owners and tech’s pulling their hair out and trying to keep up with the demands for internet bandwidth, finally Comcast is bringing EDI or Fiber Optic Ethernet Dedicated Internet to some motels.

This fiber optic service will provide internet service with no degrading, unlike Comcast Business which degrades as the island fills up with visitors and drains Comcast shared cable.

This new EDI Comcast service from what we understand is going to be offered to only 17 motels at this time on the island and direct fiber optic will be run to each location with a fiber converter to switch it over to Ethernet inside your building.

Today my company Anthony Deutsch Computer Service was hired to do the fiber optic switch over at The Admiral Resort in Wildwood Crest, NJ which will be one of the first select motels that will have this new fiber optic EDI service installed sometime this summer.

Fall in The Wildwoods is my favorite time of the year.

So it’s been a while since I wrote a post for the blog. It was a busy summer, no time to really enjoy the beach and boardwalk like more visitors do.

A worker on the Sea Serpent on Mariners Landing

A worker on the Sea Serpent on Mariners Landing

I enjoy fall, with cooler weather and flashing traffic lights that bring back my childhood in Wildwood. I remember riding my moped from 21st st to Forget-me-not and Pacific to visit my good fiend Katie and hang out and watch the Gong show when I was a sophomore at Wildwood Cathloic.Then I would ride my moped in the cold all bundled up back home through dark quiet empty streets with flashing traffic lights then up to the boardwalk home to 21st and NY.

Soon winter will set in and I can light the fireplace and catch up on finishing my office and working on the house in Wildwood. I recently starting playing my keyboards again, it something I really enjoy but never take time to do.

This coming year will be 40 years since I meet my wife on Mariners Landing in the summer of 1977. I don’t plan surprise parties but I am going to plan something special for her just for putting up with me for all these years! LOL

Stay tuned!

UPDATE: A Peaceful Protest during the National Anthem on the Wildwood boardwalk and here is the REAL story

Yesterday about 100 people peacefully protested on the Wildwood boardwalk during the national anthem outside a shirt shop.


Photo by Julie Jean

This all started after someone said that the store owner would not turn down the music in his boardwalk shirt store during the national anthem.

Social media has been blowing up with this story. so we talked to some of the protesters and got the REAL story.

Wildwood American Legion Commander Harry Weimar and Vince DePrinzio told me last night that the protest was peaceful and they talked to the owner of the store. 


Photo by Julie Jean

The owner said that he just arrived at his store and was opening up when someone started screaming at him to lower his music and they got into it and the store owner told the person to %#*(^+-*.   According to the Harry and Vince the owner admitted to cursing but never said anything about the flag or national anthem.

The reason we have not posted this when it first happened is because it’s just hearsay unless we see a video of what people were claiming, and their is none.

Yesterday the owner turned down the music and said he will everyday during the national anthem. 

We believe you cannot just ruin a person’s business by boycotting and protesting until you have the whole story and talked to both sides..

Photos and videos by Julie Jean


The owner of the shirt store posted this sign yesterday..

We hope this ends all the hateful comments and puts this story to rest.

They admitted it was their employee who caused the problem and apologized publicly for all to see Let’s enjoy our summer and God Bless America!