Meg The Movie Critic

Meg The Movie Critic

Written By: Meg Corcoran

From Hollywood to Wildwood

April 2017 Movie Guide

Our April cast, new to the wonders of Wildwood, are ready to take one giant Leap! into a seaside spring, dancing from the beach to the boardwalk in graceful, effortless steps. Much effort clearly went into The (action-packed) Assignment our Hollywood gang recently endured, sending them packing for a project filled with sun (under which our beauties will naturally shine) and youth-rejuvenating sea air.
 The Promise of a break from the relentless paparazzi, along with the lack of messy romantic triangles, has our mentally-fatigued troupe thankfully leaving behind the devastating events that led to a Colossal breakdown. In their place are soothing sunrises and soul-satisfying walks along the beach. Here, our Gifted characters are enjoying family time while sharpening their exceptional beach volleyball skills, determined to become champions by summer.
Champion to stars both big and small, talent manager Sandy Wexler, who is always on the hunt for the latest star in the making, realizes while he’s way too early for this summer’s infamous Wildwood Talent Showcase, it’s never too early to search for prime beachfront property.
Back by popular demand, and possessing their own unique skills, the Smurfs: (fresh from) The Lost Village are tempted to bury their recently-uncovered secrets during the Business at the Beach Expo but instead decide surfing through this breezy season on colorful waves would be the Smurf thing to do.
Desperate to breeze through the most technical of times at the Morey’s Pier Easter Celebration, mystery surrounds The Circle of workers at a powerful tech company, who realize a Boardwalk break is what’s needed to restore some much-needed balance to their lives while allowing them to focus on fun instead of technology.
In search of their sanity (and solid ground) in the Aftermath of a life-changing plane crash, two no-longer strangers participate in the Wild Half Race Series Weekend, grateful to be running those troubled memories away.
With The Fate of the Furious crew never fully determined, the always-troubled cast finds a priceless fortune at Ed’s Funcade Easter Sunday Egg Hunt in the Sand, hoping to make the event an annual occasion (much like their Furious franchise).
Promising to make a movie break in Wildwood a springtime tradition, our April characters have stored up their seaside stories with plans on sharing them coast-to-coast with their eager fans.
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Happy Springtime at the Movies!

March 2017 Movie Guide

The calendar finally turns to March, and as the days are slowly getting longer, our pre-spring cast happily arrive on our still shores, looking for some peace and quiet (and paparazzi-free days) before the sleepy town of Wildwood springs back to life.

Springing back from her dream to become a ballerina, an orphaned girl takes a Leap that lands her on our sandy sites, where she crosses paths with the coolest of characters (both real and imaginary). Wanting to stay in the best shape, she checks out the Health & Fitness Expo before finding the best non-ballerina paraphernalia thanks to the Personal Shopper, who has the best of times shopping on Pacific Avenue, in desperate need of a bit of retail therapy after her ghostly experience. Our more romantic locals are fascinated by the latest tale of Beauty and the Beast, who discover love (and, of course, a bit of beauty) beneath the sun during chilly but romantic beach walks. The Spring Bridal Fair sets a nice backdrop for the unwedded pair, who can relate to the heavy drama that surrounds our more melodious characters, as they hear each Song to Song carried in the wind and the waves, transporting them to our peaceful paradise.

The never-ending saga continues for the anything-but-peaceful crew of T2 Trainspotting, who just can’t wait until the tram cars are riding along our boarded trails once more, clearly offering a safer, more scenic way to travel (and catch up with old friends). Also in need of a break from driving, those motorcycle-traveling Chips feel right at home in our nostalgia-loving town, eager to check out the St. Patrick’s Day Celebration & Parade (knowing it beats the parade of cars traveling on the congested Los Angeles freeways).

Also experiencing a touch of nostalgia, the Power Rangers are waiting patiently for Adventure Pier to open and offer them a different kind of edge-of-your-seat action they recently experienced saving the world in their own youthful, superpower way.

Life as an international space crew know it will never be the same after they visit the Girl Scouts ‘Passport Around the World and realize life on other planets can’t compete with our heavenly hamlet.

After traveling to uncharted, far-from-heaven territory in the Pacific, a group of explorers discover the mythical Kong: Skull Island is way less entertaining (albeit a bit more terrifying) than the larger-than-life Kong that looms on Surfside Pier.

Now that they’ve stopped a devious (animated) plot, The Boss Baby and his seven-year old brother are ready to take on our family-friendly town and take control, in the most colorful way, of the tea cups and the Merry go Round.

As the clock finally strikes SPRING, our March cast settles in seaside for sunny days and starry nights, hoping that time will stand still, keeping them eternally young, camera-ready and right at home in Wildwood by the sea…

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February 2017 Movie Guide

It’s a slightly frosty February in the town of Wildwood, NJ, and a bunch of the hottest stars have arrived to discover a warmth unfound in their West Coast world.
Upon landing on our warm and friendly shores, The Comedian learns there’s more to life than laughter at the expense of others and happily begins a new year with a much better attitude. Also in need of an attitude adjustment, the first human to be born on the planet Mars travels to the best places on Earth and serendipitously lands on our out-of-this-world shores, realizing The Space Between Us is best filled with sand and sea.
With the sun reflecting off that glistening ocean, Fifty Shades Darker lightens up seaside and celebrates Valentine’s Day sans dark demons. Needing a dark-drama break, the residents of China found The Great Wall surrounded by mystery but happily find our AngleSea Walk way more appealing, keeping the ocean at a safe distance while still permitting an eternal sunlight.
In desperate need of some soothing sunbeams, a horrified man is more than happy to Get Out of a cursed community and into our calm corner of the world, feeling blessed to be by the curse-free coast. Also coincidentally cursed, a clearly-disturbed woman runs Rings around her costars during her daily jogs from JFK to Wildwood Crest, obviously trying to outrun the misfortune threatening to permanently end her seaside stay.
While awaiting the imminent opening of Adventure Pier (and eager to avoid the aforementioned- afflicted ones), locals are intrigued by the adventurous life of former hitman John Wick: Chapter 2, who is using his downtime to relax, recharge and check out some killer waves.
Also having their own adventure, the cast of The Lego Batman Movie observe Bruce Wayne battling baddies in Gotham City while raising his adopted son, who can’t wait until those adventurous Boardwalk attractions spring magically back to life.
Fighting their own battles, two school teachers get into a Fist Fight over which event to attend, the National Youth Wrestling Duals or the Fallen Heroes Polar Bear Plunge. They, of course, eventually settle their conflict wisely and decide to make time for both worthy occasions.
On a lighter, more melodious note, Rock Dog, who is working hard at making his dream of becoming one rocking canine musician, realizes he arrived way too early for Concerts Under the Stars. Luckily, while he waits, he finds plenty to sing about under our starry skies.
As our February stars relax and revive along the coast, a slight shift in the sea breeze reminds them that spring is slowly on its way and with it blockbuster-sized stories just waiting to be brought to Big-Screen life!
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Happy Valentine’s Days!!!

January 2017 Movie Guide

A new year has begun, and our January cast has arrived on the frosty but still festive shores of Wildwood, NJ in search of a bit of serenity and stargazing. Beneath those stars (and sans cameras), a story yet unknown to our celebrated beings is being told, guaranteeing a happy, non-Hollywood ending. The vampires among us are strangely relieved for the coastal story break, knowing that deep within the Underworld: Blood Wars an endless conflict is occurring in a world far removed from our sandy hamlet. Those once conflicted by the (sun) light of day are thrilled they no longer Live by Night, discovering the ocean sunrises (and the end of the Prohibition Era) need to be experienced daily. Inspired by that early morning view, The Comedian realizes insulting everyone around him is hardly funny and vows to change his obnoxious way.

A Monster Calls for calmness and clarity after helping a young boy cope with his mom’s illness, declaring miracles abound seaside and salty air really does have a healing effect. Not looking to fight yet another battle, xXx: (finds the) Return of Xander Cage leads to the ultimate arrival of peace-filled days. Also taking a sandy hike is the Resident Evil: (who after reading) The Final Chapter decides to take a page from the Wildwood handbook and find inspiration among its friendly locals. A stopover at the Polar Bear Pre-Plunge Beef ‘n Brrr to Benefit Special Olympics NJ offers warm, fuzzy moments before the Law Enforcement Polar Bear Plunge, where our most giving stars take the plunge for a great cause.

After putting its seriously unfriendly haunted house occupants to rest within Amityville: The Awakening, our cast comes miraculously alive during our otherwise sleepy season, enjoying seawall strolls and Boardwalk bike rides. Traveling along those boarded trails, The Founder of McDonald’s can’t wait to sample our one-of-a-kind Boardwalk fare and considers extending his stay (and his appetite).

Our big screen beauties wisely know they’ve struck Gold along the coast and plan on spending their winter break relishing those glorious sunrises, golden sunsets and every surfside moment in between, knowing when they return to their West Coast world they’ll take a slice of our small town Heavenly haven with them!

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December 2016 Movie Guide

With a light scent of sugar cookies blending perfectly with the salt air, our December cast has finally arrived, with a slew of presents and wish lists in their perfectly-manicured hands. Naturally, topping everyone’s list is an off-season visit to Wildwood, NJ (where their version of paparazzi is more interested in the gift-giving Man in Red). Having just left La La Land (a.k.a. Los Angeles), a jazz pianist and a wanna-be actress find our picturesque town contains the stuff classic stories are made of, with a stop at the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse Christmas Tree Lighting softly lighting the starry way. Following an adventure in the Indonesian jungle in search of Gold, business partners find our golden beaches priceless as they scout out the perfect real estate investment. Suddenly feeling happy and free, a man solely invested in his family struggles to tear down the racial Fences that encompassed his 1950s life. Another despondent dad, who kept muttering Why Him? when he met his daughter’s successful but strange boyfriend, is happy to become a part of our familial community, enjoying the Family Holiday Celebration (and his time apart from his odd, almost son-in-law).

Feeling oddly out of place are two Passengers traveling to a colony far, far away, who awaken 90 years earlier and must somehow save their fellow travel companions. A stop-over at the Partners in Preservation Holiday Tour awakens their holiday spirit and determination to preserve the present moment. Also dealing with past issues, an advertising executive crosses a bizarre path with Collateral Beauty, insuring him an even more beautiful, beachside experience. Surrounded by such pristine beauty, and having experience with theater productions, koala Buster Moon encourages everyone to Sing their hearts out at the ‘Pinch the Grynch Boardwalk 5K Run, knowing that helping others is the best way to live (and get on Santa’s Good List).

Caught up in the Christmas spirit found at the Greater Wildwood Jaycees Christmas Parade, an Office Christmas Party that took a wild turn ultimately gets back on track courtesy of our calm community and stable stars.

 Searching for stability, a descendant of the secret Assassins society faithfully abides by the Assassin’s Creed and becomes a Master Assassin, killin’ it at the “Battle at the Boards Basketball Tournament.”

With a killer, but festive season in full swing, stars of all kinds come out for a bit of Pacific Avenue shopping and story swapping. On their list is Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which follows the sorted tale of those who clearly don’t believe in Santa Claus!

Believers of all things coastal are grateful to be spending the holiday season by the starry sea, where their wish for the upcoming (blockbuster) year are bound to come true!

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Happy Wildwood Holidays!

November 2016 Movie Guide

The most gratifying of seasons has finally begun, and our grateful November cast, after communicating with some odd aliens, is ready for the Arrival of cool sea breezes, warm pumpkin-pie filled days and paparazzi- free nights. Doctor Strange is on his own personal healing journey, filled, naturally, with our therapeutic sand and surf. Also surfing into town are the always-fun Trolls, still doing their part to bring color to the world. Our already-colorful scenery is soon welcoming Moana, who initially set sail for a fabled island, ultimately changing course and fortuitously settling on our enchanted shores for a fall adventure. In another seaside town, mystery surrounds the Evolution of its male residents, who quickly head to our “everyone’s-welcome” town with the intentions of evolving at the Jersey Shore Beach ‘n Boat Fishing Tournament.
 Far from the covert community where witches and wizards reside, a curious writer researching those Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them discovers a far better abode nearby, where the locals are always friendly and fantastic. High school life, while far from fantastic for some, finds our visiting youthful stars teetering on The Edge of Seventeen and kicking back at the edgy Spirit Brands Island Championship.
Dealing with their own drama, an intelligence officer and a French Resistance fighter are romantically Allied during World War II, where the absence of ocean views and serene scenery makes falling in love pretty darn tough. Tough and typically Bad Santa (still) 2 bad to be a part of such a wholesome holiday, cancels his plans to knock off a charity on Christmas Eve to check out the action at the ‘Burn the Bird’ Boardwalk 5K Trot, initially hoping to steal from the participants, and not realizing runners usually don’t carry much cash, finally settles on stealing priceless views.
After experiencing grief in Manchester by the Sea, a man and his orphaned nephew find joy and purpose in Wildwood by the Sea, avoiding the aforementioned-bad guy (in happy anticipation of the always-good Santa Claus).
While eagerly anticipating all the joy surrounding our heavenly hamlet, our fall-loving beauties are determined to capture every picture-postcard moment fated for the Big Screen as they gratefully savor the little moments taking place (sans camera) in our blockbuster-worthy community.
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Happy Seaside Thanksgiving!

October 2016 Movie Guide


The Birth of a Nation coincides with the beginning of another sunny seaside season, where our October characters are free to roam our sandy shores, sure to find peace, love and the independence to be their true sans-makeup selves. Our celebrated guests soon learn that in Wildwood by the sea, the true beauty is found just beneath the horizon, where clear, blue skies perfectly highlight the bluest of oceans. Always marching to the beat of her own strange drum, The Girl on the Train wisely chooses daily boardwalk bike rides as her favorite form of transportation, admiring the colorful scenery while keeping clear of nefarious sightings. Removed from his immoral business, The Accountant is determined to go legit as he counts all the fun things to do in our cozy corner of the world as well as all the ways he win during Ed’s Funcade Boardwalk Treasure Hunt. Looking for his own adolescent treasure, a preteen adjusting to Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life finds a weekend Wildwood break is just what he needs to discover the best times of his life.

A suburban couple bored during these modern times ultimately rejects Keeping Up with the Joneses, their new neighbors, in favor of keeping current with all the Second Season events our town proudly offers, realizing all they need is each other (and all you can eat at the Olde Time Italian Festival). During these memorable modern moments, Jack Reacher: (decides to) Never Go Back as he runs from the law and toward a much-needed coastal vacation. A quick stop-over at the Fabulous 50s & Beyond Celebration happily helps him value his past while staying in the fleeting but fabulous present moment.

As autumn glides by, the spookiest of seasons takes center stage. Luckily, in our serene sanctuary, our guest can expect A Monster Calls to be filled with kindness as well as creativity, along with creepy tips on how to win the Halloween House Decorating Contest. Ghosts of various degrees of creepy abound within Tyler Perry’s Boo! A Madea Halloween, making interesting participants at the Annual Island Pumpkin Fest.

Living in a competitive world, the Mascots love their break from that bitter reality, and the only thing they argue about is which event to attend, the North Wildwood Trunk-or-Treat Halloween Block Party or the Wildwood Crest Trunk-or- Treat for Halloween (ultimately making time for both in their jam-packed schedule).

After all those ghosts meet-and-greet, and the scary Inferno that surrounds them extinguished, a doctor and an amnesiac get cozy during Bonfires on the Beach, appreciating the heat from a safe but scenic distance.

Within our picturesque hamlet, the most interesting characters are having the time of their lives, wishing their autumn by the coast (and the imaginative stories they’re inspired to tell) would never end.

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Happy Seaside Halloween!

September 2016 Movie Guide

A visit seaside for our weary September stars is all about finding harmony following a hot and often-harrowing, sequel-filled blockbuster summer. A whole new crowd of characters has sailed into town, eager to witness the changing seasons as they follow The Light Between Oceans, which leads a distraught couple as they find healing in the always-light Wildwood by-the-sea. Needing a healing beach break from their unhealthy Hollywood lifestyle, two young Yoga Hosers find peace and perspective during the final days of Yoga on the Beach, which rejuvenates them following their dealings with an eccentric man and an evil presence (downward dog, anyone?) Also in need of a bit of seashore Solace, a psychic ends his disturbing search for a serial killer in favor of a killer post-summer tan (clearly a saner choice). Adding to our large, debatably sane cast, heroic pilot Sully safely lands his damaged plane along our beaches, where his grateful passengers are thrilled to sink into sandy soil, or any kind of ground for that matter, and decide to stay a while (eager to absorb all our town has to offer while still standing on that solid landscape).

Standing on shaky terrain, chatty Snowden seeks a low profile following his 15 minutes of controversial fame but can’t help telling everyone in sight about his exciting day spent at the Wildwood Block Party & Music Festival. He learns talking to Bridget Jones’s Baby, who’s in for a wild rollercoaster ride of her own courtesy of her quirky British mom, is obviously a waste of time, forcing the whistle blower to seek older, more responsive company.

Wasting no time planning the bank heist to end all heists, the questionable Masterminds get caught up in the camaraderie found at the Irish Fall Festival and rethink their money-minded ways, ultimately deciding that cash can’t buy contentment.

Happily traveling from the old west to modern movie times, with a naturally magnificent stopover at the Doo Wop Back to the 50s Neon Night Tour, The Magnificent Seven are intrigued by our community’s fond salute to sweet days gone by.

After making her small town way more fashionable, The Dressmaker forgoes revenge on her naysayers in place of the acceptance and creative inspiration she’s found on Pacific Avenue, as she beautifully does her part for our

fashion-conscious population.

After doing their part to assist the growing population, the Storks, currently in the business of delivering packages, are forced once again to deliver a precious bundle of joy, hoping that their efforts will be rewarded with an invitation to the Morey’s Piers Boardwalk Bunk Down.

As our September bathing beauties bunk down for a long, camera-free stay along the coast, they can’t help but reflect on all of the potential stories just waiting to be tapped into and vow to absorb and incorporate the one-of-a-kind Wildwood culture for their future Hollywood blockbuster.

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Happy September at the shore and at the movies!

August 2016 Movie Guide

It’s August and summer is in full swing as our oh-so-hot cast is ready to escape their Hollywood existence for a cool Wildwood adventure. The most adventuresome type has survived the Suicide Squad and, given their “second” chance at life, seems determined to clean up their act seaside. How can contemptible comic-book villains become decent citizens, you may wonder? First up, our clean beaches offer them hours of sun-filled contemplation (as well as the temptation to hold each others’ heads underwater to see who can last the longest). Also contemplating her existence is Florence Foster Jenkins (who looks a bit like that versatile Meryl Streep, sadly without her talent).

 After taking animation to a whole new level, the talented Kubo and the Two Strings have found double the entertainment in our sandy abode courtesy of the beach and the boardwalk. Fresh from Miami Beach and all that nasty arms trading, the argumentative War Dogs are overwhelmed by all that fun and can’t decide between hanging out at the ‘Battle at the Beach Grappling Tournament’ or the less-intense Wildwood Talent Showcase (where they’re sure to run into talent-seeking Florence). Way more decisive is Pete’s Dragon, who can’t wait to meet those famous Pirates of the Caribbean and share that scary story.  Infamous Ben Hur clearly has lots of stories to tell but finally has some free time following that lethal chariot race and learns a tram car ride makes for a much safer, not to mention scenic, way to travel.

Having traveled extensively, The Founder takes a break from back stabbing and McDonald’s fast food in favor of Curley’s Fries, a Wildwood staple, and discovers our boardwalk fare is unmatched (but worth fighting over). Taking a trip back in time (the 1930s to be exact), the patrons of the Café Society meet modern-day cuisine and fall in love with our small town’s charm. Having barely survived the Sausage Party, talking food, traveling incognito, of course, is talking up our town’s tasty treats (thrilled to not be on the menu).

Also traveling the treacherous animated route, a self-absorbed billionaire inexplicably trapped inside the family cat, naturally learns a valuable life lesson and heads to our priceless slice of paradise to experience imaginative storytelling during his Nine Lives spent oceanside. Luckily, a few of those lives are spent enjoying the stories being told at the Downtown FREE Movie Night.

Our August cast finds Wildwood time to be priceless as their imaginations go into overdrive, with enough action, adventure, charm and comedy hovering beneath our starlit skies to fill endless, destined-to-be blockbuster scripts. Before summer is over, our blockbuster beauties, naturally tan and finally relaxed, have comprised the perfect tale to tell their Hollywood friends and promise to come back next year for the inevitable sequel!

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Happy August at the movies and by the coast!

July 2016 Movie Guide

Summer in Wildwood by the sea has officially begun and our make-believe characters are ready for a real, camera-free adventure. So, who you gonna call to get all that fun-in-the-sun excitement started? How about the modern-day, female version of Ghostbusters, who are fresh from the poltergeist-filled streets of New York and ready to take on the passengers aboard the Ghost Ship. Before hoping aboard that scary, spirited ship, our July cast begins their sunny stay on the sandiest stage, where our animated crew from the Ice Age: (have safely boogie boarded through a watery) Collision Course, luckily avoiding the more skillful boogie boarders surfing our ocean as well as that unfortunate asteroid that barely missed earth. The ice agers are soon colliding with The Secret Life of Pets, which spotlights our favorite friends and their-before-now-unseen love for beach volleyball, ultimately revealing the secret to their sporting success.

Successfully avoiding other people’s children, as well as their own, the Bad Moms are having the best time, enjoying Yoga on the Beach and their freedom from all things maternal as they work on achieving the baddest tan. Jason Bourne, clearly not a fan of bad behavior and still on an emotional high after his latest adrenaline rush, is alert and ready to save beachgoers from inconsiderate litterbugs and nasty sand kickers.

Our less-enthusiastic celebrities are ready to kick back, relax and enjoy hearing all about The Legend of Tarzan, grateful to be spending their downtime coastal as opposed to Congo.

As day drifts into night, true legends come out to play, including The BFG, who is having a Big, Friendly, Giant time enjoying the view while standing alongside the Giant Wheel and waving at its wide-eyed passengers, who have heard stories about our gentle giant and discover they’re all true. Political candidates elect to spend their quiet time enjoying FREE Movies on the Beach after The Purge: Election Year finds a less-than friendly presidential candidate in danger.

Back from a trip to the South of France, our Absolutely Fabulous (duo forgoes): The Movie version of their questionable lives for an absolutely fabulous shopping spree on Pacific Avenue, where they find treasures not found in their hometown.

Intrigued by the Fireworks on the Beach occurring far below them, Kirk, Spock and crew break free from their deep-space dangers and take their Star Trek Beyond Adventure Pier, high above the Concerts Under the Stars before happily crashing back to earth, where they’re greeted with a warm and sandy welcome home.

Feeling at home seaside, our stars welcome the opportunity to extend their vacation time and stretch their acting muscles at the Wildwood Talent Showcase, knowing the Hollywood stories waiting to be told can only be enhanced by their storytelling Wildwood days!

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Hope to see you there!

June 2016 Movie Guide

After a long winter filled with photo shoots, paparazzi, and long, cool character-driven days, our June cast can’t wait to let loose and play the part of their authentic selves (fully made-up and camera-ready, of course). It’s been thirteen years since Hollywood (and Pixar) successfully located Nemo, and now our favorite fish and friends are on the case of Finding Dory. Their favorite spot, naturally, is the coastal community of Wildwood, NJ, where a new crop of pre-summer characters has arrived in search of the aforementioned blue fish and a little R & R (rest & a really good tan). Our not-exactly camera shy stars are declaring Now You See Me 2 the friendliest locals, offering their unique brand of make-believe and magic. Magic, of course, is found on every corner, from JFK Blvd and beyond, where a pre-Independence Day: Resurgence has made a star-studded appearance (leaving the aliens in movie theaters where they belong). Our most introspective stars discuss Me Before You, grateful that their caretaking days have led them to our caring, therapeutic world, where seawall strolls are sure to cure whatever ails them.
Following a stimulating stroll through the Free State of Jones, a Mississippi farmer finds independence from that unpleasant Civil War uprising and spends a blissful day on Adventure Pier, where he’s free to enjoy adventures of the family-friendly kind.
Rising from The Shallows, a grief-stricken woman sets sail on her own adventure and surfs right onto our deep, sandy shores, where she escapes a great white and finally discovers great peace (thanks to a soulful sunrise and a few welcoming dolphins leading the way). Knowing music can soothe her still-healing soul, she spends time with a spirited Pop Star: (who declares) Never Stop Never Stopping as he dances through town, sharing his love for all things hip-hop while hoping the good vibes (and different tunes) he experiences at the Wildwood Crest Concert Series never end.
Fresh from their high-school reunion, a CIA agent and an accountant, who never could carry a tune, learn Central Intelligence is alive and well in our centrally-located slice of Heaven (where only the smartest people vacation).
Using their downtime wisely, our videogame lovers have left the world of Warcraft for a stopover at Ed’s Funcade, where fun but peaceful competition is occurring and the only war they’re facing involves which event to head to next, Wildwoods Restaurant Week or the North Wildwood Italian-American festival.
After The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: (step) Out of the Shadows to save their town, a satisfying feast and seaside fun is their next mission, filled with sunlight, Curley’s Fries and Morey’s Piers Waterpark.
As they happily slide through each almost summer day and night, our stars promise to shine right into the sunniest season, where blockbusters, beaches and boardwalk effortlessly combine, making for the ultimate showstopper.
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Happy Almost Summer!

May 2016 Movie Guide

May and the unofficial start to the Summer of 2016 has finally begun, bringing with it warmer sunlit days and breezy boardwalk nights. Breezing into Wildwood, NJ is a brand new cast of characters determined to rejuvenate while researching future award-winning stories. Looking for serenity among the sea breezes after warring with former allies, Captain America: (forgets the) Civil War and forges a bond with the welcoming locals. In a more “Zen” place, he inspires The Trust among cops investigating a drug invasion (far outside of town) and invites them along to the Morey’s Piers Beach Jam Spring Beach Bash, where they can experience fun in the sun alongside the most trustworthy participants. After experiencing the darker side of life circa 1970s Los Angeles, The Nice Guys have the nicest time investigating our seaside abode while shopping for treasures at the Annual Borough Wide Sale, where fair prices soothe their conspiracy-minded attitudes. After misleading people on their search for monetary treasures, the Money Monster and his television crew try to recover from their on-air high jacking by digging their toes into our cool sand (burying resentments as opposed to riches).

Rich in youthful spirit, Alice Through the Looking Glass travels to the Wonderland of the past to rescue the Mad Hatter and miraculously ends up in modern-day Wildwood, where a day of repeatedly riding the Giant Wheel offers the best view to look through.

After looking through the eyes of our infamous feathered friends and finding out what makes them so darn hostile in The Angry Birds Movie, our talented troupe decide a trip on the Seagull Cycles followed by a stopover at the Seashore Food Trade Show is the best way to calm a troubled soul.

In desperate need of a new, soul-saving locale, our favorite troubled Neighbors 2: (take a mental health break from the) Sorority Rising to set up camp at the neighborly Morey’s Piers Boardwalk Bunk Down, where debauchery is replaced by decent, old-fashioned entertainment.

Famous rock stars and a filmmaker in need of an entertainment break from their surreal reality make A Bigger Splash in our beach-loving community just in time for the Unlocking of the Ocean Media Day Event, where they learn the press is more interested in summer than rock-star related news.

The news of their death is overrated for unlucky guys who decide The Do Over is in order and begin again with new identities, which turn out to be even unluckier than their former selves! Fortunately, they’re soon thanking their lucky stars when they enter our blessed abode, as a boogie board ride sends them sailing into a happy, new lease on life. Also starting anew along the coast, our tireless X-Men: (unite to defeat the world’s first mutant) Apocalypse and find an innovative world sprinkled with sun and sand.

Happily, our May cast discover their seashore story is just beginning and vow to value this new season filled with infinite story possibilities…

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See you there!

April 2016 Movie Guide

Wisely turning down The Invitation to Hollywood horrors, our springtime cast of characters prefers to heed the call of the sea, following it all the way to charming Wildwood, NJ, where the guest list includes A-list actors and your average Wildwood lover. The topic of Elvis & Nixon (who clearly would have made the most interesting party guests) and their infamous photo op takes center stage, as our always-in-character troupe discuss the story behind that historical meeting. History comes into play for The Boss, who following a prison stint would like to forget her jaded past and forge a new path by the forgiving surf. A too-forgiving girl learns to keep her recent life events to herself, determining she would have been better off looking for kindness circling the Waves of Grace Women’s Retreat instead of looking for Mr. Right, who turns out to be all kinds of wrong. Luckily, The Meddler’s been spotted around town, giving unasked for romantic advice to everyone in her well-meaning but meddlesome trail. She has her work cut out for her with a dangerous Criminal in possession of a lethal memory, who fortunately takes a right turn onto Ocean Avenue, leading him toward sweet seaside days meant to be graciously shared.

After presenting a Hologram for the King, an American businessman (who looks suspiciously like Tom Hanks) feels revitalized after seeing the (sun)light beaming off the ocean. Faced with his own dark, personal Demolition, a grieving husband is thankfully feeling the positive effects of our therapeutic salt air as he slowly takes steps toward healing during soul-building beach walks. Miles Ahead of that spirit-affirming sea, our troupe makes a pit stop at the Tournament of Bands Indoor Championship and finds sunshine, inspiration and insight into the life and times of musical legend Miles Davis.

Always on the case of the next young, breakout star, our sun-following stars discover an inspiring orphan boy who could write The Jungle Book after his animal-rearing childhood. However, he’d rather find a new best friend at the Boardwalk Kennel Club All Breed Dog Show, wisely surmising that his new furry friend will love him no matter how well his latest story plays at the box office.

Thinking action is always a crowd pleaser, our still-on-the-hunt-for-the-latest-blockbuster cast takes in a day at the Passport Around the World event, which they agree could have provided a bit of worldly but relaxing downtime for The Huntsman (whose) Winter’s War involves two evil sisters planning to overthrow the land before being thwarted by two rebels.

Temporarily leaving action for an adventure closer to their guest home, our storytellers follow the sandy tracks of a rebellious group of diverse moms, who celebrate their own version of Mother’s Day a bit earlier than the calendar dictates during a get together at the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse Flower and Bake Sale.

Our April cast discovers natural coastal beauty is a main character within each distinct script and pledge to spend their limited camera-free moments valuing the sun, surf and the sea…

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Happy Spring!!!

March 2016 Movie Guide

March, and the promise of longer sunlit days, has taken center stage, inviting an odd assortment of characters to check out the off-season sights. After surviving a violent tsunami, a geologist, clearly in desperate need of a vacation, rides The Wave fortuitously into the town of Wildwood, NJ and, liking all he sees (especially the comparatively calm coastal conditions) encourages his overworked Hollywood costars to join him for the ultimate spring break. Needing to decompress after another My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, a couple believes beach time might cure what ails their troubled teenage daughter (following a brief stopover at the St. Patrick’s Day Celebration & Parade to see how other nationalities live).
The stage has been beautifully set for our attention-loving group of storytellers, who alongside our picture-postcard backdrop, recount their big-screen tales of woe and wonder. Settling in on the still-cold sand, our well-read stars are first up, digging into another chapter in The Divergent Series: Allegiant, which finds our young starlets venturing into uncharted territory where they discover the sun doesn’t shine nearly as bright. As the pages come magically to life, a little girl, realizing it’s still too cold for boogie boarding, is next up, describing her visit to a special world where magic reigns and The Little Prince resides. A Los Angeles journalist, and prince in his own right, has little time for fairy tales, keeping everyone on the edge of their beach chairs as he shares the strange West Coast occurrences he recently experienced, filling the odd Knight of Cups with days worth of sordid scandals. Not in the mood for anything scandalous, a young accident victim, who learns the hard way 10 Cloverfield Lane isn’t the best place to visit, finds our hospitable abode healing. She includes participating in the Ocean Drive Marathon, as opposed to sharing her disturbing story, to her to-do list. That works out well for a chatty journalist, who enjoys telling everyone about the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot she learned during her wartime reporting in Afghanistan and Pakistan. (Her offer to display her new “technique” at the Cheer Tech National Cheerleading & Dance Championships is politely declined). The hours happily dance by, as the Man in the Moon casts an ethereal glow over the ocean (and our already-glowing stars). With the actual constellation of stars shining their brightest, story time kicks into high gear, and the big boys enter the sandy playing field. After dealing with another threat courtesy of dastardly Lex Luthor, our superheroes reenact forming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which happily coincides with the dawn of another beautiful coastal day. Rising to the occasion, yet another action star describes his efforts to save the lives of world leaders attending the Prime Minister’s funeral, as London Has Fallen, causing our revitalized cast to rise up and greet the sun. They’re soon heading out to the Cape May County Zoo, where they meet a colorful Zootopia filled with eclectic animals dealing with a dangerous endeavor of their own.
Luckily, our March cast feels safe on our colorful shores, where the Health & Fitness Expo keeps them in shape and the fun taking place at Ed’s Funcade Easter Sunday Egg Hunt in the Hay is all the action they need. As the town of Wildwood slowly comes to life to greet a brand new season, our spring-loving stars get ready for their next roles and blissfully anticipate all of the stories they’ll be telling on their next seaside visit.
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February 2016 Movie Guide

It’s finally February in the town of Wildwood, NJ… Not a fan of the cold, winter months? Well, our march-to-the-beat-of-their-own-drummer Hollywood stars sure are! Within our coastal corner of the world, there are no paparazzi (resulting in “unflattering” photo ops) and that ever-present harsh spotlight has been thankfully substituted with pure sunlight (which, they’ve happily discovered, is far more forgiving of those slight signs of aging). Jumping miraculously in time, fresh-faced 1950s stars are done shouting Hail, Caesar! to their West Coast trouble shooter and instead prefer to greet the day with a rousing sun salutation (happily perfected at Itswell Yoga). After saluting all things sunny, the once lonely-hearts have learned How to be Single, realizing they’re never truly alone in our friendly, cozy community. A once non-believer has gloriously Risen in time to greet the aforementioned sun and found faith in the little things in life money can’t buy. The Witch who once descended upon a New York family in the 1630s has inexplicably appeared in our modern times and replaced witchcraft with Wildwood wonder. She’s soon joined beachside by those 19th century Jane Austen lovers from diverse social classes who struggled with feelings of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (the last of which is quickly removed from The Wildwoods Dog Beach for being too “undead” and not fitting in with our friendly, four-legged companions). Thanks to our peace-loving townsfolk, a man accused of a crime he doesn’t remember committing is spared Regression and finds strength and healing on a chilly, memory-in-the-making boardwalk stroll.
Intrigued by the inhabitants strolling through the Cape May County Park and Zoo, the male models headlining Zoolander No.2 stop worrying about a rival company putting them out of business and instead concentrate on the natural beauty all around them (as opposed to the “beauty” staring at them from their ever-present mirrors). Beauty in another form strangely abounds in Dad’s Army, as an attractive female journalist and a German spy do their part before World War II comes to an end.
New beginnings abound for Eddie the Eagle, Great Britain’s first ski jumper to enter the Winter Olympics, last seen soaring over the Atlantic Ocean and heading hungrily toward that first hot slice at Sam’s Pizza. Tested young lovers in our seaside town make The Choice of a lifetime concerning commitments, as well as pizza toppings, discovering compatibility and serenity in the salty air.
Our serene stars walking along Pacific Avenue find kindred spirits and inspirations along the Avenue of the Stars and realize the celestial stars shine even brighter off-season.
As winter shines on, our February cast makes the most of their down time, constructing sandman while creating dreams only realized within our seaside paradise.
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Happy February!

January 2016 Movie Guide

The year 2016 gets off to a great start, thanks to the Hollywood cast that’s now appearing on our sandy Wildwood stage. Seeking shelter from the winter storms, The Hateful Eight feel nothing but love for our coastal paradise and one-by-one happily relinquish their need for revenge. The Revenant One, not so easily swayed, is on his own vengeance-seeking path (turns out, for darn good reason). His travels down Kennedy Blvd, however, lead him to soothing sun and surf, inspiring a warmth in his heart stronger than hate. After lovingly bonding with the locals, The Lady in the Van excitedly waits for the day when the boardwalk once again comes to life so she can temporarily trade a stay in the van for a trip on the tram car. Ride Along 2 promises an entertaining journey involving an approaching wedding day and dastardly drug dealers. Its passengers, fortunately, soon learn that a tour through town is the safer, more serene way to travel. During their travels, they do a bit of Pacific Avenue shopping where they run into another about-to-be-married man on a dysfunctional trip of his own with his Dirty Grandpa, a depraved ex-Army general in desperate need of a miraculous transformation our pristine seaside offers.
Our clean-living, surf-loving players are blissfully riding The 5th Wave following the latest alien invasion, discovering our celestial stars extra special as opposed to extraterrestrial. Inspired by the camaraderie experienced during the Polar Bear Plunge to Benefit Special Olympics NJ, a philanthropist formerly living in a strange, self-absorbed world becomes The Benefactor to newlyweds (who probably would have been better off without his “special services”).
After surviving their own personal wave-filled coastal calamity, our now land-dwelling characters savor The Finest Hours of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation before the cameras start to roll again. Rolling through town, Kung Fu Panda 3 is kicking back after his latest animated adventure, finding the colors of the Ferris Wheel rival the coolest computer animation.
In 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Behghazi find calmness outweighing the calamity they recently experienced and hope for endless hours of bliss by the beach and the boardwalk.
Sadly, they know their winter break must ultimately end as they hear the faint (casting) call of glamorous Hollywood beckoning. Before returning to their glamour-seeking abode, however, they savor all our town has to offer off season, from the cool, clean beaches, to the boardwalk and the bay, all leading to the starriest of skies, perfect for wishing on all winter long…
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December 2015 Movie Guide

The greatest gift-giving month of the year has finally arrived, and our gifted December cast can’t wait to get the seaside party started! When those never-ending cameras finally stop rolling, our players get to play their fondest role: Wildwood lover. They’re all ready to relax and catch up, extensive wish list in hand, with the also-famous-but-more-reclusive Santa Claus (following the sandy reindeer prints sure to lead to him). Big believer Joy, happily on a holiday break from ruling her successful family corporation, realizes she’s never really off duty as she picks up some crafty business tips, as well as warm moments, during the Family Holiday Celebration. Following their grueling 9 to 5 daily grind, The Big Short guys plan on enjoying the biggest business break from their high-stakes finance world, intent on enjoying the little things in life money can’t buy. After a breathtaking sunrise and a brisk seawall stroll, our smart stars realize money really isn’t everything (although it does help pay for their ocean-view accommodations and extensive beauty bills). Beautiful Youth clearly isn’t wasted on our ageless cast, who invite a retired orchestra conductor on the Holiday Tours fit for all ages. After taking their own colorful tour through town, Alvin and the Chipmunks: (take) The Road Chip leading from the beach to the bay, searching for that still-elusive Santa.
Along the sugarplum-scented coast, Daddy’s Home away from home, the kids are being bribed with the Hollywood version of candy canes (wrapped in cash) and boogie boards (just plain wrapped). Wrapped up in the warmth home-baked cookies and hot chocolate always inspires, the pampered ones are ready for a good story and are soon enthralled by the never-ending saga of Star Wars: Episode VII-The Force Awakens, which magically reawakens the stars filling the stage at the Boardwalk Basketball Classic. A quick walk down the always-memorable Ocean Avenue finds Sisters reminiscing in their about-to-be-sold family home, where the party to end all parties soon commences.
After being stranded In the Heart of the Sea for 90 days, a ready-to-party crew finds themselves reflecting on what really matters, which naturally includes activities strictly taking place on land, and discover the sights at Hereford Inlet Lighthouse Christmas Tree Lighting soothing. Never one to be easily soothed, Macbeth, once determined to become the King of Scotland, quickly changes his priorities when he participates in the ‘Pinch the Grinch’ Boardwalk 5K Run, where refreshments, prizes and festive outfits far outweigh murder plots and hostile takeovers.
The plot thickens for a forensic neuropathologist, who brilliantly discoveries the best remedy for a football-related Concussion is sea air and soft sand (along with time spent building sandcastles as opposed to breaking bones).
As their winter break happily sails on, our December cast, thrilled they’ve finally found Santa sipping hot cocoa along the coast, realizes their every wish has come true and resolve to take those feelings of peace and good will (and box-office profits) back to their West Coast world.
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Happy Holidays!

November 2015 Movie Guide

November welcomes a brand new crop of imaginative characters to the seashore town of Wildwood, NJ, where the holidays and Hollywood make for the best of beach friends. Trumbo is inspired by all our coastal community has to offer, wisely knowing that every shore lover has a story just waiting to be told. As the cameras continually roll, our cast creates their latest work of art beside our scenic seascape. Consummate storyteller Charles Schultz left a legacy of sweet tales currently being told in The Peanuts Movie, where Snoopy, Charlie Brown and friends are on a quest to learn life’s greatest lessons (including how they remain eternally young). They naturally get sidetracked attending the ‘Burn the Bird’ Boardwalk Turkey Trot-5k and 1 Mile Walk, where they become fit and well-fed.
The ageless James Bond deals with his sorted past, creating a Spectre of intrigue endlessly captured on film. An intriguing but clearly complicated couple make for a storyteller’s ultimate dream as they search for their own bliss By the Sea, taking a break from all that turmoil to take in the seaside sights at the Jersey Shore Beach ‘n Boat Fishing Tournament. We soon learn, within our complicated “Reel World,” that The Secret in Their Eyes reveals enough pain and loss to fill several sequels. Fortunately, our cast, smart but tortured souls they are, finds life’s simple pleasures cancel out all that big-screen drama and a walk along the beach is all the drama they need to fill their off hours.
Scene stealing best girlfriends face life’s melodramatic moments together, declaring Miss You Already to their beachside haven (and Pacific Avenue holiday shopping) long before their off-season vacation ends.
Sadly, there seems to be no end for Katniss and District 13, who after enduring another satisfying round of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay-Part 2, find it’s time to revolt against anything unrelated to surf and sand. They happily find their spirits lifted at the Cheer Tech Island Championship. On their own cheery revolt, identical twin gangsters learn crime has no place along the coast, and a true Legend resides not in the mirror but in our soothing, starry skies. Beneath those very stars, Creed finally becomes a believer and fights for his own fairy tale come true. Best friends who believe in festivities over fairy tales set out The Night Before the official start of the holiday season, dreaming about all of the merriment soon to be discovered.
Whether cruising along Kennedy Boulevard or strolling past Surf Avenue, our November stars discover scenery waiting to be captured on every corner and picture-postcard moments meant for the big screen. During the most thankful of seasons, they feel blessed for each new discovery they’ve made. Over the biggest Thanksgiving meal, naturally served beachside, they envision all that December by the sea will bring (think: Santa Claus and award-winning stories).
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October 2015 Movie Guide

Ready for an autumn-filled East Coast extravaganza courtesy of a bunch of West Coast wonders? Straight from the starry streets of Hollywood, CA to the sandy side of Wildwood, NJ, our celebrated visitors have come to town with a meaningful purpose. With summer now a sweet memory, they’re ready to meet and greet the lucky locals (potential stars in the making) while promoting their latest films, confident they’re all “award worthy.” They soon realize that our Second Season is filled with enough action (and awesome scenery) to fill endless scripts and decide to take copious notes for those future film winners. Following a faulty mission to Mars, The Martian ironically feels right at home on our sandy terrain and decides his next out-of-this-world story will most definitely take place seaside. Searching for the Truth in their next, politically-slanted tale, our newsworthy stars decide a break is in order as they examine the treasures waiting to be had at Ed’s Funcade Boardwalk Treasure Hunt. Just back from his own imaginative hunt during a magical trip to Neverland, Peter Pan becomes the hero he was destined to be and vows to discover the magic that is Morey’s Piers. A hero is most definitely in order for those imaginary demons who produce Goosebumps on all who encounter them. With the spookiest season on the horizon, our scare-loving crew participates in the Halloween House Decorating Contest, bringing their own horror-movie touches to our colorful community. Because celebrities can’t live on scares (or beauty products) alone, they follow the music coming from the Fabulous 50s and Beyond celebration and find inspiration alongside a former has-been music manager who’s ready to Rock the Kasbah.
The always-rocking CIA forms the Bridge of Spies during the Cold War, connecting all nationalities at the Olde Time Italian Festival. A freaky, well-fed time is had by all who participate in a bit of pre-Halloween Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, whose participants find mystique in each charming, coastal moment they share with their less-magical co-stars. First up is the troubled chef, who’s hoping to professionally redeem himself during Trunk or Treat for Halloween but ends up getting Burnt thanks to too much sun and not enough savory delights. Then there’s the French high-wire artist, who realizes The Walk along the beach rivals a high-flying trip through Europe. Lastly, a small-town girl becomes a big part of Jem and the Holograms as her hidden talents are brought vividly to life thanks to natural sunlight.
Hoping to maintain their Hollywood figures, the entire troupe takes part in Wildwoods Boardwalk Pumpkin Run, catching the coastal sights while shedding unsightly pounds.
Our fall-loving cast runs from beach to boardwalk and event to event, humbled by the multitude of stars swirling overhead.
What will a seaside day in October bring? Just ask the stars…
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Happy October!!!

Septembe 2015 Movie Guide

September is the most serene seaside season, as our autumn-seeking stars realize during The Visit of a lifetime, making for the ultimate place to tell their latest, hottest tale. Strange relatives notwithstanding, our cast makes friends easily and vows to follow that mob-infested Black Mass (originated in Hollywood) straight to Wildwood’s light, sandy mass (with nary a mob member in sight). Their first scene in town takes place during the ‘Boots at the Beach’ Country Music Festival, which is keeping our guests in fine musical form. They soon discover the perfect accommodations for stars of their caliber, ocean view included, that trump a stay at the colorful Hotel Transylvania 2. There, the oddest family reunion is occurring, rivaled only by the Zombie Mud Run and its welcoming, but generally zombie-like participants. As the cameras roll toward the most colorful (in a less-oddball way) time of year, the weather takes on a cooler tone. Thankfully, we’re still months away from the frosty Everest currently chilling on the big screen. With mountain climbing running a very distant second to boogie board racing, The Perfect Guy, who’s recently recovered from relationship “issues,” has naturally found the ideal place for peaceful sightseeing, as he’s grown tired of looking at his flawless self in the mirror. The next scene taking place in our picture-perfect coastline finds the previously confused Maze Runner: (skipping) The Scorch Trials in favor of the twist and turns of the Seawall. Along that seashore haven, A Walk in the Woods is obviously out of the question, as old friends and new acquaintances get fit and connect at the seaside Irish Festival.
As those green leaves slowly start to change to brilliant hues, that ever-present camera zooms in on The Green Inferno, fresh from the horrifying Amazon, who finds a trip through the Ghost Ship is the scariest blaze he can handle. Luckily a huge, heroic army transporting the Dragon Blade have arrived on the site to put out any imaginary fires while scaring off anything creepy that goes bump in the night. Creeping reluctantly into retirement, The Intern, who learns it’s hard work to compete in Ed’s Funcade World Championship Skeeball Tournament, follows his heart and opts for a place in the fashion world (as opposed to the arcade environment). With Moreys Piers having “Gone to the Dogs,” our pet-loving players find beauty in all living things and happily include them in the cast of their soon-to-be seaworthy showstopper.
Our fearless trendsetters, all toned and tan, discover new life (and careers) in our cozy corner of the world and blend effortlessly into our beautiful, fashionable stage, where surf and sand play a significant, albeit secondary role.
As the credits roll on the summer of 2015, the stars have never been brighter as they capture the Harvest Moon making its long-awaited guest appearance. Our September stars glow alongside the horizon, blissfully anticipating all that awaits them during the Fabulous, seaworthy fall.
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August 2015 Movie Guide

With the summer of 2015 in full swing, our Hollywood cast has been issued the Wildwood version of the ultimate seaside challenge. Their mission, should they choose to accept it, involves shining brighter than those brilliant stars currently appearing over our coastal community. The Masterminds forgo pulling off the biggest bank heist in American history to pull off an action-packed, crime-free adventure at the Battle at the Beach 5K challenge. Up for any challenge, the law-abiding Fantastic Four, fresh from a trip to an odd, alternate universe, find our vast beaches offer the best kind of living and vow to use their fantastic skills strictly for good (while possibly winning the Ed’s Funcade Skeeball Tournament). As beach days turn to Boardwalk nights, our crew is both horrified and delighted by the Dark Places hidden within the Ghost Ship, where the Sinister 2 enjoy a respite from their creepy abode as they connect with lively soul mates among the ship of ghouls. Musically inclined Ricki and the Flash find their voice beneath Concerts under the Stars along with a place to call their harmonious home away from home. A married couple learns The Gift of a shore vacation, while priceless, is filled with mysterious secrets, surprises and a sensational ocean view. Secrets abound within The Diary of a Teenage Girl, prompting the participants of the ‘Queen of the Crest’ Women’s Triathlon to make it a must beach read. Feeling happy and confident, a wannabe Broadway star enters the Wildwood Talent Showcase, hoping the sea air will whisper She’s Funny That Way loud enough for the judges to hear and award her the most talented comedienne.
Relieved to be out of the 1960s while traveling from JFK Blvd through Delaware Avenue, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. is on a modern-day mysterious assignment to obliterate nuclear weapons while keeping National Night Out – North Wildwood an annual, family-friendly event. Looking for their own family appealing fun, the animated cast of Shaun the Sheep Movie take some time off to enjoy a WDID Movie Night, wondering if they’ll find themselves on the big, sandy screen (and be prepared to sign autographs if, indeed, they do).
Away from the glitz and glamour of their autograph-signing Hollywood lives, our stars realize fame and fortune can’t buy happiness (but can obviously contribute to a beautiful seaside dwelling offering the perfect spot to witness Fireworks on the Beach).
As the fireworks continue to vibrantly light up the summer sky, our colorful August cast discovers endless story possibilities along the coast, where their Happily Ever After tale has been written in the sand and wished for upon the stars…
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 July 2015 Movie Guide

Summer in the sunny town of Wildwood, NJ has never been hotter, as a swarm of beach and boardwalk-loving stars are currently making their eagerly-anticipated guest appearance, ready to experience the greatest East Coast Vacation (knowing fantastic Wildwood is far superior to fictional “Walley World”). The Downtown Wildwood Farmer’s Market seems like the ideal way to start their first morning in town (imagining their evenings will end with delicious but weight-defying boardwalk fare). Imaginations are only heightened by the picturesque view, where they picture their next blockbuster (think: summer of 2016) taking place. After surviving in a time-altering place known as “Judgement Day,” the aging Terminator Genisys feels like a kid on summer break thanks to an energizing stroll through Morey’s Piers and endless trips on the log flume. An endlessly entertaining Magic Mike XXL thinks he’s a shoo-in to win the Wildwood Talent Showcase but he’s having way too much fun pier hopping to participate in that form of entertainment. The talented, villain-worshiping Minions reject following the creep cyborg and the dazzling dancer, excited to take part in the Sidewalk Chalk Competition, knowing those competitors are far more creative than their latest crafty co-stars.
Following a Trainwreck of the emotional kind, a free-spirited career woman develops a commitment to coastal living and building the perfect tan during her summer break. Despite their sizable difference in dimensions, and their stand on creativity versus chaos, the now-committed-to-doing-good Ant-Man feels a strong connection to KONG and decides to spend his holiday from heroism getting to know the big, scary beast. Mr. Holmes, who doesn’t scare easily, never takes a break from his mystery-solving passion and decides, after working on the perfect tan, to solve the intricacies involved in making the annual NJ State BBQ Championship & Anglesea Blues Festival such a huge success.
The Pixels, a success in their own right, are fascinated by the events occurring within Ed’s Funcade, where the greatest, family-friendly skirmish is happening all summer long. After completing yet another Mission Impossible: (within the) Rogue Nation, Ethan Hunt is ready to take on the School of Rock, where his missions are strictly of the musical variety (and his “students” are of the non-scoundrel type). Fortunately, the Concerts Under the Stars Series promises to accompany the star on his quest for a sweet season of melodies. Moved by the music drifting through the sea air, boxer Southpaw is finally able to relax and reevaluate his life while occasionally leaning to the left, where his biggest battles currently involve what topping to have on his pizza. The formerly Irrational Man, too, feels grounded on our sandy terrain, where his philosophical ideas are stirred by the sun and the surf.
As our inspired cast of summer stars finds their muse along with their reason for being bursting more brilliantly than Fireworks on the Beach, they realize life is so much better when scented with salt air and suntan lotion (as opposed to the scent of the heavy, Hollywood hype).
The buildup to the summer of 2015 has happily led to the greatest adventures along our sunlit coast. Beachside or poolside? Bike rides or seawall strolls? Cheese fries or cotton candy? So many choices…only one Wildwood by-the-sea…
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Happy Summer 2015!!!

June 2015 Movie Guide

After taking the coolest road trip, a Hollywood Entourage has arrived on the Wildwood scene, looking for a bit of anonymity (after a bit of autograph signing). Like all respectable followers, our cast of characters is happy to go with the flow as they travel with ease from the beach to the boardwalk, collecting age-shielding shades, seashells and killer tans along the way. The shades-wearing Spy traveling not-so-incognito is thrilled to be far removed from dangerous criminals as she crashes onto the sand after indulging during Wildwood Restaurant Week, spying on her more-active costars jet setting by boogie boards. While languishing on that sizable coastline, the more sinister-seeking characters find the pages within Insidious: Chapter 3 contain the greatest beach read ever (although they still prefer our safe shores to those supernatural beings). Turning the page, the longer, sunlit days gradually fade to moonlit nights, with glimpses of a star-filled Heaven peeking out just beyond that golden horizon, leaving our pre-summer stars filled with emotions Inside Out. Yoga on the Beach only enhances that feeling of Zen, and as our crew instinctively knows, feelings of pure joy always win out when sea air is involved. Feelings of Love & Mercy also fill the air, along with music courtesy of Wildwood Crest Summer Music Series. Fresh from the non-musical dinosaur theme park, Jurassic World, the daring type are amazed by all that Adventure Pier has to offer. Rolling through the Great White at a speed of 50 mph, it doesn’t take them long to shoot on over to the Springshot, leaving them with a high-speed spring in their step (and, thankfully, a lack of dinosaurs at their feet). Keeping in step after winning the biggest stuffed animal, Ted 2 is feeling overstuffed with twice the happiness, eager to bring his newly-formed family to our family-friendly community. Feeling confident in their artistic abilities, our crew is ready to participate in the Wildwood Talent Showcase, where they quickly learn they’ve met their match against our local geniuses. Talented landscape artists are relieved to leave A Little Chaos far behind as they find a lot of peace and love just waiting to be captured along our picturesque landscape. After a bizarre vacation in Los Angeles, The chaotic Overnight guests are eager to make their stay in town longer, confident the locals and tourists they cross sandy paths with will be way more stable than their West Coast community. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl have miraculously found new, stable life along the lively coast, forming an unbreakable bond with the sun and the surf.

As summer finally makes its long-awaited guest appearance, our June cast declares coastal living a class act, with upcoming days of sun, surf and cinematic storytelling making for the ultimate sequel!
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May 2015 Movie Guide

With summer just around the beach block, an all-new starry cast has arrived on the sunny stage of Wildwood, N.J., determined to leave their indelible footprints in our infamous sand (the seaside version of the Walk of Fame). Leading the infamous way, no longer Mad Max: (detours off) Fury Road for a drive down JFK Beach Drive, where an ocean view and a peek at the Spring Boardwalk Classic Car Show immediately calms his once-misguided soul. After winning millions, our most misguided cast member loses her self-absorbed mantra, Welcome to Me when she realizes that while money comes in handy at the Memorial Day Weekend Boardwalk Craft Show, it can’t buy the welcoming feeling she’s finally found along the coast. Her money-loving co-stars, who initially rolled their glamorous eyes and said, She’s Funny That Way, ultimately discover the peace the former vain diva declared and decide to take a long break from Broadway nights in favor of lengthy beach days. Returning to his old beachy stomping grounds, a military contractor reconnects with an old love at the healthy-lifestyle inspiring Downtown Wildwood Farmer’s Market. Feeling fit and free from strife, the lost loves find themselves wishing one another a fond Aloha (and an eventual, harmony-infused blockbuster). As day fades into night, a questionably competent police woman and a quirky widow, who came to town in Hot Pursuit of safety and a sensational tan, find asylum and anonymity traveling incognito from pier to pier, eventually crossing paths with that preternaturally bright Tony Stark and his Avengers: (whose) Age of Ultron peacekeeping plan motivates them to begin an era of peace (at least with each other). Also along for the rollercoaster Ride, a battling mom and her surfer-loving son, who sees the light after visiting Morey’s Piers Annual Education Extravaganza and learns a college degree can only enhance his love of the substantial surf. Following a San Andreas earthquake, a battle-torn rescue-chopper pilot finds his mental health saved on our sandy shores, where the only quakes he experiences are on The Great White.
As the curtain gets ready to fall on that great, starry night, our big-screen beauties vow, Before I Wake, I will take a spin on countless boardwalk attractions, culminating the evening with a trip on the Skyscraper to experience the ultimate Wildwood view.
Still on an emotional high following their latest songfest, our competitive singers find the Pitch Perfect 2 start a melodious summer at the Wildwood Crest Summer Kickoff Concert.
Before kicking off the summer of 2015, our much-wiser stars learn the value of staying in the present moment and leave that mystical place known as Tomorrowland in, well, tomorrow, where a sensational season (and an always-amazing George Clooney), is happily waiting.
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April 2015 Movie Guide

It’s a fast and Furious (7) ride to the town of Wildwood, NJ, where sequels and sunshine can be found in abundance. Along for the thrilling ride is a cast of characters fresh from the trials and tribulations of their dramatic onscreen lives. Fortunately, we have Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 keep our spring crew safe and sound on the trip, proving to be the ultimate tour guide while guarding them in his own inept but entertaining way as they maneuver through our scenic streets. Desperate to recover artwork belonging within her family, the Woman in Gold shuns our golden sandy beaches in favor of a trip down Pacific Avenue, hoping her fine art has found a home among the creative shops. A stop at the Wildwood Wholesale Gift Show happily produces many quality items but, alas, no family gold. The Forger seeking stolen art finds the greatest nature-made masterpieces locally, inspiring him to steal scenic moments instead of things. Feeling welcomed on our picturesque set, those Unfriended by a supernatural force find peace within our magical locale, as our boardwalk attractions slowly spring back to life. A young couple who recently collided with a lost love finds The Longest Ride on the tram car worth the time when they find the greatest treasures at the Ed’s Funcade Easter Sunday Egg Hunt in the Hay. An Ex Machina experimenting with Artificial Intelligence realizes the folks along the coast are the real deal as he picks up some industry tips, as well as some sincere friends, at the Business at the Beach Expo. Dealing in the business of murder and revenge, a professional hit man decides not to Kill Me Three Times in exchange for one time at the thrilling ‘War at the Jersey Shore’ National Youth Wrestling Championship, where the adolescence among us revive the champion within each of us. On a youthful excursion of their own, the military police find a Child (and) 44 celebrating at the Morey’s Piers Easter Celebration on Mariner’s Landing with the infamous Easter Bunny; having 44 times the normal amount of fun.
During The Age of Adaline, a lonely, ageless beauty, who never has any fun, finds love at the timeless Wildwood 40’s Dance Party & Concert, where the stars above remind her she’s never truly alone.
As our spring-loving stars soon realize, no one is ever really alone along our friendly coast, where the infamous and the unknown, like the beach and the boardwalk, make the best of seaside companions.
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March 2015 Movie Guide

Our pre-spring cast March into a new sensational season along the coast in the seaside town of Wildwood, N.J. in search of a simple, sandy blanket (as opposed to a flashy Red Carpet). A hitman turned protector immediately learns it was worth the Run All Night to reach our flowing waters and peaceful shores, where he instantly feels soothed and sheltered. Spending his mechanical life in a dysfunctional family has left gifted robot Chappie intrigued by the exceptional sights he witnesses from the bay to the beach and a welcomed sight at the St. Patrick’s Day Celebration & Parade. Hot on his android heels, servant step-daughter Cinderella has arrived, hopeful that she’ll finally meet her prince, leave behind her life of servitude and find a fairytale dress at the Spring Bridal Fair. Serving royalty within the court of King Louis XIV created more than A Little Chaos for a landscape gardener who immediately appreciates the calmness our magical setting inspires. Appreciating the camaraderie experienced at the Mid-Atlantic National Cheerleading & Dance Championships, a young girl rebels against her inner demons and her unhappy, Insurgent world in favor of the coastal serenity she clearly so desperately needs. Visitors to The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel find the Ocean Drive Marathon and Health & Fitness Expo just what the doctor ordered for what ails them. While acknowledging the classy establishment in its second act, they’re happily enjoying their first act in town complete with cozy accommodations and a cool ocean view. Also finding the lodging first-rate, couples of various ages suddenly feel like kids again, intent to enjoy While We’re Young (and young at heart) endless, innocent rounds of miniature golf and skeeball. A teenager running from a horrifying tale learns It Follows that danger ultimately leads to delight in our enchanting community, where our version of horror typically involves a tour of the soon-to-be-opened Ghost Ship. Battling her own ghosts, Serena takes pleasure in the twists and turns of the Rollercoaster and Teacups and refuses to return to Depression-era North Carolina until she can take a thrilling spin on her newfound, modern-day attractions. Contentedly spinning around town, an alien race in search of a new Home make the most colorful guests at the Special Olympics NJ Spring Sports Festival Basketball Finals and, naturally, find our community warm and welcoming.
Our friendly cast can’t wait to discover all their new dwelling has to offer when the chilliest of seasons reveals sizzling moments happily hovering on the horizon.
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Happy (Almost) Spring!!


February 2015 Movie Guide

It’s February in our frosty but friendly seaside sanctuary, where our winter cast has gathered to get away from the trials and tribulations of their complicated, imaginary lives. After a stay in McFarland, USA, athletic champions can’t wait to see who can conquer the biggest, frostiest wave in good old Wildwood, USA. Following a fight with evil spirits in a non-patriotic world, the noncompetitive Seventh Son resists the rolling surf for a serene seawall stroll, content to let his castmates compete without his participation. The Kingsman: The Secret Service mentors a young unknown agent on the secret of what makes our sleepy town come to life as well as the quickest way to discover buried treasure. Needing an expert assist, he turns to the crew of The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, who after searching for a stolen recipe and making friends at the Boardwalk Kennel Club All Breed Dog Show, could use a bit of Secret Service-type help with the crabby pirate who’s followed them to town. Happily, the brooding bandit is quickly transformed thanks to our above-water version of sun and surf. Abandoning his buccaneer duties, he finds a boardwalk stroll far more valuable than any secret, sandy stash.

Looking to escape danger (and the winter blues), our sequel-loving players magically emerge from the Hot Tub Time Machine 2 onto our enchanting shores, where they meet up with the rest of their make-believe friends and find their luck changing at the Wildwoods Casino Night, making their heated watery travels complete.  Traveling through a Hollywood tour, the entourage follows their Maps to the Stars which, ironically, leads them to our starry-eyed home, where even the littlest of characters have happily found their way to true happiness. After a trip to the future and a run-in with the Queen, Jupiter (finds herself) Ascending on soft sand as she gloriously witnesses one of our awe-inspiring sunsets, leaving her feeling perfectly peaceful in the present moment.

With Valentine’s Day upon us, romance is in the sea air for our most loving characters. While romantic issues cause a skilled grifter to lose his Focus,a literature student has a life-altering experience filling Fifty Shades of Grey as well as countless colors of the rainbow beneath those infamous sunsets. Inspired by such vibrancy, a far-from-famous actress and novelist endure a complicated relationship encompassing The Last Five Years, during which time they conclude a yearly beach and boardwalk stay would do wonders for their bond along with their well-being.

Finding comfort and contentment along the coast, our February cast finds the trail leading to bonfires on the beach far more enlightening than the tall tales being told on the Red Carpet and plan on extending their seaside story all winter long…

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Happy Frosty February!

January 2015 Movie Guide

After ringing in the year 2015 along the coast, the post-holiday cast can’t wait to experience all that a Wildwood winter has to offer. Bundled up beneath their bulky wardrobe (in part to hide their inevitable holiday weight gain), they no longer resemble their Hollywood selves, as they blend in with the locals while finding the answers they seek among the surf and sand. Looking for redemption, a reckless college professor relinquishes his role as The Gambler for the part of beach bum, currently considered a chilly (but law abiding) character. After an innocent Ex-government operative is Taken (3) to a scary, sequel-filled world, he magically finds himself safely by the one-of-a kind Atlantic Ocean, ready to take on the much-desired position of seawall stroller. A former American Sniper is also ready to portray a kinder sort as he breaths in calm coastal breezes on friendly sandy terrain. Participating in the Polar Bear Plunge Wildwood to Benefit Special Olympics NJ, he’s determined to bring his own recently-learned definition of life to the worthy event. His celebratory co-stars, of course, have a beneficial time on dry land supporting the ocean jumpers at the Special Olympics NJ Polar Bear Plunge Beef ‘N Brrr Benefit. Unable to jump in frosty seas due to his fluffy fur, pleasant Paddington is intrigued by the happenings at the Boardwalk Kennel Club All Breed Dog Show, where he makes friends with all kinds and enjoys deep conversations about upcoming spring events. Wanting a break from artistic events, art dealer Mordecai follows a frosty bike path, where he ironically witnesses a panoramic view meant to be captured in color. Lacking color in his dark, disturbed life, The Boy Next Door craves natural sunlight to ward of shadowy figures (and contribute to an off-season tan). During a light, scenic tour of the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse, the darkness invading a struggling linguistic professor soon dissipates as she finds healing powers in the sea air and learns she’s Still Alice despite her debilitating illness. Also inspired by the soothing scenery, a no-longer-in-his-prime actor endures The Humbling experience along the Avenue of the Stars, where he shops, stargazes and learns to value awe-inspiring scenery unlike any man-made set he’s ever seen. Resting and recouping after his travels from Chicago to Hong Kong, an ex-prisoner shielded by a Blackhat discovers true freedom and inspiration during a visit to the Cape May Bird Observatory, where he removes his shady disguise to further appreciate the sights. Farther than the eye can see and deep beneath the Black Sea, a submarine captain on a gloomy mission for buried treasure ultimately arrives on our Heavenly plain, catches up with the rest of the cast and realizes the true treasure he searched for can’t be obtained in gold coins but in golden moments.
Sweetly possessing incalculable golden moments and glowing memories, our creative players acknowledge the wisdom they’ve gained during their Wildwood visit and vow to incorporate that insight into their next award-winning roles…
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Happy New Year!!!

December 2014 Movie Guide

Our hardworking holiday cast, in desperate need of a little yuletide R&R, has traveled treacherous Hollywood miles to reach the town of Wildwood, N.J., where a Wild and wonderful time, as well as a visit from shore-loving Santa Claus, is most certainly in store. An English professor who moonlights as The Gambler plans on risking it all, including his professional reputation for a specialized sit down with the mysterious Man in Red, who, on a much-deserved vacation from the North Pole, secretly desires to temporarily trade in his trusty sled for a brand-new surfboard. Feisty foster kid Annie, meanwhile, would like to trade in all of her wishes for a family of her own and a part in the Family Holiday Celebration as she takes a break from the tough streets of New York for a gentle stroll down homespun Ocean Avenue. Also a bit tired of his harsh reality is a harried comedian with a particular Top Five wish list, all of which coincidentally include a scenic ocean view (and a more satisfying career). Although our eclectic troupe is more than satisfied by their surroundings and the sandy, mistletoe-filled streets they encounter during the Greater Wildwood Jaycees Christmas Parade, a painter with Big Eyes has serious troubles. While more than capable of taking in that spectacular view thanks to those enormous peepers (making the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse Christmas Tree Lighting event larger than life), she’s more focused on finding the secretive Santa, searching through seawall and Surf Avenue to deliver her request for infamy and artistic accomplishments. Traveling through our renowned boarded trails Into the Woods, a once-wicked witch, transformed thanks to fresh sea air mixed with the scent of sugar plums and sugar cookies, wants only to make friends with her legendary seaside companions, promising to bestow only the kindest of lessons on the locals as well as the fairytale creatures. Learning a lesson about the dangers of war, and the merits of teamwork at the “Battle at the Boards” Basketball Tournament, The Hobbit: (fresh from) The Battle of the Five, delights in his newfound, treasure-filled coastal kingdom, where hostilities have been obliterated and compassion replaces conflict. Spirits resiliently Unbroken have blissfully broken free from oppression (and colorless stories) and happily agree to participate in The Interview of a lifetime taking place along the coast. Possessing a unique sense of benevolence, our most infamous, ageless characters spring magically to life and join in the celebratory question-and-answer fest during a Night at the Museum: (where the) Secret of the Tomb reveals the hush-hush answers to a happy life: sun, surf and, Santa Claus.
Our contended cast intends to take their bliss into a brand new year, wishing all of their friends, both real and imagined, a Happy 2015 beside the big, beautiful sea!
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Happy Holidays!!!

November 2014 Movie Guide

Following a fabulous pumpkin run, our fall fanatics (a.k.a. November cast) run straight into the town of Wildwood, N.J., arriving just in time for the most thankful of seasons. They’re sure to have an out-of-this-world, Interstellar experience during their seaside stay as they voyage from North Wildwood straight through to the Crest, exploring what makes every avenue so stellar. They soon discover The Theory of Everything sun and surf clearly indicates there’s no better place to reflect on philosophical standards than the soothing coast, where inspiration is waiting to be discovered on every sandy corner. With beach days theoretically becoming a thing of the past and precious few boardwalk activities to occupy the adventurous among them, The Imitation Game is a welcomed diversion, as mind-boggling mathematicians match wits with skilled skee ball players and develop an appreciation for the real deal as opposed to their formerly synthetic selves. Taking the bad (pretend characters) with the good, the intellectuals must contend with the Dumb and Dumber To the just plain brainless existing amid all those brainy beauties. The more imaginative beings, motivated by the fresh sea air, decide to break free from the Hollywood studio executives formerly known as their Horrible Bosses 2, well, horrible to work for and set out to invent their own perfect shore day. The creative kind invite the Big Hero 6 times the size of their aforementioned employers along for the event. Fresh from saving the imaginative town of San Fransokyo, the promise of soft sand he can sink his inflatable self into is too tempting for the huggable hero to resist. After surviving a car accident and a run in with a supernatural being, sweet Jessabelle joins them on their perfect journey, walking the length of the sea wall while looking for the serenity she so clearly needs. The anything-but-serene Foxcatcher, who obviously has no true friends lingering around his former violent life, is wrestling with regret as he seeks salvation and a killer suntan during his brief liberation from lunacy. The Penguins of Madagascar can’t wait to surf on icy waves (while keeping a valiant eye on any persistent evil the foxy catcher might be experiencing). The heroes-in-the-making participating in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay-Part 1 know only a long beach walk followed by a boardwalk tour can satisfy their longing for off-season activities.
As Thanksgiving approaches, our cast can be found satisfying their hunger for ocean views, bay breezes and, of course, turkey with all the trimmings in our thankful little hamlet…
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October 2014 Movie Guide

It’s October in the festive, Fabulous 50s loving town of Wildwood, N.J., where the most vibrant characters can currently be found roaming (while reading shore-inspiring scripts, naturally). Going off script, they each attempt to memorize the magnificence of our quaint hamlet, quickly determining that scenery such as ours can be taken to heart but never duplicated. Each of our one-of-a-kind stars has their own reason for escaping the glamour and glare of the Hollywood cameras. The previously Gone Girl longs for anonymity and has found her respite in a cozy, coastal cottage, where the paparazzi have mysteriously disappeared and her biggest concern is unsightly tan lines. Following one unsightly experience after another, the adorable Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day he’s presently experiencing turns positively brilliant beneath the sun, as the good kid with the bad luck finds much success on the miniature golf course. For our characters possessing questionable values, The Judge has ordered unlimited hours of community seaside adventures along with required participation at the Lighthouse Challenge of New Jersey. After one too many challenges, superhero Birdman, tired of waiting for those annoying seagulls to take their southern trip, settles himself on the quiet beach to reflect and read The Book of Life. Within the manuscript, he learns the secret of successful living, which naturally involves a good view, a healthy appreciation for the present moment and time spent celebrating the past at the Fabulous 50s and Beyond Weekend. Catching up with current times and feeling satisfied following the Seafood & Music Festival, our festive friends discover The Best of Me along the coast, where old loves are reunited and Men, Women & Children have shut down their computers to enjoy some natural sunlight, a long, beach break and a little family fun at the Wildwoods Boardwalk Pumpkin Run. Having a good time in her own warped way; Annabelle is always ready to celebrate the spookiest of seasons, knowing she’s a shoo-in to win the Halloween House Decorating Contest, as her house of horrors (and ghastly appearance) is sure to outshine her less-creepy competitors.
Resisting the urge to help himself to the goodies at Trunk or Treat for Halloween, once sinful soul St. Vincent is having a saintly time, indeed, changing his wanton ways and making new friends of all ages at the Race of Gentleman. After telling The Good Lie for a good long time, the truth has finally set him free.
Living in a make-believe universe for so long, the October cast feels carefree along the coast and ready to sail into a cooler climate, knowing that each season brings its own special tricks and treats.
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Happy October!!!

September 2014 Movie Guide

It’s a sunny September in the seaside town of Wildwood, N.J., where we’re close to experiencing The Drop in temperatures as summer slowly fades into fall. Thanks in part to that gradual climate drop; the oh-so-hot music-loving cast is having The Identical good time enjoying the Concerts under the Stars Series and the Wildwood Crest Summer Music Series before they, too, ride off into the sunset along with the sunniest of seasons. Marching to the musical beat of his own drum, The Maze Runner, recovering from a severe lapse in memory, is having a memorable time zipping through the miniature golf course and racing alongside the Roar to the Shore Motorcycle Rally before drifting down the log flume. Serenely drifting though time, our good-hearted crew politely stops for the occasional autograph signing and photo op and learns No Good Deed goes unrewarded in our coastal paradise, where good, old-fashioned hospitality abounds.

Finding friends at the Olde Time Italian Festival after a trip through the not-so-friendly Amazon, the
Green Inferno is also a welcomed addition at the Irish Fall Festival, casting a sea-foam light against the clear-blue sky, making for an even more colorful landscape. Lost in that multi-hued panorama, we find The Equalizer, who, on a break from rescuing young damsels in distress, is enjoying equal amounts of sun, surf and sand following a far-away Walk Among the Tombstones, where murder abounds and the scenery is seriously lacking. Picturing a safer but soggier environment, a Dolphin Tale 2 sea-inspired to miss is making headlines while tempting the creative team to take time out from their dolphin duties to attend the Wildwoods Hydrofest.

The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: (has) Them, and a few others, a bit perplexed but far from worried, as it is presumed the vanishing beauty, last seen searching through the past in order to find her future, is currently taking a mental health break at the Morey’s Piers Annual Beach Jam Fall Fest and is, in the present moment, having too much fun to be tracked.Declaring to summer, This is Where I Leave You; our more troubled stars feel as though they’ve finally come home beneath the stars and find their artistic souls revitalized under the Harvest Moon. Having experienced unadulterated coastal calm, they discover what matters most (bay breezes, beach breaks and boardwalk moments).With a peaceful paradise surrounded by pristine sand and boarded trails, our September cast breezes through their days and nights, following the stars leading to the most colorful seaside season yet!Before breezing to your neighborhood movie theater, please visit me at: for a look at the stars soon to appear on the big screen.

Happy September!

August 2014 Movie Guide

The Guardians of the Galaxy, with an assist from the Celestial Protectors known as the Hollywood stars, have appeared out of the cinematic sky to make the month of August in the beach town of Wildwood, N.J. awesomely entertaining. Following a glorious sunrise, they begin their day with a Boardwalk bike ride followed by a friendly round of miniature golf (during which time the craftiest of characters look for creative ways to win). The Hundred-Foot (and then some) Journey into town was clearly worth the trip for our inventive crew, who next up find the greatest merchandise at the Boardwalk Craft Shows. After a morning of crafty collections and imaginative games, the stars decide to shine on their own as each head toward their own seaside “set.” Beach bums that they are, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, craving a different kind of excitement after saving their community from that wicked linchpin, make an impromptu appearance on the beach, where they can’t wait to ride the waves before soaring straight to the Sea Serpent. Having the most wicked time, The Prince, fresh from dealing with his kidnapped daughter and a deadly enemy, spends his free time perfecting his surfing techniques as well as his skeeball skills. Countless days of Yoga on the beach and a stop-over at the United Way of Cape May Rubber Ducky Regatta magically transforms a devious husband from the Life of Crime he once led (while most certainly having a positive effect on the life of his unhappy wife, yet another kidnapped victim). As our devious and delightful characters head Into the Storm that occasionally and briefly interrupts our sunny skies, they’re confident that these tumultuous times will result in the most colorful rainbow, rivaled only by the artwork composed at the Wildwood Tattoo Convention & Show.
Fighting their own less-than-friendly rivals, The Expendables feel right at home celebrating their latest, but not their last, conquest at the crime-free Wildwood Block Party & Music Festival. After a lifetime of partying within his supposedly utopian existence, The Giver is ready for a break from his “perfect” reality and hops on the nearest boogie board, experiencing the ultimate high. Feeling young and alive like never before, he soars right into the Tri the Wildwoods Triathlon, 5K & Kids Splash & Dash Race, ready to give autographs as well as advice on achieving perfect bliss.
Our shore lovers each know, If I Stay any longer, I’ll never return to Tinseltown, leading them to ask, What If summer could last forever?
Summer eventually must end for us all, but the summer crew, with extended Hollywood time off for good beach behavior; look forward to another Wildwood season, when the leaves turn the most brilliant shades of the rainbow and the Harvest Moon lights the way…
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Happy August!!!

July 2014 Movie Guide

On a road trip with her younger-than-her-years grandmother, Tammy and her Hollywood cohorts discover the seaside town of Wildwood, N.J. and instantly fall in love with its cozy charm. Knowing it would make the perfect destination for their glamorous friends back home, they decide to film a short film about their summer experience, resulting in their envious Hollywood friends muttering Wish I Was Here. Their first scene begins with the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, as our beautiful non-primates catch our planetary sunrise. On the picturesque beach “set,” they’re soon saying; Deliver Us from Evil tan lines and premature aging as they load up on the SPF. The more athletic of the bunch participate in the Boogie Board Races while the sedentary stars kick back at the NJ State BBQ Championship & Anglesea Blue’s Festival. On a break from filming and battling a cruel warlord, Hercules can’t wait to attend the WWE Live Summer Slam Heatwave Tour, prepared to beat the heat, among other things. On their own colorful tour, the no-longer-damaged Planes: Fire & Rescue team makes a lively entrance to the festivities despite mechanical problems as they animatedly hover over the Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular. Taking notes for future artistic roles, our inspired wannabes are creating one-of-a-kind artwork during the Sidewalk Chalk Competition before “rehearsing” at the Wildwood Crest Sand Sculpting Festival. Following the artful events, a spell is cast during the BeachGlow Music Festival 2014, further magnifying the Magic in the Moonlight and the charm of the town. The uniquely magical warrior Lucy enters the Wildwood Talent Showcase, confident that no one has a skill quite like hers.
With film cameras close by, our skillful brood capture the enchantment alongside the Boardwalk Parades shouting Earth to Echo, who, mesmerized by all that our earthly community has to offer, is clearly out of step.
And So It goes for our in-step troupe, who find love for the aging as well as adolescents blooming at the Concert Under the Stars Series. With unlimited series of sun, surf and sociable events, the summer of 2014 happily plays on, with the Wildwood tale far from being told….
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June 2014 Movie Guide

As summer makes its grand public appearance on our sandy stage, our June cast is as excited as an Obvious Child, ready to take a coveted part in all that Wildwood has to offer. It’s evident to the Jersey Boys, who know first-hand that time spent in town produces melodies results. Following their triumphant Sunday matinee, the boys naturally make the perfect judges at the Wildwood Talent Showcase, where genius is just waiting to be discovered. During their talent search, They Came Together to find love seaside and to explore our overflowing-with-amore hamlet while studying its unique charm for future film endeavors. With film camera in hand, they’re sure to capture endless imaginative stories at the North Wildwood Beach Writers Conference, where future Hollywood screenwriters congregate. They wisely surmise that Wildwood’s wonderfully rich history would make an Academy-worthy movie with successful sequels sure to follow. Wanting to celebrate those seaside olden times, the troupe makes time for the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse Maritime Festival, meet the most amazing artists and find the coolest crafts. The crew is feeling quite Zen and attends a Yoga on the Beach class to get in touch with the small celebrity within. They soon learn that in Wildwood, there really are no small celebrities, just big hearts yearning for a vast ocean view.
The gifted and the glamorous ones feel a change in the air, happily noticing the Transformers: Age of Extinction has obliterated all signs of gloom and doom, revealing a brilliant sun sure to survive imaginative alien robots and inclement weather. Beneath that pleasant blue sky, a breezy walk down Ocean Avenue through the entertaining 22 Jump Street finds our action-oriented wannabes looking for adventure as they attempt to Think Like a Man Too smart to hang out for long in the City of Sin. Comfortably settled within our serene sanctuary, they witness day blended beautifully with night. Our stars, unaccustomed to driving themselves anywhere, hop on the tram car to check out the boarded sights. The smart ones know The Fault in Our Stars lies in the fact that not enough of our starry celebs have uncovered Wildwood’s life-affirming lessons. They vow to appreciate stories young and old while valuing the beauty of aging gracefully (with the help of SPF and youthful, natural sunlight.) Caught up in that age-forgiving limelight, The Rover is having a great time drifting from family-friendly to fear-inspiring rides, grateful for the gentle pace of the Merry go Round before roaming toward the qualm-producing Ghost Ship. He soon joins the rest of the players (and hungry participants) at the Curley Fry Festival before heading to the Downtown Wildwood Farmer’s Market to balance those salty buckets of bliss with healthy servings of fruits and veggies.
Feeling satisfied, their next adventure involves How to Train Your Dragon 2 get along with species of all types while convincing the dragon in question that he has no need for the Giant Wheel, as he already possesses the greatest town view. That setting is further sparked during Fireworks on the Beach as species of every size admire the scene. Standing on the scenic Edge of Tomorrow, a.k.a. the Summer of 2014, the June cast envisions all of their tomorrows complete with beach and boardwalk days spent in sunny Wildwood by-the-Sea…
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May 2014 Movie Guide

With the unofficial start to summer a (sand)stones throw away, a special cast of make-believe characters has arrived on the Wildwood setting to commemorate the special occasion. Fresh from a battle with the latest super villains, The Amazing Spider-Man (2) has been spotted all over town, having the most amazing time swinging his infamous web from Ocean Avenue to Delaware Avenue and everywhere in between. The friendliest Neighbors are on hand to welcome the stars, forgoing loud parties for lounging by the pool. The friendly sort are soon inviting the out-of-towners to the coolest events, starting with the Unlocking of the Ocean Media Day Event, where they can finally let loose and enjoy some fun in the sun.

Unlocking the start of a new day, our players’ first scene takes place along the beach with a stroll on the seawall as opposed to the Walk of Shame (that clearly results from improper vacation planning). Proud of their choice in a Hollywood retreat, they know there’s no need for Stage Fright here, especially when the podium is sprinkled with sand as opposed to paparazzi. A frightful (but friendly in his own way) Godzilla stomps through town, heading straight to the boardwalk to check out the thrill rides. Although he unfortunately far exceeds the height requirements, he happily enjoys the view and the monstrous-size fun to be found along his newfound stomping grounds. Realizing there’s A Million Ways to Die (from boredom) in the West; the temporary East Coasters quickly achieve perfectly Blended beach days, boardwalk nights and all-around family-friendly fun. Following a delicious meal at the Wildwoods Restaurant Showcase (with a stopover at the Seashore Food Trade Show), they sign up for the Wild Half Marathon, intent on staying fit and trim during their wild seaside adventure.

The Legend of Oz: Dorothy’s Return to that Yellow Brick Road will have to wait, as she and her Munchkin pals follow a golden pathway leading to that boarded dreamland. Blissfully coasting from the Merry go Round to the Teacups, they fortuitously arrive at Captain Kidd Pirate Day, where they walk away with treasures unknown in their Hollywood Hills. Following the treasure hunt, they meet up with the rest of their co-stars and take a trip on the tram car, which may not offer the luxury of a limousine, but provides the most spectacular tour. On their own oddly unique excursion, the X-Men: (discover) Days of Future Past are required to truly understand our coastal community’s beauty and mystique.

After attending the Spring Boardwalk Classic Car Show, they have an even greater appreciation for all of their memories-in-the-making moments. The classically beautiful Maleficent, on a break from saving her peaceful forest kingdom, quickly falls in love with Wildwood’s timeless setting and becomes determined to salvage the feelings it stirs long after she returns to her wooded home.  Feeling at home by the sea, the glamorous gang pay homage to moms at the Morey’s Piers Mother’s Day Celebration before soaking up the melodious mood set during Music in the Parks.

 Marching to their own musical beat, our starry-eyed celebs feel ageless and inspired and can’t wait to discover all that summer holds in their perfect seashore paradise…

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April 2014 Movie Guide

March has finally made its way to the merry little town of Wildwood, New Jersey, where the spring cast, as well as the Muppets Most Wanted, fresh off a world tour, has found colorful comrades along the cool coast. As they settle in for the most wanted of off-season stays, they make time for the Special Olympics NJ Basketball Finals to cheer on the champions. Champions in their own right, The Single Moms Club insist on having their singular meetings beachside despite the still-chilly temperatures (with Sam’s Pizza serving as the perfect entrée). They wisely know their most perfect gatherings are further enhanced by fresh, salty air and picturesque scenery. Scene-stealer Veronica Mars, recently returned from her high school reunion, is in charge of all seaside get-togethers, leaving little chance the weather, the clearly-from-out-of-town drug cartel or back-in-town hungry seagulls will Sabotage the auspicious occasion. Happily, with the former spelling bee loser nowhere in sight, no Bad Words are exchanged among the shore-loving gatherers, only pleasant talk of upcoming events in the town that is slowly coming back to sunny life. Discussions of the Spring Bridal Fair add a touch of beauty and romance to their ponderings as they sense spring in the air.  Following a Hollywood winter that lacked Wildwood’s warmhearted ways, they feel the Need for Speed to quickly reach sizzling days promised to come. Our composed cast resist the need to zoom like cross-country racers, aware each Wildwood season has countless moments worth relishing and count to 300: (knowing the sun) Rise of an Empire always includes a spectacular, year-round ocean view (fortunately without that nasty big-screen version of a Persian invasion). While chilling out within our coastal kingdom, the royal beauties among us attend the Passport Around the World event, which far exceeds a stay at The Grand Budapest Hotel. As grand as Europe may be, our talented troupe prefers time spent on our East Coast terrain. Feeling safer on higher ground, protector Noah becomes a worthy participant at the Ocean Drive Marathon and Health & Fitness Expo. Also feeling fit and trim, in their own animated way, are Mr. Peabody & Sherman, who, following their trip back in time, find modern-day, friendly folks of all nationalities at the St. Patrick’s Day Celebration & Parade. Marching to their own big-screen inspired beat, our March characters embrace the luck of the Irish while thanking their lucky stars they chose our divine domain for their vacation from the limelight. As they follow the winding path leading toward beach and boardwalk moments, longer sunlit days are spotlighted, setting the stage for the start of yet another seaworthy season…

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February 2014 Movie Guide

A Midwinter’s Guide to the Movies

It’s frosty February in the fantastic town of Wildwood, N.J., where big-time stars are enjoying some low-key days along the coast. Immediately upon their arrival, they are Welcome(d) to Yesterday, where time spent in town is happily reminiscent of tender days gone by, reminding them (in the best of ways) of that old reel, black-and-white world their ancestors humbly invented. Creating a colorful community of their own, our inspired cast feels cozy and comfortable by the sea, where the sunrise over the ocean warmly greets them each blustery morning. A Winter’s Tale is happily being told to our town’s visitors, one focusing on Wildwood’s legendary history with special emphasis on our award-winning beaches. Stirred by the tale, and despite the non-Hollywood temperatures, The Monuments Men are working on an assignment of monumental proportion involving a snowman and a boogie board. As The Wind Rises to greet our wannabe surfers, a coastal storm of the blockbuster variety is currently blowing through town. Robocop, fortunately, is on the case, ready to battle criminals as well as bland entertainment. Taking a break from make-believe battles, our feistiest of big-screen beauties enjoy time spent at the U.S. Futsal Northeast Regional Championship. For characters of all ages, The Lego Movie is airing all through town, speaking to the child within each storytelling heart.  During a movie break, they stop by the Boardwalk Kennel Club All Breed Dog Show and make the best of friends with the furriest of companions. With Valentine’s Day on the starry-eyed horizon, and in spite of a lack of lively boardwalk activity, there’s Non-Stop fun occurring in our sleepy hamlet along with an Endless Love of all things seaworthy. Taking a frosty plunge into clear blue water, our most heroic characters are determined to reach that dreamy horizon before spring arrives (while working off unsightly winter weight). Thanks to the always-dependable Groundhog, they know they have 3 Days to Kill and then some before our sleepy town welcomes back bustling crowds and boardwalk action. They discuss In Secret all of the seaside adventures they’ll soon be having, as warmer days slowly approach. With plans of jet skiing, parasailing, miniature golf and Merry go rounds (for the family-friendly folks), not to mention a trip on the Giant Ferris Wheel and a dip on the Sea Serpent, they just can’t wait for opening day! They’re still thinking About Last Night, reliving movies from the 1980s as well as the action that occurred at the SJ Wrestling Wrecker Duals Tournament. As the days pass quickly, they miraculously never run out of shoreline. While leaving their footprints in the sand, they realize their Wildwood days are the stuff of lasting dreams, leading straight into another sunny season.
With a winter’s worth of memories tucked safely away, the shore-loving cast wait in eager anticipation for their next Wildwood adventure, imagining all of the stories of the sea just waiting to be told in the most telling of towns…
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January 2014 Movie Guide

It’s a new year in the deep-rooted town of Wildwood, New Jersey, where one-time stars and current celebrities have arrived for some off-season R&R. Although the town at first glance appears to be experiencing a much-deserved rest following a fantastic 2013, the big-screen idols intuitively know much mystic and mystery lies beneath the sandy surface. Jack Ryan has been appointed CEO, Chief Entertainment Officer, in charge of all the Paranormal Activity: (including) The Marked Ones and all of the unseen adventures that await. While on the case of the missing tram cars, our busy CEO appoints a heroic guide a fun but formidable task;  The Legend (known as) Hercules Begins to lead the tour of our legendary town, stopping first at our award-winning beaches.

Despite his herculean efforts, he’s unable to stop the Nut Job from diving right in and having the craziest time surfing, inviting his cast mates for a Ride Along the coolest waves. They are soon following his nutty lead and, inspired by his infectious attitude, take that frosty dip. They soon experience That Awkward Moment when they remember its winter and hardly the time for sunning and surfing. It’s always the time for helping others, though, and disregarding the fact that they are not in mild Hollywood, our brave and supportive stars take part in the chilly Polar Bear Plunge Wildwood to Benefit Special Olympics NJ. Fortunately, before taking that frosty nose-dive, they stopped by the Special Olympics NJ Polar Bear Plunge Beef n Brr Benefit, where music and merriment reverberated through town, warming the hearts of its participants.

Motivated by all that camaraderie and feeling at home among the chilly sand and mystical stars, the Lone Survivor has found kinship and formed unique survival skills, including how to shine beneath the sun without scorching (and how to remove sand from heavy articles of clothing). Also finding friendship and Her lucky place among the stars, while enjoying the food, fun and gambling at the Wildwoods Casino Night, are each of our beauties, who naturally match the soft glow emanating from our starry skies, winning much applause from passersby. Still in supportive mode, our celebrities have a soft spot for our furriest of friends (despite the fact that they can’t buy movie tickets) and attend the Boardwalk Kennel Club All Breed Dog Show, where they meet the sweetest canines (who don’t care about their movie-star looks or blockbuster success). Always the looker (and always strangely referring to himself in the first person) is I, Frankenstein, who declares Wildwoods’ Boardwalk, even during these slumber days, to be massive and thrilling and promises to come back in time for the Summer of 2014.

Our cool characters know lazy summer moments and action-packed Labor Day are months away yet decide work in front of the cameras will have to wait just a bit longer. Time spent along the coast, they’ve come to realize, truly is effortless (and always family friendly).

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December Movie Guide

December is making a star-studded guest appearance to Holiday Central, otherwise known as Wildwood, New Jersey, where stars of all kind are now appearing beneath twinkling lights and moonlit nights. A quick look around town and it’s evident that Santa and his reindeer will also soon be making their much-hyped annual visit. Hanging their stockings with care, our stars are having visions of  plum movie premiers, hoping that Saint Nicholas soon will be there. From home to home, miniature surfboards and sleigh bells adorn the grandest trees, welcoming the holidays back for another sunsational season. Our almost-winter cast is thrilled it’s not stifling August: (in) Osage County, where too much heated drama, and no cool ocean view, is depressing the troupes. The Hobbit: (is also forgoing) The Desolation of Smaug for the happiness found in our panoramic hamlet. One brisk beach stroll is all that is needed for Saving Mr. Banks from stuffy studios, lame entertainment and endless arguments with temperamental authors. Writing their own story, our guest stars are breezing along the coast, searching for serenity and Santa while having the ultimate Family Holiday celebration. Reporting on all the harmonious action is the Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues to tell the most legendary, seaworthy tales about the locals as well as the locality nine years after his last big-screen visit. No Grudge Match is reported at the fierce but friendly Boardwalk Basketball Classics, where champions and Christmas lovers abound. Also reportedly newsworthy is the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, which is further sparked within our creative landscape. Fresh sea air inspires our secretive, heroic character to reveal his latest operation, which involves obtaining his costars and cohorts top-secret Christmas wish lists. The hush-hush file contains unlimited, priceless seaside moments discovered along JFK, Ocean Avenue and beyond, as opposed to impersonal jewels found on Rodeo Drive. Included in those invaluable memories-in-the-making is an inspiring visit to the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse Christmas Tree Ceremony, where our always-on-the-go cast can slow down from the heavy Hollywood version of  the American Hustle and enjoy the brightest, lightest show. Following the show-of-all shows, the beauties are welcomed participants at the Greater Wildwoods Jaycees Christmas Parade, enjoying a decorative town tour while commemorating their time by the beach, bay and boardwalk long before Labor Day and crowds from all communities arrive once again. Coming Out of the Furnace and into the warmth of Wildwood days for a celebratory stay is, among others, Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas where offbeat friends and families are celebrating the festivities in their own unique way.

Thankfully, something for everyone is waiting to be discovered within our charmingly unique seaside town. As our cast says goodbye to 2013, they follow that infamous sandy path leading to the most entertaining new year…

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 November Movie Guide

November has found its way to our quiet, colorful paradise and with it, an entertaining range of beach loving, holiday-seeking characters with Great Expectations for a perfectly great break from reality. Included in their remarkable but realistic expectations is a picture-postcard setting only nature (and Wildwood) could inspire. With the “stage” set for close-up moments and the sun hovering magnificently over the sea, they’re thrilled to discover their movie-star looks even further illuminated. Beside that illuminating sea, The Hunger Games: (are) Catching Fire, cooling even the frostiest air while setting off fireworks of the cinematic kind. Settling into their explosive scene, they quickly come to realize that miracles happen along the coast, including major personality changes. The Wolf of Wall Street, never one to share the wealth, finds himself traveling down a generous path, leading the way toward bay, beach, and boardwalk moments he uncharacteristically shares with his costars. Also changing his greedy ways is The Book Thief, keeping busy taking notes on the action occurring on every sandy corner for a future bestseller-turned-blockbuster. The hardworking, family-oriented Delivery Man promises to deliver all the happy news on our latest holiday events to the poor Hollywood folks too busy posing for the camera to make the trip. Our lucky fall visitors recall their unfortunate Last Vegas vacation, which doesn’t compare to their first trip to Wildwood, where everyone walks away a winner (without gambling away their memories or their money). Their “winning walks” include the most charming view for everyone, including the lesser-known stars, who find kinship and inspiration abound on our award-winning beaches. After surfing in on the coolest wave, the Oldboy feels like a kid again. Our kid-at-heart hero Thor: (considers himself far removed from) The Dark World among our sunlight and surf and vows to rescue his comrades from dark days (otherwise known as films that bomb). Following a Thanksgiving feast fit for the biggest stars, and a two-mile boardwalk jaunt to walk off all those unattractive pounds the camera can’t hide, the gang gets to work on their Christmas wish lists, which are strangely longer than their typical scripts. Time spent so close to Heaven reminds them it truly is better to give than to receive, sending them along the sandy trail leading to Pacific Avenue and beyond for some holiday shopping.

Feeling warm and cozy beneath our starry skies, our November characters are reluctant to end their (east) coastal days and wish to be Frozen in time (and preserved at a youthful age). The captivating crew eventually realizes that time passes on, but luckily each fleeting moment conjures its own memories-in-the-making. Knowing it’s About Time to create seaworthy memories of their own, and with gift-giving season upon us, our starry-eyed troupe give themselves the gift of an extended, seaside retreat.       Now, if only a shore-loving Santa would make an early, guest-starring appearance in a town thankfully featuring the most gifted stars…

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October Movie Guide

“Captain Phillips” courageously leads our October cast of ambitious, Academy Award-driven stars across the miles, landing in the colorful town of Wildwood for a fall retreat. Having spent “12 Years a Slave” to the glare of the ever-present camera, the cast is thrilled to be appearing in natural sunlight (with SPF as their trusty, anti-aging companion). It’s not long before they realize a sandy path beats a Red Carpet (especially when that trail leads to a boarded paradise). With quieter beaches comes calm contemplation, as the talented troupe weigh their movie options. Not having to follow a script has its advantages, though, as the gang decides no rehearsed dialogue required to express their appreciation for all things beach, bay and boardwalk. The Beach Motocross Races speak to the action stars while the Seafood and Music Festival converses with the beautiful, but hungry bunch. A Bonfire on the Beach further illuminates their quest to extend their Hollywood departure as they vow to attend every seaside event. Beneath the most brilliant Harvest Moon, they feel the “Gravity” of the imagination on the Ghost Ship, where horrors not seen on the big screen await them. Not one to scare easily is “The Counselor,” having survived nefarious types and now on the case of the Lighthouse Challenge of New Jersey. Having endured enough drama to last several lifetimes, “Romeo and Juliet” spend endless, carefree hours drifting from the twirling Merry Go Round to the tranquil Tea Cups, avoiding their quarreling families while glowing beneath a romantic sky. The trouble-plagued “Carrie” promises to clean up her act in time for the Zombie Mud Run, hoping to make new friends while exchanging terrorizing tips. Our big-screen beauties, meanwhile, our devising their own “Escape Plan” from the paparazzi, clearly preferring the treats found at An Olde Time Italian Festival to the health-infused entrees being served along the West Coast.  “All Is Lost” when it comes to weight gain as the physically fit “Runner (runs into another) Runner” sprinting toward the Wildwoods Boardwalk Pumpkin Run and away from dreary days and starless nights. Fortunately, a “Machete Kills” cloudy days, revealing the most brilliant light. At the Fabulous ‘50s & Beyond Weekend, time stands still as the stars from every decade shine. The ageless actors find the child within during the Halloween Parade and Fun Fair while the artists among them find inspiration and creativity as participants of the Halloween House Decorating Contest.

A spell has been cast on our autumn-loving celebrities, who discover whether beachside or by the bay, beneath sunlight or starlight, 31 days is not enough time to soak up Wildwood’s charm and cast of hometown characters (including an occasional friendly ghost and goblin)…

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September Movie Guide

September by the beach, bay and boardwalk couldn’t be sweeter, as our cast of characters feels a Rush of adrenaline upon their autumnal arrival. Their off-season vacation begins, naturally, on a sunny note, as The Family of Wildwood lovers spend endless beach hours working on their familial tan. The Touchy Feely troupe can’t resist the cool sand as they dig their toes in for a long seaside stay. Even the commotion caused by the Roar to the Shore Motorcycle Rally can’t drown out the soothing sounds of the sea, as the gentle rhythm of each wave reminds them why they’re here. Calming sunrays against the backdrop of the bluest sky spotlight their radiant good looks, making their visit all the more beautiful. Riddick can be found jamming along with his new action-oriented friends at the Morey’s Piers Annual Beach Jam Fall Fest as the (peaceful) Battle of the Year, meanwhile, is being had at the Monster Mash Truck Race. Our cast declares Enough Said about their glamorous Hollywood lifestyle as they savor Wildwood’s simplest pleasures. Feeling happy and free to roam the town as their trailed by sand as opposed to paparazzi, they trade their aggressive take-no- Prisoners attitude in exchange for serene strolls on the scenic seawall, content to trade head shots for picture postcard moments they’re now creating.

Our health-conscious beauties find edible delights at the Wildwood Crest Farmers’ Market while the calorie-counting rebels among the pack decide to indulge at Morey’s Piers Souper Sunday Closing Day & Chili/Chowder Cook Off. Thanks to our spacious beaches and boardwalk, walking off those unpleasant pounds is no problem. During their fitness routine, they walk straight toward September’s big events custom made for shore lovers and nationalities of all kinds; witnessing a good old time had by all at An Olde Time Italian Festival while leprechauns and luck are discovered at the ever-popular Irish Fall Festival. The luck of the Irish sticks with them as they discover a “fortune” in fun items at Ed’s Funcade Boardwalk Treasure Hunt.

Despite the fact that it briefly turns Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, our big-screen stars have never shined brighter, beaming beneath the coolest rays and satisfied thanks to scrumptious boardwalk fare.

Lonely Don Jon looks for love under the stars at the Doo Wop Back to the ‘50s Neon Night Tours, hoping their bright light will shine upon his soul mate. Feeling lonely no more, he soon finds romantics like himself at the Wildwood Block Party & Music Festival. Kindred spirits, he learns, exist among stars of all kinds.

As our lingering summer stars welcome autumn along the most colorful coast, they declare to locals and new friends, Thanks for Sharing your little slice of Heaven with us, promising to return once again to the tiny town with the biggest heart…

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August Movie Guide

Living blissfully in The Spectacular Now is our spectacular cast of summer character, traveling along the shoreline and landing in the town of Wildwood. The Planes overhead advertise their glamorous arrival along with the start of the hottest month along the coolest coast. Breaking by the beach, our bathing beauties have tossed their blockbuster-in-the-making stories in the ocean, ready for a sunny script-reading reprieve. The camaraderie among the cast, combined with soul-soothing sea air, has virtual strangers declaring We’re the Millers as they partake in family-friendly fun. The World’s End to dreary days and lackluster films is over, as the cast finds relaxation and rejuvenation seaside. Life couldn’t be sweeter for the creative August cast, who know the best stories are made from sandy, salty moments.  Ever the romantic storyteller, Don Jon heads the Welcome to Wildwood committee, quickly learning the best places to visit during their break from the Hollywood scene, with music from the Summer Live Music Series at Centennial Park providing appealing inspiration. The inspired starlets don’t have to search far for serenity thanks to Yoga on the Beach, where they are encouraged to take long, deep breaths before counting to 300: (as they witness the sun) Rise of an Empire bathed in gold and branded by sand and surf. The Mortal Instruments: (used in the seaside) City of (well-tanned) Bones include surf boards, shovels, sandy beach buckets and seashells collected by the bunch. Wanting to stay trim and fit, as well as serene, the starlets enter the Wildwood Crest 5K Beach Race, where tranquility is briefly replaced by fast-paced activity. A stop at the Wildwood Crest Farmers Market further helps them maintain their healthy lifestyle (with the occasional break for Boardwalk Cuisine as a well-deserved reward). On The stars To Do List is a day of smart shopping at the North Wildwood Flea Market, where they find the best shore-inspired merchandise. Next up is an action-packed trip to Ocean Oasis, which sends our crew sailing through the waterparks while soaring on the Giant Ferris Wheel (and finding the best view). Feeling happy and at home, the cast shout You’re Next to fellow shore lovers in line for a spin on the Merry Go Round before a scenic trip by tram car. Boardwalk Parades further enhance their picturesque tour of town as does Morey’s Piers Coastin’ by the Ocean (which they happily breeze through). Looking for trinkets to take home to their West Coast friends, the cost-conscious cast stops by the Boardwalk Craft Shows, where they purchase treasures unfound in their larger-than-life locale. With the end to a perfect day in sight, 2 Guns provide the harmless yet colorful start to Fireworks on the Beach.  Character-driven citizens from all shore points as well as residents of the high-class community known as Elysium are clamoring to spend time in a town known for illuminating stars of all kinds, serenading them during Concerts Under the Stars. To commemorate their time spent in Wildwood, the artistic group gathers at the Wildwood Tattoo Bash Convention, determined to find the perfect design to symbolize a picture perfect vacation in our sunny corner of the world…

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July Movie Guide

The Summer of 2013 is officially here, with the Lone Ranger leading the cast along the Pacific Rim straight to the seaside town of Wildwood. The cast travels at Turbo speed, with the limousine windows’ down (to welcome the scent of fresh, sea air), to find The Way, Way Back to Wildwood’s infamous beach and boardwalk as well as their always fun, family-friendly events. They arrive in time for the Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular, amazed as the sky explodes into the most brilliant colors, illuminating stars of a different kind. They excitedly appear for Christmas in July with Santa Claus, thrilled to tell him what’s on their long wish lists. Summer along the big, beautiful coast tops everyone’s list, a wish the Big Guy in Red happily grants. The pale but glowing troupe slather on lots of SPF, knowing Only God Forgives unsightly tan lines. Beach Sports Weekend calls to the physically fit among the pretty pack, as the Grown Ups 2, mature but competitive, are determined to beat each other at Lacrosse and Hockey. The Wolverine, however, is looking to decompress after his latest heroic excursion and finds serenity thanks to Yoga on the Beach. The Smurfs 2, feeling right at home beneath the bluest of skies, cheer on the contestants at the Wild Half Mile Kids Marathon, which leads to a tour of thrilling yet kid-friendly rides. Following a trip on the Giant Ferris Wheel, the colorful creatures join up with the Girl Most Likely to win the Wildwood Talent Showcase. Basking in the glow of her latest award, the talented one treats her big screen friends to a wild but wonderful day at Raging Waters Waterpark.

After indulging during Restaurant Week in the Wildwoods, as well as the NJ State BBQ Championship & Anglesea Blues Festival, the weight conscious cast moans Despicable Me 2 have eaten so much! Fortunately, they’re in the most active coastal community and have no trouble getting back into picture-perfect shape. The gang sees Red 2, however, exerting themselves during Boogie Board Races and decide boardwalk strolls gazing at Fireworks on the Beach is a more appropriate workout as the scent of Curley Fries and cotton candy beckons.

Beach, Boardwalk and Big Time Events for the significant as well as the small stars among us summon the crew to extend their Hollywood break indefinitely. With the spectacular sounds emitting from the Live Music Series at Centennial Park All Summer Long, what more could our starry bunch wish for?

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An Eventful Summer at the Movies

The calendar has finally turned to June, where blissful beach days, boardwalk nights and blockbuster movies illuminate our picture-perfect coast. A welcome to summer party is taking place at the White House Down the block (not to be confused with the beach house by the bay), where Hollywood elite and Wildwood’s cream of the crop are celebrating carefree, coastal days. The big talk at the great, big bash revolves around Wildwood’s always entertaining events (and how to fit them all into their jam-packed, glamorous schedules). A sandy path leaves a trail for our stars to travel upon, leading to the best places. First stop, naturally, is our vast beach, where they quickly bury The Bling Ring under the boardwalk following Moreys Piers Beach Bop, hoping its glistening halo will shine its way through to the sunniest of seasons.

With summer vacation moments away, the students at Monsters University are also in a celebratory mode, finding bravery upon the Ghost Ship as well as the child within on the Merry go round. The Heat is on for our sizzling stars who happily realize the beginning of their Wildwood adventure means This is the End of press junkets and dress rehearsals. With movie-star duty on hold, our thirsty-for-knowledge troupe takes The Internship of sorts on the boardwalk, determined to learn all there is to know about our eclectic cuisine, sampling scrumptious dishes during Restaurant Week in the Wildwoods, savoring the fare at the North Wildwood Italian Festival and ultimately indulging at the Curley Fry Festival (hoping calories don’t count when combined with fresh, salty air). Walking in Wildwood sunshine, they believe, is all the physical fitness required to magically stay Hollywood thin and close-up ready. Their stroll soon leads to Fireworks on the Beach, which in addition to Summer Live Music Series at Centennial Park, make the big-screen starlets feel as though they are close to heaven and Twenty Feet From Stardom. The fame seekers find inspiration at the Wildwood Talent Showcase, as they bring their big-screen talents to our grand, sandy setting. Looking for a creative outlet (and a follow-up act) to further express their genius, the gang enters the Wildwood Crest Sandsculpting Festival, constructing the most imaginative designs. World War Z soon erupts, however, when Much Ado About Nothing is made of their sand-made Hollywood Walk of Fame. The sandy walkway, fortunately, leads to serenity and the Doo Wop Back to the ‘50s Neon Night Tours, which colorfully welcomes locals and tourists from every decade to join in the old-fashioned fun. The infamous red-carpet, they realize, has nothing on our wooded, well-trod tracks, as the Ferris Wheel majestically lights up the sky, lighting the way to a season filled with fun and festivities.

I’m so excited! can be heard throughout town, as the imagined beings magically come to life, finding everything they need for an eventful, box-office-successful summer along the big, beautiful sea…

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May Movies Motion Toward Summer Blockbusters

A star-studded party is taking place along the coast, celebrating spring and all things Wildwood. The greatest of host is none other than The Great Gatsby, who, naturally, is the first to recognize the magnitude of the little town with the great big heart. The Iron Man (3) leads the strong but beautiful cast of characters, who have taken that Star Trek Into Darkness, which ironically reveals the most magnificent star light. Music in the Parks fills the salty air, indicating the start of a melodic season. As Wildwood’s finest hobnob with Hollywood elite, a season filled with fantastic events is taking place. Following the Gatsby fest, the energetic troupe takes a Fast & Furious (6) trip on the tramcar, which provides the quickest, yet most scenic boardwalk tour. Along the way, they shop at the Boardwalk Craft Shows, where they purchase shore-inspired gifts to take home to their West Coast friends. They also spin by the Captain Kidd Pirate Day, finding artistic inspiration in the creative occasion. They know “Before Midnight” is the time to find Wildwood’s endless array of family-friendly fun as they continue their trek along our heavenly boarded trails. Because stars don’t live on bottled water alone, they stop by the Wildwoods Restaurant Showcase to savor endless samples of Wildwood’s finest fare. Traveling on cloud nine, their next tram car stop is to the Morey’s Piers Mothers Day Celebration to honor moms (and take several spins on the Merry Go Round and the tea cups). Dizzy but content, they jump back on the tram and land at the Moreys Piers Beach Jam Spring Fling to salute the scouts while catching some cool rays. Always willing to learn something new and non script-related, the child-loving cast stops at the Moreys Piers Annual Education Extravaganza for a day at the beach among our knowledgeable local kids. Feeling happy and at home by the sparkling sea, the once-private cast relinquish their ever-present, oversized sunglasses, declaring Now You See Me to the paparazzi (who are too busy taking nonstop trips on the Ghost Ship to capture their “close-ups” for the camera). Wildwoods’ International Kite Festival brings out nationalities of all kind, with everyone, even the littlest of stars feeling like one of the family.

Suffering from The Hangover Part (III) garnered from too much sunlight and not enough sunscreen, they head into a peaceful evening filled with a multitude of stars. They witness an Epic occurring on the horizon, “After Earth” and its beautiful people are saved from cellulite and tan lines, where a marathon of larger-than-life movies (starring their modest selves) is waiting (along with the unofficial start to the Summer of 2013)…

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April Movie Guide

April is an awesome time to be by the big, beautiful sea, leaving much To The Wonder of our spring cast of characters, who are in town for a (movie) Business at the Beach Expo. Knowing there’s no business like show business, especially when sprinkled with sand, they find inspiration in the sun, moon and stars unfound in their West Coat world. Soon after arriving on our sandy land, they quickly find 42 reasons and then some to trade in their hectic Hollywood lifestyle for Wildwood’s calm coastal way of life At Any Price. Our cast and crew learn any season spent by the beach and along the bay is priceless. Thanks to a Sensational Spring Concert Weekend, music continually reverberates through the chilly, salty air, drowning out the sounds coming from the Spring Motorcycle Rally. As winter fades into Oblivion, and our sleepy landscape comes to brilliant life, the Evil Dead commit to changing their wicked ways, going so far as to perform their own lively cheers at the ECC Cheer Shore Show Down. A cheery day without sunscreen, however, results in significant Pain & Gain for our sun worshipers, who vow never to forget the SPF again as they find peace and glory in a soothing sunset. The starlets among us find time spent at the Waves of Grace Women’s Retreat further enhances their youth-inspiring serenity. A Wildwood spring, as well as dreamy sunrises over the ocean, brings out romantics of all kinds.  Love is in full bloom along the coast, as The Big Wedding at the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse has the biggest stars in attendance. A quick shopping trip at the Wildwood Wholesale Gift Show provides them with the best wedding gifts as well as the brightest seaside offerings. Following the big event, the adventure seekers travel Into the (Great) White of an illuminating night, where a Scary Movie (5) is playing much to their scare-seeking delight. Movie chartbusting nights become all the rage, with the stars of the celestial kind guiding the way. Hollywood’s fancy calculator, The Numbers Station, indicates we’re moving closer to the summer of 2013 and an entertaining list of blockbuster films as well as Wildwood’s always-popular family-friendly events. Before they become too busy promoting their latest movie endeavors on press junkets far from town, The starry “Company You Keep” cruise in glamorous style through spring, enjoying every Wildwood moment…

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March Movie Guide

A warm breeze drifts through the town of Wildwood when Jack the Giant Slayer mysteriously appears ready to slay all signs of a dark and dreary winter. His slaying duties are not needed, however, as every season by the sea is bright and beautiful. Wanting to calm his aggressive ways, he elects himself The Host for the new-to-town cast of pre-spring characters. First to arrive on the coastal set is the Spring Breakers, who heard about our always-entertaining Boardwalk and are determined to be the first in line for Morey’s Piers Easter Opening Day Celebration. Following a fantastic weekend filled with thrill rides and Sam’s Pizza, The 21 and Over crowd, who have been known to march to the beat of their own (Hollywood-inspired) drum, can’t decide between the St. Patrick’s Day Celebration and Parade and the Ocean Drive Marathon and Health and Fitness Expo and unanimously vote to attend both!

They follow up those fantastic seaside events with a challenging Easter Egg Hunt, where the big screen beauties find more than pastel-colored breakfast fare among the surf and sand as they marvel in the brilliance of a still-frosty ocean and star-filled sky. Feeling energized along the coast, Oz the Great and Powerful dives head first into the great and powerful ocean, reveling in a soothing Mental health break.

Stoker, just plain stoked to be away from the harsh limelight, finds blissful relaxation in our natural sunlight and tosses blockbuster scripts out to sea, in no hurry to return to West Coast living.

Despite the chill in the air, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone also tosses aside his Hollywood reading material and spends an astonishing amount of time surfing and sunbathing on the incredibly quiet beach, stating they should charge Admission for this much fun-in-the-sun!

The Croods, waiting for The Call from their reel-life agent, find old friends and family at the Piccadilly Circus, and decide, like the rest of the cast, to extend their spring vacation, confident that their time away from artificial lights will be good for their animated souls.

G.I. Joe (settles his) Retaliation against winter blues at the War at the Shore Youth Wrestling, where he mixes and mingles among a youthful crowd of kindred spirits.

The Place Beyond the Pines, but near the beach and the bay, offers more than any Passport Around the World for our globe-trotting March cast. They collectively share the simple dream of endless days traveling from the scenic seawall to the beach, boardwalk and just beyond the horizon, knowing it will take them straight into another day of calm coastal living. With a forecast predicting sunny, milder temperatures headed our way, the creative crew settles in for a magical spell of sun-kissed days and starry movie nights spent happily in our little slice of Heaven…


February Movie Guide

It’s February in the scenic town of Wildwood, where Warm (Hollywood) Bodies have come to chill out. The Beautiful Creatures of an artificial Tinsel town, featuring the lovely Viola Davis and Emma Thompson, are looking for a beautiful but Safe Haven to spend the off-season while planning their Summer of 2013 vacation. Upon reaching the coast, in all its flawless beauty, the Dark Skies open up, illuminating goodness and sunlight. The striking big screen people, who look even more glamorous in natural light, plan no Escape from Planet Earth where astronauts, alien planets and animation exist in a Technicolor world. The shore lovers choose terra firma instead, content to slather on the SPF, soar under our earthly but Heavenly skies and spend their winter days unwinding beside the sand and beneath the stars. They quickly learn there’s plenty to do by the sea, even during these supposedly sleepy days. During a refreshing beach walk, the celebrities learn the cool sand provides a natural exfoliate, giving their skin an organic boost while the fresh air gives their cheeks an unblemished glow and keeps their starlit eyes from fading. Their daily, brisk excursions along the seawall, meanwhile, keep those unsightly pounds at bay.

Bruce Willis is a proud part of the naturally beautiful February cast, proclaiming now is A Good Day to Die Hard, in the Hollywood sense, from sheer excitement. The Stand Up Guys, led by the incomparable Al Pacino and Christopher Walken, say it’ll take a Bullet to the Head, figuratively speaking (or a challenging round of Wack-a-Mole), to get them to leave such a peaceful place. The Snitch, baring a striking resemblance to Dwayne Johnson, plans on walking off with priceless seaside time when he crosses sandy paths with the Identity Thief, who looks strangely like Melissa McCarthy shadowing an unsuspecting, mild-mannered Jason Bateman (who’s searching for a beach haven as well as his lost identity). The Side Effects of clean, coastal living, however, soon gets the best of the identity bandit, who quickly changes her thieving ways, replacing them with stolen moments spent leisurely strolling the quiet Boardwalk. Feeling those innocent, seaside effects are Channing Tatum and Jude Law, who happily learn that time spent anywhere between the beach and the bay produces no harmful results.

Following a day of House Hunting, sightseeing and Pacific Avenue shopping, the cast is ready for a night of fun and films and settle in for a Fabulous February spent cozily along the coast…

January at the Movies

It’s January in the now-quiet town of Wildwood, where a winter wonderland is written in the stars (as well as in the forecast). Appearing on the town’s big screen is the Gangster Squad, who has traveled all the way from Los Angeles to escape mob influences while checking out Wildwood Casino Night. Also new to town, a young woman looking to collect an inheritance while running from the Texas Chainsaw (3D) killer, who fortunately wouldn’t be caught dead in our quaint coastal community. The movie star crew soon run in to Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe, who are, in turn, running from a Broken City of their own and looking for a seaside sanctuary. Along the scenic way they see none other than Marlon Wayans, living in A Haunted House (far from an ocean view) and happily make him a travel buddy and bathing beauty participant in the Special Olympics Polar Bear Plunge. Meanwhile, Arnold Schwarzenegger is taking The Last Stand against sunless days as Parker, in the form of Jason Statham, is taking a soothing seawall stroll with Jennifer Lopez as his happy companion. Also seawall strolling are Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters, who are on a dark fairy tale journey to banish witches from their adopted town in favor of cuddly creatures found at the Boardwalk Kennel Club All Breed Dog Show. Sitting beneath the now clear blue sky is Chris Colfer, who was Struck by (Sun)Lightning, forcing him to see the (sun)light and find value in family-friendly pastimes like arcade action and indoor waterparks.

Following a day of beach strolling and sun worshiping, a Quarter of shore lovers, and then some, is ready for a season of stargazing (and hot cocoa) and happily settle in for a soothing, off-season nap by the sea, with enough Movie(s), 43 and counting, to keep them company under the stars all winter long…

December  Movie Guide

The Hobbit (takes an) Unexpected Journey to the mistletoe and myrrh-loving town of Wildwood, where Christmas is in full, sandy bloom. He soon finds that Parental Guidance is not required for the endless amount of family fun found along the sugarplum-scented coast. The holiday stars are far from Les Miserable (the miserable), confident the darkest night will end and the sun will rise (thank you Victor Hugo) over the ocean as they happily travel along Hyde Park on Hudson (not to be confused with Ocean Avenue) in search of sea breezes, sunshine and Santa Claus. They soon reach Pacific Avenue, where they discover This is 40 ways and counting of plentiful holiday shopping. Taking in the Christmas lights and the coastal scenery, the cast decide to take an extended holiday movie break, hanging their stockings with care in hope that St. Nick will soon find them there nestled among the sea and the stars.

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A former soccer star (Gerard Butler) is Playing for Keeps (opens December 7th) as he attempts to win back his estranged wife (Jessica Biel) and son through family-friendly arcade days.

It’s the year 1939 and an historic weekend meeting is occurring on Hyde Park on Hudson (opens December 7th) (nowhere near the George F. Boyer Historical Museum) between Franklin D. Roosevelt (Bill Murray) and England’s King George VI (Samuel West).

Music can be heard in each sea breeze as Les Miserables (opens December 14th) find happiness along the frosty coast as a prisoner-turned-politician (Hugh Jackman) dodges a policeman (Russell Crowe) while the penniless heroine (Anne Hathaway) dreams of a seaside retreat.

The Hobbit(takes) An Unexpected Journey(opens December 14th) along the scenic seawall with the companionship of 13 dwarves as they follow the path leading to a dragon’s treasure. Starring Elijah Wood and Ian McKellan.

A group of wayward travelers (including Garrett Hedlund, Kirsten Dunst and Amy Adams) forgo the boardwalk route On the Road (opens December 21st) in their search for decadence.

Ex-military cop Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise, opens December 21st) travels light across America, making a brief stop at the Downtown Christmas Parade while he investigates a sniper-killings case.

This is 40(opens December 21st) years and then some of Wildwood adventures and Pacific Avenue shopping sprees for a couple (Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann) who celebrate their 40th birthdays the same week.

An inventor (Seth Rogen) is on The(scenic) Guilt Trip (opens December 25th) searching for the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony during a regretful road trip with his mom (Barbra Streisand).

Former slave Django (Jamie Foxx, becomes) Unchained, (opens December 25th) during a beach break and a life-changing encounter with a revenge seeking Dr. Shultz (Christopher Waltz) as he searches for his much-loved wife (Kerry Washington) left in the hands of a cruel plantation owner (Leonardo DiCaprio).

Parental Guidance (opens December 25th) is required when a couple (Billy Crystal and Bette Midler) agree to watch their three grandchildren, wishing their worrisome daughter (Marisa Tomei) would actually leave so they could enjoy family-friendly miniature golf.


On the Road, Jack Reacher decides to enjoy the holidays seaside, enjoying The (innocent and picturesque) Guilt Trip as much as possible before reality and Hollywood reaches out to him once again. Even an oppressed Django (feels) Unchained by the sea, where the festive cast and crew are Playing for Keeps, as well as Christmas presents, as they hear the faint sound of sleigh bells in the salty air, signaling the start of a Wildwood winter and a holiday season to remember…

November  Movie Guide


As the (Red) Dawn of a new day begins in the town of Wildwood, a grateful cast, taking a blockbuster break, watches as a brilliantly blue SkyFall(s) around another magical seaside season. Anna Karenina is able to contemplate the meaning of life, love (and her next line) closer to the sea while The Life of Pi takes a brief detour from Hollywood scripts to Wildwood days filled with surfboards and the next spectacular wave. With autumn in full Flight along the coast, the big screen players reflect on all of the things they have to be thankful for, placing their Heavenly Hollywood getaway on the top of their Thanksgiving list.

Before finding all of the latest movies to be thankful for at your nearest movie theater, please check your local listings for release date changes…

A pilot’s (Denzel Washington) life takes Flight (opens November 2nd) over a star-studded ocean when he lands a failing plane and becomes a media sensation, only to have his alcoholism become public knowledge.

When a coveted shipment of gold makes its way to his village, The Man with the Iron Fists (Wu-Tang Clan, opens November 2nd) heads straight for the GWCOC Foundation Casino Royale Night but gets caught up in the ensuing bedlam alongside a brothel madam (Lucy Lui) and a mercenary (Russell Crowe).

Following a season of live, family-friendly Wildwood entertainment, Wreck-It Ralph (voice of John C. Reilly, opens November 2nd) grows tired of causing destruction and moves into other arcade games in his misguided attempt to finally be the hero.

Lincoln(Daniel Day-Lewis, opens November 9th) spends the last four months of his life searching for a seaside retreat while overcoming a variety of obstacles as he moves the Union toward a Civil War victory.

James Bond (Daniel Craig) watches the Skyfall (opens November 9th) over an ocean less city while working alongside a new agent (Naomie Harris) and his latest love interest (Berenice Marlohe).

The always classic Anna Karenina (Keira Knightley, opens November 16th) looks for inspiration and guidance by the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse when she becomes enamored with a cavalry officer (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) despite being married to an aristocrat (Jude Law).

There’s plenty of Silver Linings (within the) Playbook(opens November 21st) of a former high school teacher (Bradley Cooper) recently released from a mental institution and in need of medicinal bay breezes until he meets a beautiful young widow (Jennifer Lawrence).

Surfing with Santa may have to wait for summer when the Rise of the Guardians (opens November 21st) reveals a hard-edged Santa Clause (voice of Alec Baldwin), who has formed an alliance with the Easter Bunny (voice of Hugh Jackman), the Tooth Fairy, (voice of Isla Fisher) and Jack Frost (voice of Chris Pine) to keep the evil bogeyman (voice of Jude Law) from ruling the animated world.

The Life of Pi (Suraj Sharma, opens November 21st) gets more complicated when the ship he is traveling on from India to Canada gets lost in a storm, providing him with the ultimate ocean view as he and his travel companions, a variety of animals, drift in the Pacific Ocean for 227 days.

At the start of a Red Dawn (opens November 21st), a group of high school students (including Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson) fight off-season tan lines and a commie invasion.

Only happiness and (sun) light can be found within the Silver Linings Playbook, as the ever-industrious Lincoln outlines the best tactic for an awesome holiday season. The Man with the Iron Fists is holding on tightly to the fall foliage while Wreck-it Ralph has found soothing inspiration within each sea breeze and is determined to build the biggest sandcastle (as opposed to his usual sandcastle destruction). Along with the sun Rise (of) the Guardians of all things Wildwood, who triumphantly declare this to be the best time to soak up the sun and sensational scenery with plenty of time for fantastic fall films before Santa makes his final approach to a town bursting with energy…

October  Movie Guide

Hoping to Not Fade Away along with the summer breezes, the star-studded cast arrives on the Wildwood setting, where Nobody Walks through town without a visit to the beach and the boardwalk. Alex Cross is first to arrive on the scene, searching for signs of Sinister activity but finding only panoramic views and camera-ready crews. Upon setting up for their Wildwood debut, the cast is immediately drawn to the soothing sounds of the sea, which their contracts had promised would be Pitch Perfect. Despite being ready for their “Close Up,” the big screen beauties decide to tuck the latest blockbuster script inside their designer beach bags for a later time and make the most of these soft seaside days and movie marathon nights spent in style by the sea…

Before arriving in style for the latest blockbuster appearing at your nearest movie theater, please check your local listings for release date changes…

A retired CIA operative and his wife (Liam Neeson, Famke Janssen) wish they were experiencing horror of the Wildwood kind at Morey’s Fears Terror on the Boardwalk when they are Taken 2 (opens October 5th) a far off place in Istanbul by a revenge-seeking kidnapper.

Possessing Pitch Perfect (opens October 5th) voices, an all-girls singing group (including Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow) lead the musical crowd at Fabulous 50s and Beyond Weekend.

The family-friendly Trunk or Treat for Halloween proves too tame for a true-crime novelist (Ethan Hawke) who discovers something Sinister (opens October 5th) relating to the family murdered in his new home.

Frankenweenie (opens October 5th) feels right at home at the Halloween Parade and Fun Fair thanks to young Victor Frankenstein (voice of Charlie Tahan), who conducts a science experiment to bring his beloved dog Sparky back to (animated) life.

Thanks to budget cuts, Here Comes the Boom (opens October 12th) on the career of a gentle high school music instructor (Henry Winkler) who must rely on the help of an unassuming biology teacher (Kevin James) and his attempts to raise funds by competing in a mixed-martial-arts tournament.

Nobody Walks (opens October 12th) through the town of Wildwood without a visit to the beach, including a wealthy California couple (John Krasinski and Rosemarie Dewitt) who invite a New York artist (Olivia Wilde) into their lives with life-altering results.

Hoping to Not Fade Away (opens October 19th) with the end of summer, three New Jersey teenagers living in the year 1964 are inspired to form a band after watching the Rolling Stones perform on TV.

Looking for a distraction at the New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge but always on the search for justice, detective-psychologist Alex Cross (Tyler Perry, opens October 19th) crosses paths with a cage-fighting hit man (Matthew Fox).

A divorced couple (Robert De Niro and Diane Keaton) go on romantic beach walks to prepare for their role as a happy couple who arrive for The Big Wedding (opens October 26th) of their adopted son (Ben Barnes).

High atop a  Silent Hill: (a) Revelation (3D) (opens October 26th) has occurred to a girl (Adelaide Clemens) who lives in a strange alternate world following her father’s disappearance as she searches for quiet beach days, serene ocean views and an end to lifelong nightmares.

Here Comes the Boom of a brief autumn storm as The Big Wedding occurring atop the Silent Hill: (casts a) Revelation (3D) by the sea, illuminating an already picturesque view. Taken 2 romantic seaside heights is the always photogenic cast, making headlines as the unexpected celebrity guests. Frankenweenie, on his best, timid behavior, is the first to find a bedazzling beach chair in the front row, anxious for the festivities to be over so he can revel in the Halloween festivities and take one last brave trip on The Ghost Ship. Beneath the backdrop of another beautiful autumn day, the troupe is in no hurry to return to Tinseltown, preferring the unlimited sunny days and endless movie nights they’ve magically found in their adopted coastal town…


September  Movie Guide


We’ve reached the End of (the) Watch for cooler days, as summer prepares to take its final bow. Stepping up to the sandy stage, however, is a fall-loving cast who have left their box office blues in Hollywood, ready to glow along our coast more gloriously than the harvest moon. New in town, they quickly learn The (many) Perks of Being a Wallflower and are surprisingly content to blend effortlessly into the picture-perfect view. They’re soon crossing paths with the Resident Evil: (who finds) Retribution among the sea and the stars and is soon following a more law-abiding path. That sand-covered path, naturally, leads them to the House at the End of the Street, which possesses the most awesome ocean view. The big screen stars can’t find The Words to express their adoration for all things coastal and let their actions speak for themselves as they revel in all the beach, boardwalk and big-time fall events happening beyond the larger-than-life movie screen.

Before heading out to your neighborhood’s larger-than-life screen, please check your local listings for release date changes…

The fine line between fact and fiction is blurred when a blocked writer (Bradley Cooper), seeking artistic inspiration at the Wildwood Tattoo Beach Bash, suffers the consequences when he remains at a loss for The Words (opens September 7th) and commits plagiarism. Also stars Zoe Saldana and Dennis Quaid.

The Resident Evil: (seeks) Retribution (opens September 14th) on unsightly pounds caused by too much tasty Boardwalk cuisine while Alice (Milla Jovovich) becomes the only hope to battle the pure-evil Umbrella Corporation after they cause a lethal Earth-ravaging virus.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (opens September 14th) adrift among the pristine sand and surf are evident when two captivating older students (Emma Watson and Ezra Miller) take a shy high school freshman (Logan Lerman) under their educated wings.

The House at the End of the Street (opens September 21st) tells curious newcomers (Elisabeth Shue and Jennifer Lawrence) a story about murder, mystery and what makes the Great White so impressive.

A professional enforcer (Brad Pitt) is Killing Them Softly (opens September 21st) with his miniature golf expertise in between working the case of a heist that occurred during a mob-influenced poker game.

Inside the animated, far-from-humanity Hotel Transylvania (opens September 21st), Dracula (voice of Adam Sandler) fears he will lose his teen-aged daughter (voice of Selena Gomez) to the bright lights of the Boardwalk and a smitten stranger (voice of Andy Samberg).

It’s the year 2042, and mob hit man Looper (Joseph Gordon Levitt, opens September 28th) has a surreal job to do that sends him on his own unique Roar to the Shore Motorcycle Rally; assassinate targets arriving from the year 2072, including his future self.

Along with the watch for summer’s end comes the End of Watch (opens September 28th) for two LAPD police officers and life-long friends (Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena) who cross a dangerous cartel.

Two dedicated moms (Maggie Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis) Won’t Back Down (opens September 28th) from providing inner-city public school kids with a decent education and a future filled with educational surf and sun.

A past-his-prime baseball scout (Clint Eastwood) has Trouble With the Curve (opens September 28th) and hits the road with his grown daughter (Amy Adams) to acquire his final recruit with a much-needed entertaining stop at the Wildwood Block and Music Festival.

The seaside celebrities Won’t Back Down from experiencing an awesome autumn along the shoreline while a soft ocean breeze is (safely) Killing Them Softly. Looper, meanwhile, is traveling surfboard circles around the other celebs and has no Trouble with the Curve of each awesome wave. Following a blissful beach day, they all take a pre-Halloween trip to the Hotel Transylvania, whose chills and thrills, they soon find out, can’t compare to the Boardwalk adventure they’ve come to love. As another idyllic Wildwood day, as well as sensational summer, fades into the sunset, the Hollywood crew settles in for a bountiful season by the sea, watching their box office troubles roll out with the tide, leaving a trail of suspension and delight where movies and magic meet…


August  Movie Guide

Hope Springs eternal all through the town of Wildwood when the Hollywood cast and crew arrives on the seaside setting. After recording the most spectacular ocean sunrise, the director yells “Cut!” to any manufactured scenery in place of natural coastal beauty. From beneath that great ocean, The Bourne Legacy rises, bestowing a brilliant Sparkle to all those lucky enough to bear witness. Peaking through the Diary of a Wimpy Kid: (the) Dog Days of summer are just beginning, as the Hollywood gang has Total Recall of every sizzling, sunny moment occurring at the beach, boardwalk and beyond the big screen…

Before taking that sizzling, sunny walk to the nearest movie theater, please check your local listings for release date changes…


A factory worker (Colin Farrell) possesses Total Recall (opens August 3rd) of every stop along the Wild Half Marathon but can’t remember how he acquired his newfound spy status or why so many villains (including Kate Beckinsale) are after him.

Within the Diary of a Wimpy Kid: (Zachary Gordon, the) Dog Days (opens August 3rd) of summer are chronicled while he works at an exclusive country club with barely enough time for the Sports Card, Toys, Comics and Collectibles Show.

The Bourne Legacy (opens August 3rd) is bequeathed to a new covert CIA-trained assassin (Jeremy Renner) who has inherited an eclectic round of adventures not found on any sandy beach block.

Hope Springs (opens August 10th) for a Midwestern couple (Tommy Lee Jones, Meryl Streep), who take the Around the Island Row toward a hopeful trip out of town in an attempt to save their lackluster marriage with the help of a therapist (Steve Carell).

The Campaign (opens August 10th) to kiss all the babies at the Wildwoods Baby Parade loses its innocence quickly when things turn ugly between a smooth North Carolina congressman (Will Ferrell) and his awkward challenger (Zach Galifianakis).

The Odd Life of Timothy Green (CJ Adams, opens August 15th) is filled with Go-carts and Waterparks and only exists in the hearts of a childless couple (Joel Edgerton, Jennifer Garner) who one day miraculously encounter a 10-year-old version of that imagined boy in their home.

Sparkle (Jordan Sparks, opens August 17th) is a rising star with a devoted mother (Whitney Houston) destined to find greatness at the Wildwood Talent Showcase and beyond.

Having never been given the option of a bay front or an ocean view to his new life in the Witness Protection Program, an inept man (Dax Shepard) and his unwitting girlfriend (Kristen Bell) Hit (the road) and Run (opens August 24th) at full speed away from his checkered past.

The Possession (opens August 31st) of carefree days and miniature golf moments is lost when a young girl buys an antique box containing an evil spirit. It’s up to her divorced parents (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kyra Sedgwick) to remove the curse.

During Prohibition, Lawless (opens August 31st) bootlegging siblings (Tom Hardy, Shia LaBeaouf and Jason Clarke) miss family-friendly Fireworks on the Beach in their haste to hustle moonshine into town while being pursued by a G-man from Chicago (Guy Pearce).


The Lawless among the camera-worthy characters have suddenly become respectable citizens, determined to have as much fun in the sun as the law will allow. Here, the cast quickly learn that summer is a Hit and Run the length of the boardwalk spreading the word, confident that The Possession of seaside fun belongs to everyone, real and invented. Meanwhile, The Odd Life of Timothy Green is unexpectedly filled with everyday moments of sun, surf and plenty of Ocean Oasis adventure. Thrilled to have encountered endless sun ray days and breezy nights filled with sandcastles and stargazing, the ensemble of stars come to life during their Wildwood summer by the sea and discover magical moments even bigger than what’s found on the big screen!

July Movie Guide

The Watch for the ultimate Wildwood summer by the sea is over, as those balmy coastal days have officially begun! The Ice Age: (has taken a) Continental Drift far from town, leaving frost-free days in its chilly path. The Amazing Spider-Man, being the most intelligent of the cast, is the first to realize just how special summer moments are and plans on using his amazing skills to lead the rest of the players to the most ultimate seaside destination. Spinning his web from one breathtaking setting to the next, he soon encounters the Savages, who have tamed their evil ways thanks to soothing sea breezes and inspiring ocean views.  Meanwhile, an otherwise grumpy Ted has found the child within and is more than happy to lead the rest of the summer loving stars, cruising by boogie boards, straight into the summer of 2012!

Before cruising to your nearest movie theater, please check your local listings for release date changes…

On the ultimate sightseeing tour across the town of Wildwood, The Amazing Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield, opens July 3rd) spins his thrill-seeking web from the Carousel to the Crazy Bus, reconnecting with his father’s former partner, a.k.a. the Lizard (Rhys Ifans) as well as connecting to the new girl in town (Emma Stone).

Best friends (Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson) declare war on rainy days at the shore and against the drug cartel Savages (Salma Hayek and Benicio del Tor, opens July 6th) who kidnapped their mutual girlfriend (Blake Lively.)

Thanks to The Magic of Belle Isle (opens July 6th), which rivals Wildwood’s authentic charm, an alcoholic writer (Morgan Freeman) finds his creative spark when he rents a cabin on the small island and develops a friendship with his new neighbor (Virginia Madsen)

When a rich playboy (Lukas Haas) meets a hard-to-get beautiful woman with Crazy Eyes (Madeline Zima, opens July 6th), he begins to question his hard-partying lifestyle and searches for a more family-friendly existence at the ‘Adjust your Attitude’ FREE Summer Concert.

A grown man (Mark Wahlberg) regrets his childhood wish to bring Ted, (voice of Seth MacFarlane, opens July 13th,) his once-beloved teddy bear, to life and conspires to send him on endless rounds of miniature golf before he ruins his relationship with his weary girlfriend (Mila Kunis).

During the Ice Age: Manny, Diego and Sid, (voices of Ray Romano, Denis Leary and John Leguizamo, take a)Continental Drift (opens July 13) toward the NJ State Crabfest during their iceberg travels where they meet an eclectic group of sea creatures.

The Dark Knight Rises(Christian Bale, opens July 20th) in time for the Fourth of July Fireworks Display while trying to save the city of Gotham from a terrorist (Tom Hardy) as he contends with Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) and  charms his latest romantic interest (Marion Cotillard).

A struggling novelist (Paul Dano) believes his invented dream girl Ruby Sparks (Zoe Kazan, opens July 25th) in more than just his imagination and would be a perfect candidate for the Miss North Wildwood Competition.

Clearly unqualified for the King of the Court Soccer Tennis Tournament, a group of bored suburban dads (including Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn) form their own awkward version of The (Neighborhood)Watch (opens July 27th).

Aspiring dancer Emily (Kathryn McCormick) takes a Step Up (to a new) Revolution (opens July 27th) while taking the Dance Xplosion to a whole new level when she meets dance crew leader Sean (Ryan Guzman).


When the sun goes down, The Dark Knight Rises higher than the highest thrill-seeking ride, reveling in the most ultimate sightseeing experience. High above the Hollywood stars, Ruby Sparks more brilliantly than Fireworks on the Beach, as the summer continues to explode with color. The big screen stars plan to Step Up (the) Revolution to bring a little bit of Wildwood to their Hollywood dwelling, knowing The (make-believe) Magic of Belle Isle can’t compare to the real enchantment found on our sandy shores. Beyond their Crazy Eyes, the passionate characters know that extraordinary beach days and sparkling movie nights can be found right here every season of the year in our colorful seaside abode…


June Movie Guide


On a summer’s day trip to the ultimate, summer-loving town, a toned and tanned cast of characters make their dazzling Wildwood debut. Behind his Hollywood shades, That’s My Boy is hiding from his overbearing father, who, with SPF firmly in hand, is determined to shield the youngster from unsightly tan lines. Snow White and the Huntsman scout out prime beach space while the little People Like Us rest upon the Rock of Ages to admire the ageless view. The cast, who find themselves Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, also known as the sad trip home, eventually decide an extended stay is a must and roll out the red carpet leading to our sandy beach.

Before following the red carpet to your nearest multiplex, please check your local listings for release date changes…

Living in a kingdom ruled by an Evil Queen (Charlize Theron) more fearful than the AtmosFear, Snow White and the Huntsman (Kristen Steward and Chris Hemsworth, opens June 1st) must work together to save their territory.


Far from our sandy shores, Piranha 3DD (opens June 1st) roam free looking for their next “meal” at an imitation Raging Waters-type Waterpark. It’s up to a brave trio (Danielle Panabaker, Matt Bush and Chris Zylka) to stop the flesh-eating creatures.

Despite several comforting beach visits, Safety (is) Not Guaranteed (opens June 8th) for magazine employees (including Aubrey Plaza) sent to interview the guy (Mark Duplass) who placed a classified ad looking for someone to travel back in time with him (on a trip that strangely does not include a stop at the Doo Wop Back to the ‘50s Tours).

Looking for fame and fortune, the talented Madagascar 3: (gang, including the voices of Ben Stiller, Jada Pinkett Smith and Chris Rock, reject becoming) Europe’s Most Wanted (opens June 8th) in favor of becoming Wildwood’s most gifted at Wildwood’s Talent Showcase.

In need of a bonding Adventure Pier kind of day, a distant dad (Adam Sandler) proudly declares That’s My Boy (Andy Samberg, opens June 15th) to wary passersby in an attempt to reconnect with his grown son after many years.

Motivated by the Live Music Series at Centennial Park, a young couple (Diego Boneta and Julianne Hough), experience trials and tribulations during the musical yet chaotic Rock of Ages (opens June 15th).

With an asteroid headed to earth, a recently separated man (Steve Carell) is Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (opens June 15th) as well as a beautiful beach buddy (Keira Knightley) on a quest to find an old love.


A Brave (opens June 22nd) but defiant Princess Merida (voice of Kelly Macdonald) must use her animated talent for archery to reverse a curse more ghastly than a ride through Dante’s Dungeon.

The remaining G.I. Joe: (including Bruce Willis and Channing Tatum, seek) Retaliation (opens June 29th) against dark clouds, dreary days and Cobra Spy Zartan (Arnold Vosloo).

People Like Us (opens June 29th) enjoy life’s simple pleasures including Boardwalk Craft Shows and Fireworks on the Beach. As a debt-ridden man (Chris Pine) searches for that kind of simplicity, he is suddenly faced with the difficult task of delivering $150,000 of his deceased father’s fortune to the down-on-her-luck sister (Elizabeth Banks) he never knew he had.



As the stars light the way toward the Summer of 2012, they realize it takes a Brave character to witness the Piranha (3DD) devouring the big screen, warning your Safety (is) Not Guaranteed within the Hollywood-manufactured town. Fortunately, G.I. Joe: (found) Retaliation for all things preventing a safe Wildwood summer. Among our protected surf and sand, the Madagascar (3: troop has no interest in being) Europe’s Most Wanted when they find themselves on Wildwood terra firma where they learn the natives are friendly (and film lovers). Life could not be better for the entire cast happily settled into their star-studded beach chairs as they realize they have everything they need for a perfect summertime by the sea!

May Movie Guide

The Dark Shadows cannot conceal the bright light occurring around the town of Wildwood thanks to the superhuman strength of The Avengers, who prevent all things gloomy from marring our seascape while allowing infinite amounts of sunshine and spring days to bloom freely. Cruising into town aboard a big-time Battleship, the big screen stars are glad they shunned The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel in favor of our finest beachfront property. The starlets are soon trading their high heels for flip flops and following The Dictator on a scenic tour of the town. Having found A Little Bit of Heaven beneath our golden skies where the stars shine their brightest, they happily make themselves at home, eagerly anticipating the action occurring by the beach and on the big screen!

Before making yourself at home at the nearest multiplex, please check your local listings for release date changes…

New in town and looking for a little inspiration, The Avengers (including Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson, opens May 4th) take a well-deserved break from their Earth-saving duties to attend the Celebration of Heroes Festival.

Following a cancer diagnosis, a fun-loving woman (Kate Hudson) experiences A Little Bit of Heaven (opens May 4th) along the medicinal coast as she faces many life-changing events, including a relationship with her doctor (Gael Garcia Bernal).

Following the Red Lights (opens May 4th) of the Giant Wheel into town, a psychologist’s (Sigourney Weaver) research on paranormal activity leads her on an investigation of a prominent psychic (with time out for a mystical ride on the Sea Serpent).

British retirees (including Judi Dench, Maggie Smith and Tom Wilkinson) wish that they’d taken the South Jersey Walk-A-Thon to our friendly shores instead of a plane ride to India to what they have been led to believe is The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (opens May 4th). They eventually find the appeal of their humble accommodations and settle in for the duration.

The Dark Shadows (opens May 11th) hover over the newly-free vampire Barnabas (Johnny Depp) when he returns to his ominous family home. Inside the gloomy abode, ghosts and goblins abound but ultimately prove to be no match for Wildwood’s bright skies and cheery residents.

Although intrigued by the good will and freedom found at Wildwood’s International Kite Festival, The Dictator (Sacha Baron Cohen, opens May 11th) fights to keep democracy out of his much-loved but oppressed country.

A Battleship (opens May 18th) occurs out at sea where a fleet of ships encounter a foreign navy scarier than the Ghost Ship out to destroy the Earth.  Along for the bumpy ride are Liam Neeson and Alexander Skarsgard.

Parents-to-be (including Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz and Dennis Quaid) don’t know What to Expect When You’re Expecting (opens May 18th) and spend a pre-summer day trying to find the child within on the Carousel and the Crazy Bus.

The Men in Black III (Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, opens May 25th) take the Can Am Raceway back to the 1960s hoping to find sun and surf but instead find aliens plotting assassinations.

It’s the summer of 1965 and panic abounds within Moonrise Kingdom (opens May 25) when two pre-teen runaways, who lack miniature golf courses and arcades within their New England town, set in motion a strange but well-meaning search part (including Bruce Willis, Edward Norton and Bill Murray).

As the Red Lights of a hot summer come into full view, the sandy Moonrise Kingdom is all aglow, as the first-class stars find first-rate beach space. The Men in Black (III), meanwhile, don’t know What to Expect When You’re Expecting a summer of beach, boardwalk and blockbuster films and quickly change into light, comfortable clothing. As the first of many summer smash hits begin to appear in amazing Technicolor, the cast temporarily trade in their beach chairs for theater seats and settle in for a blissful summer filled with sea breezes and star-studded action just beyond the horizon…


April Movie Guide

Looking for a Safe haven away from the Hollywood glamour, our shore-loving starry-eyed cast reaches the comforting town of Wildwood where The creepy Cabin in the (Holly) Woods is replaced by charming cottages by the sea. In The Cold Light of Day (as well as the sweet dark of night) the town is all lit up, happy that spring, as well as their star-studded presence, has finally arrived. The Three Stooges, who’d rather take a Bullet to the Head than worry about box-office numbers, quickly suggest a soothing boardwalk stroll to calm their frazzled nerves.  They all agree the picturesque town is full of its own kind of entertainment and just what they need to decompress. They quickly replace their stacks of scripts for bottles of SPF and get down to the (show) business of coasting beautifully by the sea.

Before coasting to your nearest picturesque multiplex, please check your local listings for release date changes…


An American Reunion (opens April 6th) is taking place on every beach block as the old gang (including Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan and Seann William Scott) reunite for an East Great Falls high school reunion.

In The Cold Light of Day (opens April 6th), a young American (Henry Cavill) uncovers a dangerous plot when he attempts to rescue his family (including Bruce Willis) who have mistakenly take a vacation away from our sandy shores.

A cop and a hitman (Sylvester Stallone and Jason Momoa), who would rather take a Bullet to the Head (opens April 13th) than share beach space or work together, must join forces to defeat their common enemy.

The Three Stooges (Sean Hayes, Chris Diamantopoulos, Will Sasso, opens April 13th) wish they’d spent the day at the miniature golf course when they stumble into a murder plot while trying to save their childhood orphanage.

The Cabin in the Woods (opens April 13th) reveals no signs of beach or boardwalk life much to the horror of a group of friends (including Chris Hemsworth and Jesse Williams) on a mini vacation that quickly becomes a nightmare.

While serving in Iraq, a marine (Zac Efron) finds a picture of a woman (Taylor Schilling) that becomes his good-luck charm. Following his tour, he bypasses the War at the Jersey Shore Wrestling event and heads to North Carolina to find The Lucky One (opens April 20th) he believes saved his life.

The women (including Taraji P. Henson and Gabrielle Union) who wish for more romantic days filled with Ballroom at the Beach refuse to Think Like a Man (opens April 20th) after reading Steve Harvey’s book on relationships, resulting in a battle of the sexes. Also stars Chris Brown.

An innocent man (Guy Pearce) is Lock(ed) Out (opens April 20th) of all boardwalk activity, among other things, after being convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage against the United States. In order to regain his freedom, he must save the President’s daughter (Maggie Grace) held within an outer space prison.

Edgar Allen Poe’s (John Cusack) The Raven (opens April 20th) soars dangerously high above the Spring Biker Block Party, inspiring a series of murders (far, far away from town). The poet must look deep within his imagination to find the killer.

A former elite agent (Jason Statham) fights to provide a day of Ocean Oasis adventure and a Safe (opens April 27th) refuge for a 12-year-old Chinese girl (Catherine Chan) abducted by the Triads while outwitting them, the Russian Mafia and crooked NYC officials.


As The Raven flies high above a sparkling sea, An American Reunion is occurring at the pristine beach. Winter’s cold winds have thankfully been Lock(ed) Out and replaced by soothing spring breezes. The glamorous starlets, meanwhile, refuse to Think Like a Man and cancel all action/adventure films for a season of romantic comedies instead. With warmer weather and longer days to come, The Lucky One knows there’s so much to choose from, cinematically, and makes a list of must-see movies before beach weather officially begins. The wise big screen stars ultimately realize there’s plenty of time for beach days and movie nights in the little town with a lot of glamour all its own…