Photo Contest Rules

photo contest logo2


How to enter the contest:

* Email us the best photo or Photo’s you have ever taken in The Wildwoods to:

* We will give you credit every time we post one of your photos.

* Send us all the photo’s you want.

*The more you send the more chances you have to win.

* Contest ends on January 311st 2016 – winner will be announced after all photos have been posted. (around March 1st 2016)

* All photos will be posted as public domain and may be used in one of our videos.

What will you win?

1. Pizza dinner for 2 on the boardwalk at the pizza restaurant of your choice during the summer of 2016, with Bob Ingram, Gigi and Tony Deutsch!

2. 10 Tramcar Tickets ($30.00 value)

3. A copy of the 2013 Wildwood Documentary DVD ” Boardwalk II” Autographed by Bob Ingram

4. A blog post about meeting you and photos at lunch!

 How the winner is picked?

The winner is picked buy a committee of 5 people. We will post the top 10 photos in each category.The winners will be picked from the top 10 and all will be posted on our facebook page at