A Roof for the Ring


YAYY!! I passed by the Wildwood Boxing Club on Park Boulevard this morning on my way to the Rio Grande McDonald’s (free AC Press newspapers and nice people) and there were roofers hard at work on the Club’s long overdue new roof.

The Wildwood Boxing Club’s an old transmission shop with two big rooms, one for training and the other with a newly-reconditioned ring for sparring. There were big holes in the roof over the old ring and the wood rotted and the ring canvas got all funky and mildewed. The new ring survived Irene and now is going to have a new roof overhead. The only leaks in that ring now will be blood from the noses and mouths of the young fighters as they spar.

The money for this wonderful roof came from the city, a recent amateur boxing show at Fox Park, and benefits at Juan Pablo’s and Dogtooth Grill.


Workers Repairing the Roof on 9/2/2011


The WBC is run by Al Mussachio, his son, Chuck “The Professor” Mussachio, Wildwood’s standout pro light heavyweight, and Richie Bennet, whose son, the late Richie “The Bandit” Bennett, had a very successful pro career in Philly, in addition to having a very cool nickname.

The Mussachios, along with a thousand bucks contributed by Virgil Hill, the ex light heavy champ, who lives and has a gym up by AC, founded the Wildwood Boxing Club in 2001, I think, and I’ve spent a lot of time there watching the young dudes work out and listening to boxing stories from Al, Chuckie, and Richie, not to mention the cop stories from Al, an ex-Philly flatfoot.

Chuckie is fighting for a version of the light heavy title at Bally’s in November, and if you want to watch him train, fall by the gym any afternoon after, say, 3:30. Even if the weather’s bad, no raindrops will fall on our head.

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