At the Boardwalk Basketball Classic

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Spent a pleasant couple hours with Blogmate Tony Deutsch at the Wildwoods Convention Center on New Years Eve day watching the girls of Wildwood Catholic defeat the young women from Wildwood High School, 49-42, in the Andrew Alameno Girls Island Championship Game, part of the 14th annual Boardwalk Basketball Classic, the largest co-ed high school basketball tourney in the country.

Despite the score, it was a close contest most of the way, with the Crusader women pulling away in the final stanza. Both teams played gritty man-to-man (is that gender correct?) defense and each point was well-earned.

The Basketball Classic is well-run and the pervasive spirit is one of good sportsmanship and fierce competition. It is bracing to see such focused and well-conditioned young people playing this truly American game. Dr. Naismith would be proud.

After the game, we were able to get the women from both teams to walk down to the Wildwoods sign and give a rousing “Happy New Year!” shout-out to the visitors to this Blog and to the world at large. Check it out.


And check out the Battle at the Boards on Monday. The Classic has been extended a day to feature all the teams from Cape May County.

And, finally, a heartfelt Well Done! To everyone connected to the Boardwalk Basketball Classic. It is a Wildwoods original that we should all take pride in.