Bench Bonanza and Ring-A-Ding

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I’ve been a little remiss Blogwise lately; maybe I’m still getting over the holidays. Anyhow, the benches on JFK from Second to Third Streets are all in place and everybody is crazy about them. Really a great improvement both eye-wise and comfort-wise. Even the steps are cool.

One thing: there isn’t a ramp up from the beach, which is critical to my man “Hot Dog Dave” Bannon, whose cart is right there. He took a pretty big hit last year without a ramp, and I think the North Wildwood city could put one up without too much hassle. Dave’s a good dude, provides a good service at good prices, and is a real good will ambassador for this island. Ramp it up, baby!

The Wildwood Boxing Club on Park Boulevard is back to 100% with a new roof that we covered earlier and now a thoroughly reconditioned ring. I was over there last night and had my first stint as a corner man, giving Macho Manny his water bottle and some low key advice while he sparred with Anthony Hemsley. I was doing good until they crashed into me in the corner and Manny had to grab me to keep me from falling off the apron. He didn’t have to bother because I grabbed the top rope and was hanging on for dear life.