Comcast Opens Wi-Fi Network for All Recovering from Sandy

To help residents and emergency personnel cope with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Comcast is opening up its Xfinity WiFi hotspots in Greater Philadelphia and New Jersey to anyone who needs them – including non-Comcast customers. Comcast owns and operates thousands of WiFi hotspots in the region and in New Jersey that are typically only available to their customers.

To use a hotspot, search for the “xfinitywifi” network name. Non-customers or those who do not have their log-in credentials can click on the “Not a Comcast subscriber?” link at the bottom of the Sign-In page. Then select the “Complimentary Trial Session” option from the drop down list.

Users will be able to renew their complimentary sessions every two hours through Wed., Nov. 7. For a searchable map of Xfinity WiFi hotspots, which are located both indoors and outdoors in malls, shopping districts, parks, train platforms and other areas, visit

It’s worth noting that some hotspots were impacted by the storm and are affected by commercial power outages.

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