Home Sweet Home

Today I returned home from my 2 day vacation running away from hurricane Irene with my family, to a place called Pilesgrove, NJ to stay with my friends Willie, Jackie and Danielle, if you don’t know where Pilsegrove, NJ is… either did I… It is somewhere between Harrissonville, NJ and Upper Pilesgrove, NJ …it’s where you go when you are placed in the witness protection program.

They have a beautiful home situated on 1 acre of ground with a big red horse barn with 2 beautiful horses and they have a cool dog named Bailey. On the other side of the property is a large new 2 story pole barn that was built by the Amish in 4 weeks, yellow with white trim it looks like a million dollar home at the Jersey Shore, it is Willie’s new place to work on  his collection of trucks and cars and of course upstairs he is building a top notch man cave, complete with ice cold AC,  flat screen TV’s, and  a viewing balcony that looks down at his toy’s, I have been friends with Willie since 1977.

Jackie was the best host ever, she invited us to her home when she heard about the  Cape May County Evacuation, so Friday all 8 of us with 2 dogs traveled to their home, they gave us cold AC, and we ate very good every day with  homemade apple pie and Willie’s homemade sausage, we drank, laughed and told stories, so while I was just sitting around, I fixed Danielle’s laptop and notebook that were running slow, after all she let me and my wife sleep in her bedroom that is all pink, even the bed.. I slept like a baby!!  The room had a nice  flat screen TV to watch with a pink DVD  player.. Thanks Danielle !!  no one will ever find me here !!


As soon as my son Anthony and I returned to the island we went and took some pictures here is what we found !!

Click the  picture to enlarge.



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