How Tony Deutsch from The Boardwalk Blog shot a Viral Video and the inside story.

On October 3rd at 6:30 am I shot a video during a storm like I have been doing for 3 years now.  It’s always the same,  go out in the storm,  get video no one else has and post it before anyone else does, this day was no different.

We’ll you know the story by now,  after posting the video on my Facebook page ( I just went on with my day as usual, but this would be no usual day by far.

When I returned to my office my phone, messages and email blew up with news stations from all over the country.  FOX and Friends,  Fox Philly 29, NBC,  ABC,  CBS,  CNN,, The New York Times, Yahoo news ,  Reuters, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and more!


Caught on camera: New Jersey house taken by the tide


Now my Facebook page ( was on fire getting over 9,000 likes in 3 days and from reaching 186.000 people with my post, today I am reaching over 2.3 million people.

2.4 mil

So after I shot the viral video,  I received hundreds of Facebook messages,  people are so nice, they want to kiss me, hug me,  meet me,  bake me a cake,  buy me dinner,  take me on vacation,  drop off cookies and food at my house, bring me wine ( ok I’ll take the wine),  boycott my page,  hate me,  wish I fell off the bridge,  marry me and other things I cannot put in this bog….I love all of you….LOL

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