Leadership Weekend Begins at Morey’s Piers

Supervisors and Managers Gain Training, Certification and Leadership Skills


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he Wildwoods, NJ – March 6, 2012 – Morey’s Piers hosts both new and returning supervisors and managers on Saturday, March 10 and Sunday, March 11 for a weekend of training and leadership. Held in the Morey’s Piers Training Room and throughout the piers, the Ride Operator Trainer Certification (ROTC) program teaches the critical components of safe ride operation and training facilitation.

Morey’s Piers has six certified ROTC instructors on staff to facilitate the program. One of those instructors, Dino Fazio, Director of Pier Operations and Training, also serves as a member of the faculty and advisory board for the ROTC Instructor School, developed by Creative Operational Concepts, which is held annually in Las Vegas.

According to Fazio, “The program is extremely comprehensive and covers inspections, documentation standards, audits, employee training and recognition as well as the top ten critical components of safe ride operation. These components include professionalism, engagement, restraints, access control, safety zones, pre-dispatch safety checks, vigilance, guest screening, loading and unloading. For each component, those in attendance will learn the proper standard of performance and how to provide exceptional instruction to front line staff to ensure the highest level of engagement and retention.”

A second ROTC session will be held in early June. Together, the sessions will educate and certify over 50 supervisors from all over the country including Georgia, Tennessee and the local area. Training will conclude with a two-part written test and a graded teach-back activity. Participants must pass both to attain certification.

Additionally, all trainers and supervisors must attend a multi-day “hard skills” training in late May and weekly in-service sessions throughout the season to hone their skills. With the goal of continuous improvement and attaining the highest standards in the industry, Morey’s Piers has been facilitating a formal supervisor training program for over 12 years. All supervisors must pass the program in order to qualify for ride specific trainer certification. This includes exacting milestones that must be attained for each ride and attraction before a supervisor can train associates to serve the tens of thousands of guests who will visit Morey’s Piers this summer.

For more information, please visit www.moreyspiers.com or call (609)522-3900.

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