Lee Brasch – 40+ years working at Morey’s Piers

Over the past 40+ years she has been working for the Morey Organization and over that time she has been a hotel & office manager for large ocean front hotel, ride operator, ticket booth sales, accounting, maintenance, painter, wardrobe, pier manager, and public relation as the head of guest services today for Morey’s Piers. She has also been a mother to hundreds of local’s and foreign kids who have worked on Morey’s Pier including myself, she had been a loyal dedicated employee for the Morey’s for decades and most of all a friend to thousands of young adults including myself.

Her name is Lee Brasch and she hired me as a pool boy in the summer of 1974 at the Ocean Holiday Motor Inn in Wildwood Crest where she was the hotel and office manager, the motel was owned by Will Morey SR and his brother in law Barry Ghering. In 1977 the motel was sold to buy Marine Pier where Mariners Landing stands today, Barry and Lee have been on the pier ever since.


Lee has spent more than half her life giving loving advice to new workers every year, she has comforted them when they were home sick, put a band-aid on a cut, fixed their clothes, gave them a ride, make them laugh when they are down, lifted them up when they are having a bad day, gave them a hug when they needed one, kissed them when they had bad news, and comforted them, she always puts others in front of herself, she has been a great daughter, a very loving sister,a great aunt, a caring co-worker and a great friend to many who walked through that orange door, and she told me she has loved every minute of it all and is so lucky to do what she loves to do and to work for the Morey’s.

I have know Lee since I was a kid, we have worked together, laughed together, traveled together, ate together, cried together, spent holidays together, went to Philly Flyer’s games together, played tricks on each other and most of all she has been a wonderful and loving friend to me and thousands of others who have had  the thrill to crossed paths with her for over 40 summers at Morey’s Piers!


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