Lynch Is the Anti-Grinch

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Was at the Crest Tavern the other night with blogmate Tony Deutsch and his talented son Anthony to video an interview with John Lynch, the undisputed king of Five Mile Island volunteers, who is involved in about 70 activities, by his count. The dude is amazing and is a walking advertisement for sleep deprivation this time of the year. He could run rings around the Energizer Bunny.


The video will be part of a “Christmas in the Wildwoods” video that we’re working on to be released in 2013.

The Crest Tavern event was part of Lynch’s “The Lynch Who Stole Christmas From the Grinch” campaign, now in its second year. Last year he and a group of volunteers made up of firefighters, friends, and families delivered toys, food, and coats to more than 80 families, and Lynch reckons that this year that figure will reach 100 families. This year the volunteer firefighters on the island joined forces to donate bicycles, a major undertaking by any reckoning.


By day John Lynch is sales director at the Wildwoods Convention Center; on Christmas Eve he and his wife, Vicki, and their volunteer “Grinch Squad” will become the personifications of all that is merry and bright about Christmas as they go about their appointed gift-delivering rounds.


And the Grinch will wonder who stole the Christmas that he stole.

Look no further than John Lynch, Mr. Grinch.