More On Second Street Beach Wall

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The new little wall between Second and Third Streets on JFK Boulevard is up, complete with a railing that further impedes any view of the beach for drivers not up high in a truck or SUV.

There are alcoves for benches, and three have already been placed in the largest alcove. They have cement frames with wooden seats and backs and look like park benches.


Damaged Bulkhead at 2nd St and JFK

Two of the benches face each other north and south, and the other faces the ocean. My man Nick Moran, the ex-officio mayor of Second Street (along with co-mayor Puppy), tells me that the other, smaller alcoves will have benches north and south facing each other. As of yet, no word on whether there’ll be a ramp to the beach. Hope so for the sake of my pal Hot Dog Dave Bannon, who took a beating last summer when the old ramp was dismantled and never put back up.

I don’t mean to sound like a whiner or complainer, but I really don’t that the new small wall is really going to keep the ocean from flooding the street if there’s a severe northeaster or – God forbid – a hurricane. It’s just my opinion, and hopefully the North Wildwood Public Works People or the Bud Concrete people know more about those kinds of things than I do. Hopefully.