Morey’s Fears Opening Night with Large Crowds

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Last night my wife and I went to Morey’s Fears opening night and it was a packed crowd with thrill seekers who might wish they never ventured out of their homes !! It was amazing to see the transformation from  Mariners Landing amusement pier into Morey’s Fears !! As we walked around we were meet by Felix the Barker, when the hair on the back of your neck stands up and you think  someone is behind you !! there is !!!


Felix the Barker


As we dare to start walk slowly into the dark side of  Morey’s Fears we saw the carousel running backwards (creepy),  blood on the ticket booth windows,  the Sea Serpent roller coaster in operation and  pitch black, and ghouls to eat you !! .. I mean greet you !!  at every turn.


As we made our way to CarnEvil you could hear the faint screams of victims who passed through this ClownEvil  area, these are the clowns who failed clown college and no one wanted them, so they have been living under the boardwalk for 10 years, until now, they get their revenge if you dare to enter CarnEvil !!!

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Outside The Ghost Ship there were souls who have been living in that rusted old ship for year’s and were only let loose,  to see who they could bring  back to the Ingis Fatuus and take them to the dark hull of the massive Ghost Ship….. never to be seen again !!!


Now we made our way to CornStalkers which are 2 giant cornstalk mazes on the beach, as we entered I knew this might be the last time I might ever be seen again, as I heard screams echoing through the ocean air out of the cornstalks I though?  Do I really want to go in there? my wife was to scared to I went and ventured into the maze and was lucky to escape, as they really don’t want you to leave !!!  ALIVE !!


Dracula at Jumbo's - Exellent Food and Spooky Inside

Now we made our way to Jumbo’s for dinner, we were greeted by Count Dracula and  seated right away, we ordered 2 Pumpkin Daiquiri’s ( excellent) , coconut shrimp and 2 special  8oz burger w/ lettuce, tomato, bacon, Post Road Pumpkin Ale braised mushrooms & onions & choice of smoked gouda or provolone cheese. Of course I had to have pumpkin pie for desert, the food was 5 star and so was the service.

Lou - The Parking Lot Clown

When we were finished eating Will Morey Jr walked into  Jumbo’s with his wife Janice and stopped  at our table for a few minutes to chat with us, then my pal Jack Morey and his wife Karen walked in and greeted us at our table, we chatted for a few minutes, then they went off to eat, it is always  great to see the Morey Brothers, two great guys who bring something new to this island every year, and Morey’s Fears was another big success by Morey employee teamwork, talent and vision,  and extends the season even more… we highly recommend attending  this event, so if you want a thrill you will never forget.. visit Morey’s Fears open Friday and Saturday nights October 14  – 29th  !!