Morey’s FEARS !! Opening Night Tonight !!

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Just back from the presser, which is reporter-speak for press conference, for Morey’s FEARS – Terror on the Boardwalk, the extravaganza of scare which opens on Friday, October 14, and will run this weekend and the following two weekends.

Morey's Fears Carousel

Strictly speaking, it wasn’t a presser, but a media event in which yours truly, blogmate Tony Deutsch, and other newshawks could wander about the truly impressive fearscape which the Morey’s Piers organization has put together to make the Halloween season part of the so-called shoulder season in the Wildwoods. If Morey’s FEARS is the success it deserves to be, it could create a future halo effect for other Boardwalk attractions and businesses, encouraging them to open and share the bounty of what could become a seasonal destination for those who like a good, long scare, reasonably priced at $25.

Morey's Fears Ghost Ship

After ten years of globe-trotting by Will and Jack Morey to research Halloween and Haunt events, and anchored by the Ghost Ship, which was the missing piece of the terror puzzle, Morey’s FEARS was still abuzz on Thursday with workers putting the finishing touches on a veritable cornucopia of cadavers, a bonanza of bones, a zoo of zombies, a fountain of fright … you get the picture.


Visit Morey's Fears-Wildwood NJ

The most impressive fright provoker to these eyes was CornStalkers, a custom-built  corn maze on the beach behind Raging Waters. For three weeks, workers have been affixing almost 15,000 cornstalks, trucked in from area farms, to a complex maze frame in the sand. Even in the daytime, it’s weird and a little eerie to see a cornfield on the beach, yet alone a cornfield maze.

CornStalkers ONLY at Morey's Fears


After gadding about and chatting up Jack Morey and his gracious wife, Karen, Tony and I retired to Jumbo’s where we chowed down on some Halloween specials created by Chef Wally J(food and beverage manager/chef Walter Jurusz). The butternut squash pumpkin bisque was as good as its name is long, and the pumpkin brownie sundae, featuring Edie’s Grand ice cream, was, as they say, to die for. I’m a teetotaler, but Tony sipped on a pumpkin daiquiri, featuring Meyer’s dark rum and cointreau.

Hats – or toques– off to Chef Wally J!


Special Halloween Menu

-Pumpkin Funnel Cake w/ spiced powdered sugar
-Butternut squash & pumpkin soup w/ toasted pumpkin seeds.
-Chicken & corn chowder
-Pumpkin pretzels
-Pumpkin cheese cake
Pumpkin brownie sundae
Pumpkin or chocolate brownie
Pumpkin or vanilla ice cream
Hot fudge or caramel sauce
Whip cream & cherry
Burger Du Jour
8oz burger w/ lettuce, tomato, bacon, Post Road Pumpkin Ale braised mushrooms & onions & choice of smoked gouda or provolone cheese.
From Jumbo’s Service Bar
-Pumpkin daiquiri
-Green apple daiquiri
-Dog fish head Punkin ale
-Brooklyn brewery Post Road pumpkin ale
-Sam Adams Octoberfest
-Ignis  Fatuss (green apple soda—kind of like drinking a Jolly Rancher).
-Warm apple cider
-Fresh Squished-Goblin Juice
-Hot chocolate




Morey's Fears and Chef Wally's Great Food !!

All I can say is check out Morey’s FEARS – Terror on the Boardwalk – but be advised that this event is not for the faint of heart or kids under 8.

And you can’t wear masks, costumes and/or makeup to the event. Leave that to the 70 actors who have been especially trained in scare tactics.