North Wildwood Mayor Henfy Resting After Brain Surgery acording to the CMC Herald

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This report was from the CMC Herald Today by by Al Campbell

A report today in the CMC Herald’s by Al Campbell about North Wildwood Mayor Bill Henfey states “he has talked to the Mayor by phone and he is resting and recuperating  from brain surgery, feeling well, and is in daily contact with North Wildwood municipal officials”.

Henfey said after a brain scan, his physician advised him to immediately go to Cape Regional Medical Center where a helicopter was waiting to fly him to AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center. A surgeon from Thomas Jefferson University Hospital performed the operation at that location. He is undergoing therapy at Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation.

“A lot of bad things could have happened,” said the mayor. Among them were perils that might have occurred during and after surgery.

Henfey noted his speech, thinking and coordination “are all fine.” A slight loss of peripheral vision in one eye was the only side effect he experienced; he expects that to be fully restored in time.

Earlier this year, Henfey announced his departure from office at the end of his present term, which ends Dec. 31.