Polar Bear Plunge: A Blessed Madness

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Just back from the Wildwood Polar Bear Plunge at the Wildwoods Convention Center.

Picture the start of the Boston Marathon, only substitute hundred of crazed Polar Bears – dressed as Batman, Spider Man, Mummers, and a zillion other crazy get-ups, or in bikinis – racing down the beach to plunge into the 32-degree ocean, all screaming like banshees. Now picture them all coming out of the big pond, breathless, sea-shocked, but happy.



That’s a little bit like it was like. Like they say, you had to be there. There were probably 600-some Polar Bears and maybe three times as many spectators. Blogmate Tony Deutsch, who was photographing and videoing the Plunge, stood right in the middle of the galloping throngs, a true newsman. I was hoping he wouldn’t get dunked for his troubles, but Tony did the Plunge once himself, so he would have survived.

The rest of the Wildwood Plunge survivors, should feel extra good about themselves for: a. surviving, and, b. helping a super-worthy cause. The Plunge is sponsored by the Law Enforcement Torch Run, a volunteer effort by the law enforcement community of New Jersey to raise funds and awareness for Special Olympics of New Jersey.

Good job, everybody. You can put your clothes back on no