Scoop! First Tour of the Under-Construction Shore Plaza Beach Resort

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Just back from a Boardwalk walk with blogmate Tony Deutsch and we were lucky enough to catch Anthony “Z” Zuccarella of the legendary Sam’s Pizza Palace conferring with the honchos who are building what is going to be the fabulous new Shore Plaza Beach Resort over the new Sam’s,  and Z took us up to the fourth floor of the five-story resort for a look-see.

Z and the construction guy say the new Shore Plaza will be open by early April, and I don’t doubt that a bit by the progress they’re making. Anyhow, even from the  fourth floor there’s what Tony called “a million dollar view”and it’s even good for whale watching because Z said he saw a whale right offshore spouting its blow hole off yesterday. It’s a also going to be great for watching the Friday and Fourth of July fireworks, as Z pointed out.

Sam'a Pizza & the NEW Shore Plaza Beach Resort


He showed us the pool area – complete with a big-ass Jacuzzi – and Tony got a lot of pix that you can look at. I think Z said it’s going to be 57 rooms.


A look at the new pool area at the Shore Plaza Beach Resort


I told him it sounds so cool that I’m thinking of getting married again just so I can spend my honeymoon there.



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The best of  luck this New Year  !!!


Bob Ingram and Anthony Z on the 4th floor of the NEW Shore Plaza Beach Resort !!