The Boardwalk Blog’s First Annual Person of the Year is?

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On a sunny December day on the beach in the Wildwoods you can hear the waves crashing in the ocean from the boardwalk. In December you can stand at 26th st and the boardwalk look south and not see anyone…then 2 people on bikes appear in the distance….is that Tim and Barb Blute?

tim and barb

Winter in the Wildwoods is a great time for the locals who gather at events all over the island. Most locals don’t see each other all summer because they work 12-15 hr days during the season.

The Ryan Seacrest of Wildwood is the energizer bunny’s brother, John Lynch.
John host over 70 events a year to support the community and help thousands with his Lunch with Lynch Foundation.

What started as a grassroots program of John Lynch reading to the Pre Kindergarten students at Glenwood Avenue Elementary School has grown into an non-profit organization providing positive opportunities to all five of the Island Elementary, Middle and High Schools.

Visit them online here> Lunch with Lynch Foundation

Lunch with Lynch Foundation

P.O. Box 1322 Wildwood, N.J. 08260


If you live on the island and your in need John Lynch will show up at your door like superman with compassion and help, there is no one else like him and no one does more for the community of the Wildwoods.

So choosing the first annual Boardwalk Blog’s “Person of the Year” was easy, it is…..

John Lynch