The ‘Professor’ to Fight for Title

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My pal Chuck “The Professor” Mussachio will be in action at Bally’s in AC on Saturday, November 19, when he tries to wrest the United States Boxing Association (USBA) cruiserweight title from current champ, Philly tough guy Garrett “The Ultimate Warrior” Wilson.

If he’s successful, Chuckie will earn a number 12 rating from the prestigious International Boxing Federation (IBF) and a shot at some big money fights that could boost him into the IBF Top Ten.

Chuck Mussachio

It ain’t gonna be easy for The Professor, who is moving up from light heavyweight’s 175 pounds to cruiserweight, which tops out at 190. I saw a picture of Wilson on promoter J Russell Peltz’s website, and he looks every bit of a well-sculpted 190. Wilson beat formerly well-regarded Omar Sheika, now on the downslide, to capture the vacant USBA crown and will come in with a 10-5-1 record, which includes 4 knockouts. Chuckie’s record is 17-1-2 and he has 5 KO’s.

Chuck Mussachio

There are some big questions that will be answered that night at Bally’s: how much weight will Chuckie actually gain? At the Wildwood Boxing Club on Park Boulevard recently, Chuckie said he’ll probably come in at 185 pounds. Will the gain in weight slow him down? Will it increase his power? Can his long-armed jab keep Wilson at bay? Can Garrett Wilson live up to his cornball nickname of “The Ultimate Warrior?” Will the 11-month layoff produce any “ring rust” for “The Professor?”
Chuckie’s been sparring with Wildwood Boxing Club alumnus Patrick “The Machine” Majewski, who is 17-0 and holds the North American Boxing Organization (NABO) middleweight title, as well as Kenny Carey, the light heavy fighting out of Wildwood, and working the pads with John Klug, noted restaurateur and videographer. Chuckie always comes in ready.

Chuck Mussachio

Could be a heck of a fight. Tickets are $75 and $50 and, as usual, there should be a big crowd of leather-lunged Wildwood fans there when Chuckie comes into the ring to Frank Sinatra’s “Come Fly With Me.”
You can get tickets from Chuck “The Professor” Mussachio himself by calling 425-1558.