The Threshold Syndrome

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Walking on the Boardwalk almost every day, like my Blogmate Tony Deutsch and I do, you learn a lot of arcane business information.

Take what I’ll call “the Threshold Syndrome.” One of the Boardwalk business people we chat with almost every day – he operates a variety store – pointed out that this year, people walk right past his store, looking straight ahead.

“They used to walk like this,” he said, demonstrating a person peering into his store. “Now they just walk right by; they don’t even look in.” He demonstrated a person staring straight ahead.

He went on that even if potential customers do slow down or stop, they rarely enter the premises. “They just look what I have up front. They don’t come all the way in.”

When I said it sounded to me like “the Threshold Syndrome,” meaning that they don’t go past the threshold, he nodded in agreement. “All the stuff I put up front sells okay,” he went on. “They never even see most of the other stuff.”

We pretty much agreed that it’s the bad economy that has created the Threshold Syndrome.

What’s to be done about it, we had no idea. Do you?