The Wildwood Zombie Mud Run 09/27/2014

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The Zombie Mud Run is a Post-Apocalyptic 5K obstacle mud run at Morey’s Piers teeming with Zombies infected with the living dead virus.

The race course is complete with Army Boot Camp like obstacles that test your strength and endurance. You will come in contact with natural and man-made obstacles including huge sand mounds, slides, ‘quicksand pits’, and running through the ocean & under the boardwalk. To add an extra degree of challenge and fun, we have added Zombies! You may sign up as a Human or a Zombie. The Humans run the race with a flag football belt. These three flags represent your vital organs: Brains, Heart, and Entrails. The Zombies are stationed along the race course trying to eat your vital organs (capture your flags). If you finish the race with one or more of your flags, you survive. If the Zombies capture all of your flags, you are infected with the living dead virus and die (or at least don’t win the race). Adding another element of adventure, this year’s course will include a ride on Morey’s Great White wooden roller coaster and a special new race for kids 12 and under! Gates open at 7 a.m. Wave times are every 1/2 hour starting at 9 a.m. and ending at 12:30 p.m. Please arrive at least two hours prior to your start time. Morey’s Piers is located at 3501 Boardwalk in Wildwood. For more information call 609-522-3900 or visit