‘There Will Be No Beach Fees this Summer’

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The above is a direct quote from Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano, Jr. at tonight’s City Commissioners meeting, which was well attended after word got out that  beach fees would be on the agenda.

“It’s not what everybody thinks it is,” Troiano added. “Everybody take a deep breath and exhale.”

“We’re far from making any kind of decision,” added Commissioner Tony Leonetti.

“We have to look at everything,” said Commissioner Pete Byron.


Troiano was at some pains to explain that any decision about beach fees would be left to the citizens of Wildwood via a referendum, and that beach fees are just one possibility for making up the city’s current $3 million shortfall.

Troiano referred to a commission meeting last July at which beach fees were brought up, and “the firestorm” it caused.

Tonight’s meeting put out any firestorm before it could start.

At least for this year.