We Just Hit 200,000 – Wow, That Was Fast!

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My blogmate and partner Tony Deutsch, who does all the heavy lifting for this Blog, called me a little while ago to tell me we were about to hit 200,000 visitors to Watchthetramcarplease.com, so I turned on my computer and watched the numbers silently, inexorably move to 200,000. Ka-Ching went the strings of my heart.

Bob Ingram


Jeez, it seems like only last week we hit a hundred thou, and here we are at 200 grand already. You like us! You really like us. And guess who likes you because if you didn’t make those clicks we’d be blogging to ourselves. So let us know who you are: register or just write us and tell us what you think of this Blog.

I guess Wildwood likes us, too, in case you haven’t noticed that our front page is all about being the Blog and Facebook presence for the city’s Centennial all this year.


Tony and Joanne Deutsch