What Price Progress?

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The Wall in North Wildwood is a home run by any measure, a walkway with a great view that more importantly serves as an environmental bulwark against ravaging tides.

2nd Street N.Wildwood

The dunes that have been erected along the beach in North Wildwood are also, we’ve been told, an environmental necessity even though they block what was a wonderful view of the beach and the ocean from JFK Boulevard. You can’t actually see the ocean until you get to 13th Street.

Now the wall is being extended in mini version from Second Street up to the pavilion at Third Street, and when I drove there the other day, I couldn’t see the water, which I used to be able to. Maybe if I had an SUV and was up higher I could, but not from my Honda Accord.

There was a guy there from Bud Concrete, who is doing the work, and I got out and asked him if there would still be benches there and he said yes and showed me the alcoves where they’ll go. I hope they’ll have the view the old benches had, so I’m anxious to see the finished product because I’m a member of the Second Street Beach Crew, a loose collection of old guys who hang there during the season, and we love the view.

Also, I’m a bit leery of the outcome because Hot Dog Dave Bannon, who has the stand there, had a bad summer when the ramp up from the beach was never replaced and a lot of people went up the way to Clifford’s dog cart for their weiners.

City planning doesn’t always take the human element into consideration, and I really hope the mini-wall isn’t one of those deals.