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The Wildwood Historical Society has just launched a new Facebook Page click here >>> Wildwood Historical Society



Sat: 9:00 am 2:00 pm
The George F. Boyer Museum
The George F. Boyer Historocal Museum is managed by The Wildwood Historical Society, non-profit, tax exempt, not for profit corporation, founded in 1963 and given new life in 1990. Membership is open to any interested person. 

The objective of the society is to gather, perserve, and present the history of Wildwood, to the public, in an interesting and informative manner.

The museum has vintage photos, artifacts, and memorabilia, depicting the various ages of Wildwood, from its merger with Holly Beach City, to the present.

One of the goals of the re-organized society is to recapture thos years, brush off the dust, and put them on display for public enlightment.

We have special sections dedicated to the police and fire departments, the beach patrol, boardwalk, history-making residents and to the scholastic and athletic achievements of the city.

We have microfilm of newspapers dating back to 1897, books on the military, entertainment, transportation, old hotels, houses, and of course our famous boardwalk!

The price of admission is a donation. Come and see “The Wildwood Grandma and grandpa knew.”

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