Day: March 9, 2017

Comcast to bring Fiber Optic Ethernet to some motels in The Wildwoods. Find out what motel will have this new service.

After years of both motel owners and tech’s pulling their hair out and trying to keep up with the demands for internet bandwidth, finally Comcast is bringing EDI or Fiber Optic Ethernet Dedicated Internet to some motels.

This fiber optic service will provide internet service with no degrading, unlike Comcast Business which degrades as the island fills up with visitors and drains Comcast shared cable.

This new EDI Comcast service from what we understand is going to be offered to only 17 motels at this time on the island and direct fiber optic will be run to each location with a fiber converter to switch it over to Ethernet inside your building.

Today my company Anthony Deutsch Computer Service was hired to do the fiber optic switch over at The Admiral Resort in Wildwood Crest, NJ which will be one of the first select motels that will have this new fiber optic EDI service installed sometime this summer.

Agent Orange March set for March 25th, in Wildwood, NJ at the Vietnam memorial wall at 11am

On March 25th, in Wildwood, NJ at the Vietnam memorial wall at 11am, Burk and Ocean Ave we are going to have a peaceful protest and rally on the lack of treatment and res-ponce of AGENT ORANGE for our veterans. I would like to see as many veterans friends and family members of a veteran who is suffering or has lost a love one from this horrible stuff everybody today is protesting it’s about time the government listen to us veterans after we gather at the wall we will proceed to the rest stop on the parkway to unite with others PLEASE try to be there i’m asking for motorcycle groups veterans groups i am so tied of losing fellow veterans also it is about our children and there children who are suffering so PLEASE LET;S GET TOGETHER AND FIGHT FOR OUR HEALTH