Day: May 2, 2017

The Wildwood Dog Park has been dismantled and is being moved.

The Wildwood, NJ dog park at Poplar and the beach had it’s fencing removed and has been dismantled. The only thing left is the large fire-hydrant. I noticed today that pieces have been moved between Pine and Wildwood Ave’s in front of Mack’s Pizza including the Gazebo. We are not sure where it will be permanently assembled but we know it is being moved. Stay with us for updates on this story and updated pics of both locations. We have our correspondents out now getting photos and videos we will post as we receive them.

Utilizing USDA Grant Funds, City of North Wildwood Purchases New Fire Trailer at No Expense to Taxpayers

North Wildwood – On Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 at approximately 11:00 a.m., the United States Department of Agriculture in conjunction with the City of North Wildwood, NJ will be holding a press conference at the North Wildwood Fire House –…

North Wildwood Celebrates Arbor Day by Distributing Tree Tubelings to Local Students

North Wildwood – On Friday, April 28th, 2017, the City of North Wildwood Mayor and Council, in conjunction with Lomax Environmental Consulting Group, will distribute over 500 evergreen tree tubelings to Margaret Mace Public School and Cape Trinity Catholic School students grades K – 8th in celebration of this year’s Arbor Day. This is an annual event that the City has conducted since 2014. This Friday, Mayor Rosenello and Peter Lomax of Lomax Consulting will visit two science classes (one at Cape Trinity and one at Margaret Mace) to give brief presentations on the benefits of ‘green infrastructure’ and the importance of stewardship.

‘Green infrastructure’ (the establishment of trees/vegetation) is a vital component in benefitting the public health with protection of drinking water supplies, mitigating overflows from separate sewer systems, reducing storm-water pollution and CO2 emissions, and cooling densely developed neighborhoods. The planting of more trees will also increase the amount of critical filters for our air and assist in reductions of erosion in unstable areas, as well as increasing soil permeability to facilitate groundwater recharge. Additionally, when trees are properly planted and maintained, they increase property values with visually appealing curbsides and can reduce energy costs in both excessive heat and cold.

“The City of North Wildwood has always been a proponent of healthy living and ecological promotion, and we are happy to partner with Lomax Consulting again this year for our Arbor Day initiatives” said Mayor Patrick Rosenello. “The City’s most recent adoption of the Community Forestry Management and Vegetation Management Plans solidifies our dedication to providing a healthy and sustainable local ecosystem,” said Mayor Rosenello.