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North Wildwood Seawall will be Extended to 5th or 6th Avenue.

The state Department of Environmental Protection (Coastal Engineering) has awarded North Wildwood $6.7 million for its seawall extension.

The grant will give North Wildwood 75% of the cost of the seawall. Mayor Patrick Rosenello said the other 25% will come from capital funds.

Hurricane José in 2017 washed away the previous work done at 3rd and 4th Avenue’s and pounded the seawall at 2nd Avenue washing into the street.

Construction is expected to begin in 2018




Meet Wildwood’s own Super Bowl Champ that grew up in Wildwood, NJ

Wildwood would like to recognize its own native Super Bowl star, Randy Beverly. Randy Beverly, (born  April 3rd, 1944), grew up in Wildwood. He attended Wildwood High School, then a college in Trinidad, Colorado, and later attended Colorado State University. He was named high school All-American and graduated from WW High in 1962. He excelled at all sports. At Colorado State, he once returned a kick-off for 99 yards. He was drafted by the New York Jets in 1967 and played cornerback for four years. He was traded to the San Diego Chargers but was waved and picked up by the New England Patriots, where he played for another five years.


In Super Bowl III of 1969, Randy Beverly played a major role in the team’s 16-7 upset against the Baltimore Colts, making two key interceptions. Beverly was named the Defensive M.V.P. He brought excitement and pride to his City of Wildwood. Beverly and his family reside in Middlesex County, New Jersey, and he attends home games of the New York Jets along with other alumni.

Research and photos compliments of The George F. Boyer Museum of the Wildwood Historical Society

Tony and Tony go to The Philadelphia Eagles Victory Parade

Tony and Tony will be reporting LIVE from the Philadelphia Eagles Victory Parade this Thursday, Feb, 8th, 2018.

The Eagles World Championship Parade will start in South Philly and go north up Broad Street and end at the Art Museum.

We will be in the middle of it all and report LIVE from Wednesday the day before the parade and all day Thursday during the Eagles World Championship Parade.

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Celebrating African American History Month and Cape May County’s African American History!

February is African American History month. Wildwood, along with the entire Jersey Cape, has a rich African American history. The first African American settlement was believed to be in Lower Township in 1831 and African Americans worked in the service industry in Cape May and became homeowners. African Americans settled in Whitesboro in 1902, after being forced out of Cape May. The land was purchased by a group of African American investors led by George Henry White, of North Carolina, an African American congressman at the start of the 20th century. White was joined by other prominent investors, Booker T. Washington and Paul Lawrence Dunbar.


At that same time, local African American business owners bought homes in the Wildwoods. They were in a segregated section. Beaches were also segregated until the 1960s. African Americans used Grant Street in Cape May, and Lincoln, Garfield and Roberts, in Wildwood. The lifeguards there were also African American. The Arctic Avenue School educated all African American Children from 1915-1945. During World War II, the Arctic school merged with the High School and was never reopened.

Arctic Ave School Picture

Wildwood was an entertainment hub for African American performers. They were not permitted to stay in white hotels, so African American establishments housed the Isley Brothers, Chubby Checker, Ed Townsend, Dinah Washington, Sarah Vaughan, Count Basie and others. The Starlight Ballroom did not welcome African Americans so they had their own establishments. The Issy Buskoff’s club and the Savoy Ballroom became the most popular nightclubs in the country for the African American community.


Many more interesting facts and prominent leaders will be highlighted throughout the month.

Content compliments of the Whitesboro Historical Foundation and The Wildwood Historical George Boyer Museum

Exclusive – Wildwood Memory Lane War Memorial will be all NEW for the 2018 Season

If you happened to stroll down Atlantic Avenue between Burk and Montgomery avenues, you will notice work in progress on a much-need facelift to the Memory Lane War Memorial.

Memory Lane War Memorial, which is labeled as a memorial for local soldiers who fought in Korea and Vietnam is being totally done over from the ground up. 











The NEW Memory Lane War Memorial will have new makers for the soldiers, a completely new concrete walkway, new sod and more!

The City of Wildwood is proud to announce that online booking for 2018 beach boxes rentals will open on February 1st.

The City of Wildwood is proud to announce that online booking for 2018 beach boxes rentals will open on February 1st. Last year, the City launched an online system to handle all reservations. The season was very successful and the City plans to continue growing this easy and convenient storage system. Beach boxes are available from May 20th to September 8th. Popular reservation locations and dates booked very quickly in 2017, therefore it is recommended that you book your 2018 reservation as early as possible.


This year, the booking will be completed on a newly designed website that’s more user-friendly. The booking process is easier than ever, and rates will remain the same as 2017;

$60 per week, $225 per month, or $375 for the season.

All reservations must be made through the online system available at

Take the hassle out of going to the beach, and book your beach box today.