Will Bruce Springsteen return to Wildwood again this summer?

So “The Boss” visited Wildwood, NJ for the first time 2 weeks ago when I meet him coming off the boards and posted this photo on Facebook. Two weeks later he shows up in Wildwood again at The Race of Gentlemen but no sign of him last weekend. 

So if my calculations are correct he should be her again this weekend, right?



If your looking for Bruce Springsteen walking down a boardwalk in New Jersey, Wildwood is a good place to start. Both times he’s been around Lincoln and the beach.





Now, the big question is will Bruce return this summer to perform on the beautiful Wildwood beaches with Morey’s Piers Ferris Wheel and Great White Roller Coaster as a back drop. No one know for sure until the offical press release. Personally,  do I think he will return again to Wildwood this summer, bet your house on it!



Please Vote Everyday for Wildwood’s Boardwalk in the first annual “Battle of the Boardwalks”

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Vote Now in Our 1st Annual Battle of the Boardwalks! Inquiring minds want to know… What’s the best boardwalk in New Jersey? The Jersey shore is home to many awesome boardwalks, each with their own unique local flavor. Do you have a favorite NJ boardwalk? Here’s your chance to give it a shoutout!

North Wildwood’s New Webcam Struck by Lightning!

The new webcam just installed last week in North Wildwood was struck by lightning Monday night during a storm. The newest and coolest webcam over looked the inlet and North Wildwood beach was a big hit with locals and visitors.  A replacement camera may take a few weeks before it arrives and it’s installed. 

Wildwoods Boardwalk 2017 Fireworks Notification Procedure

Wildwoods Boardwalk 2017 Fireworks Notification Procedure


Overview: The Wildwoods Boardwalk SID, Management Corporation (WSID) has promoted the Friday Night and July 4th Fireworks in the Wildwoods for over 20 years.  This process includes securing funding from GWTIDA, soliciting bids from qualified pyrotechnic vendors, coordination of the launch site, all required permitting and synchronizing the musical score on the Boardwalk sound system and local radio broadcasts.


In conjunction with the fireworks vendor and the Wildwood Fire Official, WSID makes the determination as to whether or not a display will take place on Friday Night or on the Sunday postponement date.  Infrequently, the determination may also be made to launch the show earlier or later than 10:00 PM due to imminent weather events.


This Notification Procedure is intended to help our tourism partners, business affiliates and the general public understand the process we use to decide if a show will be launched or postponed.


Go/No-Go: Many issues impact the decision on whether or not to launch a Fireworks show.  Rain, wind & fog are the main culprits that cause us to cancel, delay or speed up the launch of a show.  In addition, there are safety and financial decisions that must be taken into account when making the Go/No-Go decision.   Therefore, the following time checks are adhered to:


  • 11:00 AM: We review multiple weather forecasting sites.  These include computerized models from Weather.Com and Accu-Weather, as well as more localized predictions and Doppler radar.  If there is agreement that there is a 60% or greater chance of rain during the fireworks set up or launch window, we postpone the show.


  • 3:00 PM: Prior to the loading and launch process commencing, we again review applicable forecasts to determine if any significant changes have occurred since the 11:00 AM update.  Assuming they have not, the go ahead is given to load the tubes.  If the forecast has changed to a 60% or greater chance of rain during the loading or launch window, the show is postponed.


  • Launch: From the time the show is loaded in the tubes, until the launch time, forecasts and Doppler radar are constantly checked to insure against any weather events that can have an impact on the Fireworks.  In the event a significant weather event pops up prior to the launch time, we will either fire the show early, or in a rare instance hold off until the event has passed and then fire the show.


Notification: In the event of a change in the scheduled show, we email blast a notice to our tourism partners, post to social media, notify local media and commence frequent announcements on the Boardwalk PA system.

Today is The National Marbles Tournament at Ringer Stadium on the Wildwood, NJ beach

06/19/2017 – 06/22/2017

National Marbles Tournament

Games are held 8 a.m. – noon daily at Ringer Stadium, Wildwood Avenue and the beach, in Wildwood. The official 94th anniversary national competition in the sport of marbles for boys and girls ages 8-14 that have qualified by winning local tournaments throughout the United States. More than 1,200 games of marbles will be played throughout the tournament! The “King” & “Queen” of marbles will be crowned on the last day. FREE to spectators. 304.337.2764 or http://www.NationalMarblesTournament.org