12 Days Till Labor Day – Where did the Summer of 2013 Go?

Seems like yesterday I was getting the house ready for summer, and now it’s almost over. Like most locals who live and work here, we hardly ever, sometimes never see the beach, because this is our busy season and there is just no time. I was busy at Splash Zone most of the time installing surveillance cameras, wireless and and fixing IT problems that came up.


I never had the chance to walk the boardwalk with my partner Bob Ingram once this summer( I am going to try next week). I never went on the beach, jumped in the water or made it to the water park one time and I only took a dip in the pool once all summer.

But I did get to spend my time on the boards with some old friends and some new ones, I had the chance to have lunch with one of my favorite people and a friend for over 30 years Lee Brasch from Morey’s Piers, I also meet a fan of this blog, Joanne DeChellis, her husband and her sons Nicholas and Robert. Nicholas ask me to sign the Morey Book “A Wild Ride” where a story about me appeared.

Wildwood Ferris Wheel B&W

I also had the chance to meet another fan of this blog Karen Whalen and her daughters Randy and Jamie, we went for a tramcar ride and walked the boards and took some pics.. it was a lot of fun.

Three old co-workers and friends from the 1977 Mariners Landing opening year visited me this summer, my dear friend Julie Poole who I call Cool Jule Poole visited me last month, we both traveled together to Puerto Rico and Maracaibo Venezuela in 1979 while working for Morey’s Piers, we traveled with the rides to different locations, and Jerry Daly visited me this summer who also traveled with us and was my roommate and we went out to lunch a few times along with another good friend Bonnie Shinn, and Dave Gifford texted me and we meet up to eat at Mack;s Pizza where his daughter works, it was great to see all of you.

I have spent every summer here in The Wildwoods since 1960 and this had to be the fastest summer I can remember, it just flew buy like birds going south for the winter. Soon the weather will change and all the tourist will leave, this beautiful island I am happy to call my home will again turn quiet, the traffic lights will start blinking all over town as they do every year, the boardwalk will be empty and the rides will go to sleep as the cold weather starts to set in, the tramcar will be silenced and there will be no smell of pizza in the air.

It seems like the winters are longer and the summers are shorted, but I love this island in ever season, my family has been in Cape May County since 1911 and North Wildwood has been my home for over 38 years, I would never live anywhere else.

Enjoy what is left of the summer of 2013, thanks for all the emails and messages from the fans of this blog, it is a pleasure hearing from all of you. Hope to see everyone back here for the summer of 2014.

Tony Deutsch

Wildwood Boardwalk South End



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