$80 Parking A Chesney Disgrace

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By Boardwalk Bob Ingram

Early afternoon of the Big Day and already the straw-hatted throngs are trying to line up to get into the concert – and the entrance can’t be entered until 7 o’clock for the 8:30 start. Good luck.

Cruising around, the first parking lot I saw was $50, then $60, and then the King of Greed had a bare-faced $80 sign like it was just another day at the office.

Ran into my friend, Hawk, who said the Mayor should do something about the parking bandits. Hawk, the Mayor has better things to do today than ride herd on a bunch of greedy bastards who are, unfortunately, giving this town a bad name. If the Chesney Concert is the success everybody is hoping for, it will bring other Big Ticket events here.

Hopefully. But in the meantime, Jesse James is alive and well in the Wildwood Beach Parking Lots. Have these people no consciences?

Also, there are signs at the entrances listing all the things that can’t be brought to the concert like beach chairs, coolers, and blankets. I guess American Express wants everybody to stand there with their tongues hanging out from thirst. When you lay down with Big Corporate Dogs, you get Big Corporate Fleas. I’m not at all sure that the same kind of corporate financial giants who ruined our economy should be running our entertainment (as if they haven’t been forever.)

But you pays your money – or uses your Amex – and you takes your choice.

Hope this time tomorrow everybody is saying what a great time they had.