A Dog’s High Life

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On my daily walk on the Boardwalk, what struck me most about the Boardwalk Kennel Show – at least from the outside – was the multitude of giant mobile homes in the parking lot.



I mean, these are six-figure babies, long and sleek and many with pop-out sides that make them even bigger. I’m amazed that this much money is spent on lugging pedigree pooches between dog shows. It’s a whole other world, inhabited by plain-looking women in sensible flat-heeled shoes and dowdy coats, game-faced as any Super Bowl star, who trot their dogs past the judges with the steely determination of a big league closer.

The dogs I saw being walked on the beach and the Boardwalk were okay, sniffing here and there and peeing on trash cans, as dogs will, but the several piles of dog waste I saw on the Boardwalk were sort of low-rent for people who travel in such expensive vehicles. Don’t they have any plastic bags in those things?