A Family Dinner at Sam’s Pizza on the Wildwood, NJ Boardwalk

Last night we had a family dinner at Sam’s Pizza on the famous Wildwood Boardwalk, Sal Guzzone and Sandy were up from Boca Raton Fla for the first time in 10 years, and The Sittineri Family with 13 family members and myself, 16 total and all having a lot of great pizza, stories and laughs, it was great seeing everyone together.

What more could you ask for, a sunny day about 70 degrees we walked the boardwalk and took a tour of Morey’s Fears, saw my friend of 35 years Lee Brasch and she ask me to take a pic of Joe Contino dressed as Count Contino and post it, then we stopped by Mariners Landing Arcade to see my son Tony, Jeff, John, Coop, and Courtney Nichols who still looks great even as a zombie! Then we all said good bye, hugged and kissed everyone back at Sam’s Pizza, then we all went our separate ways,  until next time, Tony Deutsch over and out !!






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