A Personal Post and special Wildwood Ferris Wheel Photo Day 26

I decided today I would make these post about the Ferris Wheel more personal. So here it goes…

Today was a gray day in The Wildwoods, a lot of rain and cloudy all day. i started my day having breakfast with my Blog-Mate Bob Ingram. Then I was busy most of my day at The New Flow House at Splash Zone setting up a new 47″ TV to work with the computer system and play a training video in a loop.

On my way up to Splash Zone a good friend who was in my wedding, Louie Vito from American Plumbing and Heating stopped me to let me know he loved all the photo’s I post, I ask how his wife Edie was and said we needed to catch up and go out for some dinner.

So tonight I ran late for the gym and went up to Lincoln and the boards to walk under the boardwalk and I heard my long time friend Steve G from Snow White calling my on his intercom system ” Yo Tony.. is that you down there” I said ” Yea Steve, “I will be right up”

So I took a few pics from the beach and went up to see Steve, we talked about how business was this summer, and like everyone else I talked to, he was off about 25-30%. We both ask how are family’s were doing, and told him I would see him after the season.

I know many fan’s of The Boardwalk Blog love this island, but only get to spend one week a year here. I hope you enjoy my photo’s and keep the Wildwood memories in your heart until you return again!

So here is tonight photo, does something look different?

This is the Ferris Wheel Photo for Day 26.

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8 28 2013

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