Anonymous 150,000 donation for North Wildwood Ambulance

North Wildwood – 12/1/2012


An anonymous person has donated a $150,000 to the City of North Wildwood to purchase a new ambulance that the city was planing to pay for it with bonds.

The city has a 1998 ambulance that has seen better times, with high miles and being  the oldest vehicle in the fleet is was announced last year that the city was looking to replace the vehicle. but someone contacted City Council President Pat Rosenello a while ago and they wanted to help donate to the city, and the final result is a Brand New Ambulance that has already been ordered and should see the city streets this summer.

City Council President Pat Rosenello called it an “early Christmas present.”

“I’ve been on council for nine years, and it was certainly the most pleasant phone call I’ve ever received,” Rosenello said.

This early Christmas present to the city of North Wildwood will not cost the tax payer 1 penny and the city of North Wildwood still has the lowest tax rate in The Wildwoods.


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