Another Dead Whale Washes up on New Jersey Beaches

Another Beautiful Harmless Whale washed up this afternoon at our Inlet in Manasquan. There have been many whales washed up in the past few months in New Jersey, New York Delaware and Maryland.

A dead whale was found on a New Jersey beach Monday — the ninth one to wash ashore in the New York-New Jersey area since early December in what activists are calling an alarming uptick.

The massive marine mammal ended up on Whiting Avenue beach in Manasquan after it was tossed around in the surf, according to Point Pleasant Mayor Paul Kanitra.

Clean Ocean Action, an environmental conservation organization, said that the high number of whale deaths in a roughly two-month period has not been seen in the region in about 50 years.

The group said it believes off-shore wind energy projects could be the culprit of the rising fatalities.

Info from NY Post. Photos by Lara M. Savannah

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