When Do The Wildwood New Jersey Boardwalk Businesses Close For The Season

When Do The Wildwood NJ Boardwalk Businesses Close For The Season 

We have received many questions about what businesses are open on the Wildwood Boardwalk after Labor Day!

First lets start with what is open all year, The Fudge Kitchen, Gateway 26, The Hot Spot on Poplar Ave and The Retro Arcade.

Now, lets get to the question.. the short answer is almost all businesses on the Wildwood boardwalk follow Morey’s Piers schedule. Some businesses will stay open during the week and some will not, it all depends on the crowds.

As of today, Morey’s Surfside Pier is closed and Adventurer closes today which leave only Morey’s Piers Mariners Landing open on weekends only until Oct 10th and will be celebrating Octoberfest again this year. Oktoberfest takes place Sept. 17 – 19, Sept. 24 – 26, Oct. 1 – 3, and Oct. 8 – 10.

The Tramcar last day of service is Sept 11th, 2021

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