‘Boardwalk’ Sequel: An Arresting Development – Almost

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By Boardwalk Bob Ingram

You never know. Blog and movie partner Tony Deutsch, Boom-Man Mike, and I were shooting the opening scene for “Boardwalk II” at the Old Time Photo place across from the Ferris Wheel when Leo, the tee-shirt king next door, freaked out because a ladder was one foot onto his “property” and destroying his business (according to Leo).

So he started screaming and Tony started screaming and they both called the cops and a couple newbie Class Twos showed up, and handled things as well as they could until a regular cop showed up. Then Tramcar Maestro Gigi showed up in his GigiMobile and acted as a peacemaker, telling all parties what good guys the other parties are.

That seemed to work and we shot the sce ne. Afterwards, Leo said, “I didn’t know it was only going to take five minutes.” Neither did we; we got lucky and got the scene in one take.

I won’t give the opening scene away, but I was tremendously cheered up by all the ruckus. Seems like a good omen somehow.


In the accompanying pix, that’s Tony and me by the camera and Leo’s in the black tee shirt and shades, talking to the pol ice, while you can see some of Gigi.


And this is just the beginning. Tonight we’r e shooting a horse and rider on the Boards, the first since the legendary Sally “Our Gal Sal” Starr.