Boardwalking: Get Well, Michelle; Great Sign, Andy

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On my daily stroll on the Wildwood Boardwalk I came upon a be-crutched Michelle Rutkowski – doyenne of retail with three highline stores on the Boards – and found out that her badly sprained ankle was, in fact, in the line of duty at her flagship store Five Mile Marketplace between Cedar and Schellenger Aves. The ever-chipper Michelle says it’s just another challenge in the endless swirl of daily commerce. “Will she be able to face Memorial Day weekend?” she asked rhetorically. Wild seahorses couldn’t hold her back.

Michelle was standing with pal Andy Weiner as they watched the new sign being installed on the new marquee at his Splash Zone water park, where the largest bucket on the East Coast sends trilions of gallons splashing every year. We’ll have fotos of the new sign once it’s totally installed later in the week.

I also told Michelle and Andy to get ready for their stand-up interviews for the sequel to the Boardwalk documentary which my partner Tony Deutsch and I start filming next week. Oh, we need an intern or somebody to work the cool new boom mic we just got. Volunteers call me at 609-465-9968. No money, lots of laughs, and actual screen credits.