BREAKING — Morey’s Piers Pushes Opening Day Further To Memorial Day Weekend

A message from Morey’s Piers
April 9th, 2020

A few weeks ago, as Covid-19 was beginning to accelerate in New Jersey, we postponed our opening date from Easter weekend to Mother’s Day weekend. The environment, however, continues to be dynamic State-wide, so with Executive Orders concerning stay-at-home, social distancing, and temporary prohibition on short-term rentals now in effect throughout the region likely until May 22, we are setting Memorial Day Weekend as our revised opening date. While we think this is a reasonable date given circumstances now known, we of course will open only when it is safe for guests and staff to do so.

Clearly, the level of disruption and uncertainty for all of us is extraordinary, and for Morey’s Piers, this means that our traditional phased opening schedule for each of our piers and waterparks may require adjustment this season. But try as we may, there is simply too much uncertainty for us to make and announce final plans. Please be patient with us, and we’ll look to keep you informed by providing an update in the next few weeks.

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