Bruce Springsteen was on the beach in Wildwood, NJ again today!

So, the Boss is back in Wildwood, NJ again today. It was only a few weeks ago I meet him when he was in town just off the boardwalk at Garfield Ave. Today he was on the beach at The Race of Gentlemen event. A photo of him with fans was posted on Facebook by North Wildwood Recreation and Tourism

So, I cheked out his website for upcoming cooncerts and guess what? He does not have one concert scheduled all year. Now people are speculating he might rock the Wildwood beach this summer.

Courtesy of Bruce Springsteen’s website.

There has been no announcment or press release sent out and until then, we will not know. We will post it as soon as we receive it.

We will post updates as soon as we receive them.

I can tell you one thing, just the fact that Bruce Springsteen has been here twice walking the boardwalk and beach is enough social media ammo to boost tourism by 2% on this island. Any smart marketing campagin for tourism would take this and run with it. Blasting it across media and social media with press releases saying ” Visit the Wildwoods this summer, you might run into Bruce Springsteen”  but what do I know about social media?   oh yea, enough that I just did it! You’re welcome!

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