Cape May’s The Merion Inn will Reopen as The Cricket Club.

Cape May’s The Merion Inn will reopen as The Cricket Club this June. The Merion Inn was an historic institution offers seafood-centric meals & live piano music in an elegant Victorian space.

People familiar with Merion Inn history or the geography of the Main Line will know the historical reference to the famed Cricket Club. But don’t expect either West Indian or British cuisine.

Matt Reeves will be crafting cocktails to compliment the menu at The Cricket Club. The lead mixologist at the Mad Batter, Matt, is an expert in creating drink menus, spirits, and cocktails to be symbiotic with food. Expect your cocktails to be gently stirred, not shaken. No bruising of bourbon happening here.

The Cricket Club of Cape May will open with a complete refresh of the building decor, dining room, and a brand-new bar included.

Look for The Cricket Club of Cape May to open in early June. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates.

Info from – Welcome to the Cricket Club of Cape May – Cooke Cape May

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