Christie Continues Action to Broaden Fuel Access for NJ

TRENTON – Governor Chris Christie continued taking action Nov. 4 to ease restrictions on fuel sales in New Jersey, signing an Executive Order to suspend restrictions in state law that place limitations on the source of fuel particular and branded fuel retailers are allowed to sell. The action will ease access to fuel supplies for retailers, allowing more gas stations to be brought online and easing the strain on those already in operation.

Specifically, the Executive Order permits wholesale or retail dealers of gasoline to broaden their supply network, so long as appropriate written notice is provided at stations as to the source of the fuel, if it is not from their previously approved source. For 10 days, these restrictions will be lifted. The order does not permit wholesale or retail vendors to substitute any grade of gasoline for a higher or lower grade.

“Securing safe, timely and reliable access to fuel for our residents is critically important right now,” said Governor Christie. “I will continue to exercise every reasonable power of the governorship to ease the long waits experienced in impacted parts of our state by increasing supply, restoring power to stations, and otherwise accelerating efforts to bring as many gas stations back online as quickly as possible.”

On Fri., Governor Christie declared a limited state of energy emergency in 12 New Jersey counties experiencing challenges with gas supply and the number of operable gas stations. Yesterday, New Jersey began odd-even restrictions on sales of gasoline to help alleviate the long wait times and strain associated with this energy emergency in those 12 counties. Yesterday, the Economic Development Authority established a hotline for out of service gas stations to self report their locations and issues so that emergency management and response officials can more quickly address these problems and bring them back online. Gas stations can call 609-858-6900 or email

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