Condo Complex in Ocean City NJ Declared Structurally Unsafe.

An Ocean City, New Jersey condominium complex was declared structurally and has been shut down and all residents evacuated.

City Solicitor Dorothy McCrosson reported to City Council on Thursday night that the Seaspray condos at 34th Street and Bay Avenue have been “red-tagged” by order of the state Department of Community Affairs and remain closed.

McCrosson noted that the condo residents have been notified that assistance is available “though a couple of different avenues” to help them relocate while the building is shut down.

Councilman Bob Barr said he has received calls from some of the condo residents expressing their concerns.

“They don’t know what they’re going to do. They don’t have anywhere to go,” Barr said.

Mayor Jay Gillian explained that the state Department of Community Affairs is handling the shutdown and it is out of the city’s “realm.” However, he stressed that the city will try to help out the displaced condo residents.

Info in this article from Ocean City Condo Complex Declared Unsafe, Shut Down | OCNJ Daily

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