Congressman Van Drew Demands the end to Offshore Wind Activity.

Washington, DC – Today, Congressman Van Drew demanded that all offshore wind activity in the state of New Jersey end, following an unprecedented number of whales have washed ashore in the New Jersey/New York area over the past month. 

“Since offshore wind projects were being proposed by Governor Murphy to be built off the coast of New Jersey, I have been adamantly opposed to any activity moving forward until research disclosed the impacts these projects would have on our environment and the impacts on the fishing industry,” said Congressman Van Drew. “Ocean life is being put at risk as our Governor and President force through their Green New Deal policies, without giving full consideration to their real-world impacts. We have seen a complete lack of transparency from New Jersey’s leaders, as well as D.C. politicians who are ramming through these projects in order to push their climate agenda.” 

“Once committees for the 118th Congress are finalized, I will be calling for congressional investigations into the matter. I demand that all offshore wind activity be halted until it is properly determined what the effects of these activities are having on our marine life.” 

At an industrial waterfront site in Paulsboro, a small township in South Jersey. It’s being turned into a factory serving the offshore wind energy industry. EEW is developing the facility for its client, Danish energy company Ørsted, with $250 Million in funding from the state government.

The factory being built here is the largest offshore wind manufacturing plant in the U.S., according to Gov Murphy. This week, it is receiving and offloading the components from Europe needed to begin assembly. Located at the Port of Paulsboro on the Delaware River, directly opposite the Philadelphia airport, the site was used for decades as a petroleum and petrochemical storage facility before the state rebuilt and expanded its marine terminal.

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