David Macomber Creates Art for Hurricane Sandy Relief at Morey’s Piers

Local artist David Macomber began work on an 8 x 20 foot mural at Morey’s Piers today to benefit Hurricane Sandy relief efforts at the Jersey Shore.

After seeing the widespread devastation along the Jersey Shore, Macomber wanted to create something that would raise awareness as well as funds to benefit those affected.
“The ideas of UNITY and REBUILDING are important to me and are what I want to express in this piece,” said Macomber. “In these trying times we need to come together to help the larger community. The shore is what drives our economy so it affects us all.”
The mural will represent the unity of Jersey Shore communities in the wake of the storm that forever altered the New Jersey Coastline. Macomber will prepare the design and canvas before moving to a large outdoor space at Morey’s Piers to engage in the project.

“Although Wildwood wasn’t hit as hard as other places, Morey’s Piers seemed like the most fitting and inspiring venue for this project,” said Macomber. “I wanted to work with the ocean as a backdrop and the feeling of winter at the shore can be haunting. This painting is light of hope in the midst of a darker environment.”

Macomber, who gave the shipping containers at Morey’s Adventure Pier a new, extreme look in July, has been featured in Surfer, Eastern Surf and Surfing magazines. Macomber’s passion for surfing and deep love of the Jersey Shore permeates his artistic style and inspired the charity mural. Once completed, the mural will be cut into about 30 segments that will be auctioned to raise money for New Jersey shore towns that were devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Proceeds will be donated to www.Wavesforwater.org.

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