Dom Irrera will perform in Wildwood. NJ – Tickets on sale NOW !!

Dom Irrera will perform in Wildwood New Jersey August 30th through September 1st at

The Casba Comedy Club located at 3810 Atlantic Ave Wildwood, NJ.

For tickets call 609-522-8444

Tickets are $30.00 plus tax.


Nominated, six times for an American Comedy Award, Dom Irrera’s stand-up material was honed in a multi-generational Italian household in South Philadelphia with his mother, sister, grandmother, uncles and cousins all under one very big roof. A great-grandmother even lived across the street. Together there were three floors and four generations of family.

Don Irrera was a teacher at Most Belssed Sacrament grade school in the 60’s in SW Philly where both my wife and I were born and grew up and he was one of my wife’s teachers, a few years ago we meet him and they spent time talking about the old neighborhood –

Always a great show, this blog recommends this as the MUST SEE show on Labor Day Weekend.

Call 609-522-8444 and get your tickets now before this show is sold out !!

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