Every day’s a Holiday and Every Night is a Saturday Night

Today the Wildwoods are packed with tourist, it’s hard to find a parking spot with all the soccer family’s in town, the Italian festival and more, this is what the summer is all about. Last night I was on the boardwalk and it was a sea of people from one end to the other.

This Jersey shore town only suffered minor damage during hurricane Sandy and everyone was worried that visitors might not show this summer, thinking all of the Jersey shore was damaged by Sandy.. well it looks like the 4th of July in the Wildwoods today and it’s great to see all the visitors on the island.

I have been so busy working this past month I have not blogged much, I miss riding my bike and spending time on the boards, but I am going to take time off once a week after the 4th of July and post some great photos and videos. so watch for my post on Facebook and this blog.

Oh Those Wildwood Day’s.

Ferris Wheel 3


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